Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Projects designed and created by Maggie Montgomery. Photograph by David Montgomery.

010 Pineapple010 Pineapple010 Pineapple Cookie Stamp, Craft Stamp, Butter Stamp, or Brown Sugar Softener for Decorating Cookies, Chocolates & Crafts, with FREE recipe booklet for decorating cookies and crafts. Handmade in the USA.
080 Wedding Bells080 Wedding Bells080 Wedding Bells
214 Home Sweet Home214 Home Sweet Home214 Home Sweet Home
225 Country Church225 Country Church225 Country Church
318 Tea Time318 Tea Time318 Tea Time
323 Heart in Hand323 Heart in Hand323 Heart in Hand
326 Birthday Cake326 Birthday Cake326 Birthday Cake
349 Rooster Weathervane349 Rooster Weathervane349 Rooster Weathervane
350 Apple Basket350 Apple Basket350 Apple Basket
353 Cup O' Tea353 Cup O' Tea353 Cup O' Tea
383 MOM383 MOM383 MOM
384 DAD384 DAD384 DAD
385 Mr Stork385 Mr Stork385 Mr Stork
418 Wine & Grapes418 Wine & Grapes418 Wine & Grapes
424 Bird House424 Bird House424 Bird House
437 Railroad Crossing437 Railroad Crossing437 Railroad Crossing
441 Blue Ribbon441 Blue Ribbon441 Blue Ribbon
443 God Bless the USA443 God Bless the USA443 God Bless the USA
459 Yellow Ribbon459 Yellow Ribbon459 Yellow Ribbon
480 Fire Helmet480 Fire Helmet480 Fire Helmet
495 Tea Leaves495 Tea Leaves495 Tea Leaves
516 Home Made516 Home Made516 Home Made
524 Graduation Day524 Graduation Day524 Graduation Day
528 Tea Party528 Tea Party528 Tea Party
533 Pineapple533 Pineapple533 Pineapple
534 A Round "TUIT"534 A Round "TUIT"534 A Round "TUIT"
543 Key to My Heart543 Key to My Heart543 Key to My Heart

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