The Emmett Farm & Studio Remodel
The Rycraft Farm in Emmett, Idaho
and the 2017 Studio Remodel

Our new home in Emmett, Idaho
L to R:  The tree in front of the house, the outbuildings (a workshop, a 3-stall barn,
and the "new" studio bulding on the right), the pasture.

Four Cats!
We moved into our new home December 15, 2016, with a foot of snow and slush on the ground, and part of the deal was that we would adopt the seller's 4 cats – all outdoor "barn cats" who are good mousers and who had lived on the farm for 9 years. It's a good thing we are cat people! 

L to R: Mama Skunky (who looks just like a skunk and is the
mother of the three boys), Boots, Panda Bear and Black Bear


What a mess after the move!

The First Work Table is Done 2-25-17

Here, in the midst of chaos, Robin is building
his first work table and installing shelving in
what will be the glaze area when he's done.

Pouring Cement 3-31-17

The flooring goes down...

...and the walls go up, then
the roof and tar paper 5-9-17


And the farmwork begins June 2017...
...with mowing the pasture, and rototilling the veggie garden.

The new floor in the kiln area and a new window 6-12-17


Carol always wanted a horse!

Wilson the cat (we adopted him when we found out our 4 barn
cats are rather stand-off-ish) with Rio the horse (who belongs
to our neighbor and lived in our pasture for a few months).

Drywall goes up 8-4-17

The challenge: Moving the clay mixer from the neighbor's garage
into the new workshop/studio building 8-18-17


The fork lift was too tall to get the clay mixer into
the building, so he left it outside – which gave Robin
a chance to power wash it and get all the old dried clay out of it.

The small fork lift is able to get the clay mixer inside 8-29-17...

...and Robin built a work table to receive the slabs of clay that come out of the clay mixer 9-11-17

and the kiln room is taking shape.

Harvest time 9-11-17 – from our veggie garden!

Above: The veggie garden with zucchini, summer squash,
2 kinds of tomatoes, corn,  potatoes, watermelons, 
pumpkins, and strawberries... with Robin's workshop in the rear
and our little wood shed that holds one cord of wood.
Yes, that's a quonset hut next door.

In our raised beds:  cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, onions, lettuce, and beets
Below L to R:  A peach tree, raspberries, blackberries. We also have
apricots (YUM!), cherries, and an apple tree. No wonder we love it here!

A bountiful harvest!

Robin digging into one of our watermelons 10-15-17,
and Wilson, who is always climbing ladders and trees.

Ready to start production 10-28-17



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