Wedding Veil Project
Wedding Veil
Paper Casting Project

ABOVE – The Bridal Veil is only partially shown at left in this picture. . . sorry we 
cannot locate the photo of the entire veil.

Materials Needed: (for an 18” veil)

2 pieces of fine white tulle 18” x 72”
Heavy white quilting thread
3 medallions – Stamp #125 – Rose
1 medallion – Stamp #210 – Heart Pinwheel
Clear acrylic varnish
1 clear plastic comb 1 3/4” x 2 3/4”
9 - 2” diameter white silk flowers with pearls in center on wire stems 3 - 6” long
10 strings (each approx. 6” long) of tiny pearls spaced about 1/2” apart on invisible string
3 - 3/4” x 1 3/4” white silk leaves on wire stems 2” long
10 - 3/4” diameter white silk flowers with pearl in center on wire stems at least 2” long
Glue (we recommend clear hot glue)


1. Put the two pieces of tulle together to make a double layer 18” x 72”; gather the long 72” edge with needle and thread and draw it tight, until it measures 2 3/4” (the width of the comb) and tie it off.
2. Carefully cut out the rose design from the medallions #125; then cut #210 into 3 pieces, each a small triangle with a heart in the center and a leaf on each side;
3. Apply a coat of varnish to the paper cut-outs on both sides and edges and let dry thoroughly.
4. Using a heavy white quilting thread, sew the gathered tulle to the comb, between the teeth and around the top edge. This will make it very sturdy and less likely to break with use.
5. With the same thread, sew on the 2” flowers, the leaves, and the strings of pearls, all in various lengths to make a nice arrangement.
6. Reinforce the thread stitches with glue .
7. Glue on the papercast cutouts to the tulle so they will be visible when the veil is worn.
8. Glue the 3/4” flowers to the backside of the comb in case it might show from the front when the veil is pulled back; this will cover up the areas where the stems and thread were glued down.  
Note: If you prefer to use a barrette instead of a comb, use white floral tape to cover the metal base so the hot glue will adhere to it.

ABOVE— Trimmed & varnished paper casting 
#201 – Lacy Heart

ABOVE— Untrimmed paper 
casting #201 – Lacy Heart

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