031 Noel Candle Project
#031 – Noel Stocking 
Gift Bag Decoration
Fill a gift bag or stocking with your homemade Christmas cookies, 
decorated using your own creative touch!

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #031 – Noel Stocking
Clay* - we used Creative Paperlay® which air dries to a paintable pure white (no oven needed)
1 clay casting* - #031 – Noel Stocking (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions)
1 2-inch round cookie cutter
Sandpaper or emery board (fine grit)
Acrylic primer (optional)
1 large red gift bag
3 different colored papers (from craft store or scrapbook supply): 
     1 piece green and gold pattern for background (largest)
     1 piece gold for middle
     1 piece green for front piece (smallest) 
Acrylic clear varnish (optional)
Acrylic paints: green, red, gold
Tacky glue or hot glue

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from paper instead of clay (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions). The choice is yours. It is an example of how a paper casting could be used on a scrapbook page instead of a clay casting on a wall plaque.

1.  While clay is still wet, cut out casting with cookie cutter. Let dry.
2.  Smooth the edges with a very light sandpaper if needed.
3.  Optional: Apply a coat of primer and let dry.
4. Apply paint to background, tree, star, stand and ornaments, one color at a time, and let dry between colors so they won't run into each other. Let dry.
5.  Optional:  Apply a light coat of spray varnish to seal in paint. Let dry. Apply a 2nd coat of varnish if desired for more sturdiness. Let dry. Note: Varnishing will give the casting a more glossy finish. You can also varnish the back of the casting for more protection.
6.  Cut 3 papers into squares so that they fit together as shown:
        1)  Green paper should measure approx. 3 1/4" square (to give about a 5/8" border around casting).
        2)  Cut gold paper approx. 3 1/2" square (to give about a 1/8" border around green paper).
        3)  Cut red paper approx. 4 1/4" square (to give about a 3/8" border around gold paper).
7.  When you are satisfied with the way the 3 pieces fit together, glue the gold paper to the green and gold pattern paper and let dry. Then glue the green paper to the gold paper and let dry.
8.  Glue finished cut-out to bag and let dry.
9.  Glue casting to center of green paper and let dry.

Project designed and created by Maggie Montgomery. Photograph by David Montgomery

Bake up a batch of matching Shortbread Cookies!

Cookies decorated by and photographs courtesy of Goose Hill Farms.