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Last day to order online in time for Christmas is Sunday December 17 –
IF we have your items IN STOCK – so call us to make sure –

or place your order by phone (208) 398-9156 as late as Monday Dec 18.

"Think of cooking as an 
outlet for your ideas,
a release for the artist in you."


Create beautiful Christmas Cookies!

Eleanor Rycraft's Shortbread Cookies

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A Scandinavian Tradition

The women of Scandinavian countries bake cakes & cookies for special occasions. Traditionally they are decorated with designs made on carved stamps handed down from one generation to the next. These decorated cakes & cookies are offered to friends during the Christmas season, at weddings, christenings, & other festive occasions.

Create Your Own 
Family Traditions!

Try something NEW – Springerle Cookies!

Robin Rycraft – artist, designer, relief-carver, and craftsman –
 standing in the inventory room which holds his handiwork:
The Heirloom Collection of Rycraft Cookie Stamps.

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HEIRLOOM Collection of Designs

Heirloom Designs are available
in these terra cotta products:

2" Round Cookie Stamps

2" Square Cookie Stamps

2.5" Round
Craft Stamps

2" Round Keep It Softs

Rycraft Cookie Stamps... not just for cookies anymore!
Imagine • Create • Enjoy

Celebrate Christmas with cookies and crafts!
L to R: Rycraft Cobalt blue Christmas Ornaments #022–Snowflake, #403–Wise Men, #368–Nativity;  #031–Noel Stocking painted claycast ornamenta basket of Rycraft Heirloom Collection cookie stamps#030–Christmas Tree painted claycast gift bag decoration#020–Frosty & #369–Jack & Jill Frost framed painted clay castings#420–Holly Sprig (2) painted papercast gift bag decoration#031–Noel Stocking painted claycast gift bag decoration#001–Santa Claus painted claycast gift tag#023–Holly Sprig (1) painted claycast magnet#252–Gingerbread Boy painted claycast gift tag#271–Jolly Santa painted papercast bow decoration on a gift box of Cookie Stamp Shortbread Christmas cookies#271–Jolly Santa painted claycast magnet, #031–Noel Stocking painted claycast candle decoration, #245–Candy Cane painted claycast candle decoration#255–Sleigh painted claycast candle holder.

Create beautiful Hanukkah 
cookies and hand-crafted gifts!


L to R: #344 – Menorah shortbread cookie, #342 – Star of David gift box decoration.   

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You can use ANY Rycraft stamp
to decorate cookies! 

Use your Rycraft Keep-It-Soft or Rycraft Craft Stamp just like you would use a Rycraft Cookie Stamp -- they just don't have a handle, but they will put a design on a cookie in the same way as a cookie stamp.

L to R:  A Rycraft 2" Keep-It-Soft for softening brown sugar, a Rycraft
2 1/2" craft stamp, and two Rycraft 2" cookie stamps.
Roll a 1" ball of dough in the palm of your hand, place it on a cookie sheet, then press down with the Keep-It-Soft, craft stamp, or cookie stamp using a rocking motion to work all the dough into the design on the stamp, then gently release. Then bake. See our Recipes page for Eleanor Rycraft's original recipes and tips for baking.

Create works of art with paper and clay!

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