Wedding Cake Project
Wedding Cake
Paper Casting Cake Decorating Project

These little hearts make enchanting 
souvenirs for your wedding guests to take home

Pictured above L to R:  Chocolate cookie, frosted cake with papercast decorations, fondant cupcake topper.
Heart designs shown above: #201 – Lacy Heart#223 Basket Heart

Wedding Cake Base

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #201 – Lacy Heart, and #223 Basket Heart
100% Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter)
7-8 paper castings* #201 – Lacy Heart and 
7-8 paper castings 
#223 Basket Heart t (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
1   2-layer cake (we used two 8” round cake pans to bake our cake, and white buttercream frosting).
Clear acrylic varnish

*Note: You may want to make extra castings in case some are damaged by frosting. Use some of the extras to decorate bouquets, centerpieces, candles, champagne glasses, tulle-wrapped cookies for wedding favors, and packets of birdseed or rice.

1.  Trim each medallion around the edge of the heart.
2.  Apply several coats of varnish to both sides and the edges of the paper cut-outs. Let dry thoroughly between coats. This should insure that the castings don’t absorb any of the oils from the frosting and become discolored.
3.  When the heart cut-outs are completely dry (and preferably just before the cake is served), apply them to the sides of the cake, alternating each design so the hearts are evenly spaced. It is helpful to have a thick layer of frosting for them to press into so they will remain in place.

Wedding Cake Top

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #210 – Heart Pinwheel,   #211 – Quilted Hearts,   #218 – April Love,   #204 – Starshine,   #201 – Lacy Heart
100% Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter)
For the bottom section: 
    5 castings #210 – Heart Pinwheel, cut in half, and 3 castings #211 – Quilted Hearts, cut in fourths so that there is a pointed triangle above the heart; then trim around the bottom edges of the heart (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
For the top section:
    4 castings #218 – April Love, cut in half
    4 castings #204 – Starshine, cut in half
    11 castings #201 – Lacy Heart, trimmed around the edge of the heart

These should be available at your local craft or fabric store:
    1 Clear plastic cake top form (we used Wilton #60517 which has 2 sections)

    Clear acrylic varnish
    5-6 white silk or satin flowers with pearl centers on wire stems approx. 6” long
    15 strings (each approx. 6” long) of tiny white pearls spaced about 1/2”  apart on invisible string
    1 string of tiny white pearls approx. 17” long
    2 tiny white satin bows with a pearl center
    2 pieces 1/2 yd long of fine white tulle, 6” wide
    *White paint, or any color you choose (optional)
    Glue (we recommend clear hot glue)

1.  * Optional: Spray paint the 2 sections of the plastic caketop with a flat white paint and let dry.
2.  Fold each piece of tulle in half so that it is 3” wide and 18” long. Use a needle and thread to gather the tulle tightly along the raw edges and tie off. 
3.  Varnish all the cut-outs of the medallions you are going to use on both sides and edges. Let dry.
4.  Omit this step if you like the color of the white paper cut-outs.  If you want a color other than white, or if the pulp you used was not uniform in color, you will need to paint the cut-outs — so we recommend a 2nd coat of varnish before you paint. Let the varnish dry completely between coats and then paint all the cut-outs.
5.  Glue the long string of tiny pearls around the base of the bottom section and trim off the excess.
6.  Glue the paper cut-outs to the caketop as follows:
    Base Section:
Stamp #210 — with the straight edges at the bottom, glue 9 of the cut-outs around the bottom edge just above the string of pearls, making sure they are evenly spaced, which may require trimming some of the cut-outs to a smaller width. 
Stamp #211 — with the bottom of the heart pointing down and the top of the triangle pointing up, glue 9 of the cut-outs around the upper edge of the base, above and between where the cutouts of Stamp #210 come together.
    Top Section:
Stamp #218 — with the straight edge at the top and the center tulip facing down, glue 7 of the cut-outs around the side of the form along the bottom edge, trimming if necessary to get them evenly spaced.
Stamp #204 —  with the straight edge at the top and the center tulip facing down, glue 7-8 of the cut-outs on the flat top surface of the form, trimming where necessary to get them evenly spaced. Work around the edge so that the cut-outs extend beyond the edge, covering the flat sides of the #218 cut-outs already in place.
7.  Apply a coat of varnish to the stems of the flowers to make them stiffer. When dry, glue them into place in various heights at the center of the top section.
8.  Glue the 2 gathered tufts of tulle to the stems of the flowers with one tuft higher than the other.
9.  Glue the 1/2” spaced pearl strings in and around the flowers and tulle.
10.  Place a dab of glue on the back of the #201 cut-outs and glue 6-8 of them to the tulle and/or the flowers in a way pleasing to your eye. 
11.  Glue the remaining 3-5 cut-outs on the flat surface of the top section to cover the edges of the other cut-outs and to hide where the flowers and tulle were glued to the form. Glue down the two small bows in the same way.
12. Although the 2 sections of the caketop may snap together, we recommend that you hot glue them together for extra stability.

Shown below:  Each section of the caketop is decorated with medallion cutouts before gluing the two parts together.

Project designed and created by Sue Moore. Photograph  by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR.

Cupccakes decorated by and photographs courtesy of Jeeyoun Kim.

Click here for Cupcake Decorating Instructions.

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