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Over the years, Rycraft Cookie Stamps have been recognized for their uniqueness, beauty, and charming designs. Our cookie stamps and decorated cookies have been seen in a variety of catalogs including Williams-Sonoma®, The Chef's Catalog®, The Baker's Catalogue®, William Glen, The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Vesterheim Museum, and many more.
In 1997, Rycraft received an award for innovation (right) at the Hobby Industry Association Show for the Harvest Plate and Cookies project found in our book The Art of Clay Casting. In addition, Rycraft Cookie Stamps have been featured in numerous articles on cookie baking and decorating in newspapers and magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens®, The Ladies Home Journal®, Martha Stewart Weddings®, Martha Stewart Living®, Country Sampler®, CNA® (Craft and Needlework Age®), Rubber Stampin' Retailer® and many more.  More recently Rycraft stamps have been featured on Martha Stewart's TV show as well as the Hairy Bikers' Bakeation episode April 13, 2012 shown on the BBC throughout the UK.
Click on the links below to view the articles and TV show links, which include cookie and stamp photos and recipes, or instructions for craft projects. We did not start archiving the catalogs and magazines in which Rycraft Cookie Stamps were featured until 1993, so this is a small sampling from just 19 of Rycraft's 44 years. Please note that the listing below does not include the many catalogs which are currently featuring Rycraft Cookie Stamps. 

Harvest Plate & Matching Cookies

                         Chef's Catalog - 1993

Rubber Stampin' Retailer - July 1995

Better Homes & Gardens - December 1995

Better Homes & Gardens - January 1996

Better Homes & Gardens - December 1996

HIA (Hobby Industry Association)
          Innovations Award - 1997

Rubber Stampers - March 1997

CNA (Craft & Needlework Age) - April 1997

Rubber Stampin' Retailer - July 1997

Better Homes & Gardens - April 1999

The Ladies Home Journal - 
          December 1999

Newspaper Article Albany, 
          Oregon - March 2002

Arts & Crafts Magazine - October 2002

Craftworks Magazine - November 2002

Better Homes & Gardens - December 2003

Better Homes & Gardens - December 2005

Martha Stewart Weddings
          Magazine - Spring 2007

Martha Stewart Living
          Magazine - December 2010

(See pages 82 and 226)

See MORE Judaic designs

Hairy Bikers' Bakeation – episode
          shown on the BBC April 13, 2012

Cardamom and Lemon Cookie Recipe

 The Nov-Dec 2014 issue of 

RECIPE for Orange Safron Stamp Cookies
Painted Stamped Fondant with Rycraft Cookie Stamps   Painted Stamped Fondant with Rycraft Cookie Stamps
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