Keep It Softs
2" Terra Cotta 
Rycraft Keep It Soft

Keeps Brown Sugar Soft & Moist

      Brown Sugar
Dried Fruits

This terra cotta disc is better than a slice of apple for keeping brown sugar and many other foods soft and moist. Simply soak the disc in water, then blot off excess moisture. Place in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag with brown sugar or other food to keep it moist for weeks. If food begins to dry out and harden, simply re-moisten the disc and repeat the process. 

Use Your Keep-It-Soft to Decorate Cookies!
Even though your Keep It Soft has no handle, it is simple to use it for decorating cookies. Prepare the Soft by brushing it with cooking oil, then rinsing in hot water. Dry with a towel. Roll the cookie dough into a 1" ball, dust the ball as well as the design side of the Soft with flour or granulated sugar, then press down with the Soft on the dough with a rocking motion to imprint the design into the dough. Follow the recipe directions for baking.

Use Your Keep-It-Soft for Crafts, too!

You can substitute your Soft for any Cookie Stamp in our dozens of FREE seasonal craft projects.

Just follow the instructions for Basic Paper Casting or Basic Clay Casting.

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