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Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

HEIRLOOM COLLECTION 2" Terra Cotta Cookie Stamp – available in round or square

with FREE Recipe Booklet

Handmade-in-the-USA 2" diameter round or 2" square terra cotta cookie stamps, designed and handcarved by Robin Rycraft in his studio in Emmett, Idaho, available in colorful glazes in over 400 designs.

Round $12.99 each

Square $14.99 each

Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

Recipe Booklet with 8 of Mrs. Rycraft's Cookie Recipes

Each Rycraft Cookie Stamp is shipped to you with a FREE recipe booklet containing Eleanor Rycraft's original recipes and helpful hints.

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FREE with each stamp

$.25 each

Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

NEW! Silicone Molds

Each Rycraft Silicone Mold is handmade in the USA with the highest-quality, FDA-approved, food-safe, platinum cure silicone. The mold is transparent with just a tinge of color. Use them with a variety of foods such as Cookies, Candy, Chocolate, Fondant, Gumpaste, Marzipan, ButterMints, and more, plus a variety of craft mediums such as Soap, Wax, Clay Castings, Paper Castings and more. Mold size: 2" diameter x 7/16" deep. Available in a limited number of designs.

$12.99 each

28-stamp Wood Display

This maple veneer unit measures
10 5/8"W x 13 5/8"H x 8 3/4"D.


Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

2" Terra Cotta Keep-It-Soft

2" disc that KEEPS BROWN SUGAR SOFT! Plus it can be used to DECORATE COOKIES just the same as a cookie stamp but it has no handle and no glaze. Note: Packaging shown is no longer available.

$8.99 each

Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

2 1/2" Terra Cotta Craft Stamp

Used to decorate larger cookies or for making paper or clay castings. Click below for complete instructions:
•  Basic paper casting instructions
•  Basic clay casting instructions

$10.99 each

Man in the Moon cookie stamp #1033 Rycraft

Custom Stamps

You design it, we'll make it! Choose the size you want from 1.5" to 3" and the shape: round, square or rectangle. Call Robin to discuss your needs.

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Kraft Paper Gift Box

Size 3" x 3" x 2" – Place a folded Rycraft recipe booklet in the bottom, a little foofoo, then a Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp or Keep-It-Soft. A unique and charming gift, especially when accompanied by a basket of beautiful cookie-stamped cookies that match the design of the stamp in the gift box. Enjoy!

$1.30 each

The products listed above are available only on this website: www.rycraft.com
directly from the manufacturers, Robin and Carol Rycraft.

The Rycraft products below
are available only from Rycraft's exclusive distributor,
Peggy Luckwald, at www.cookiestamp.com.

The Rycraft IMPORT COLLECTION of Cookie Stamps

2" terra cotta stamps with a clear glaze, in 0ver 80 designs, imported from China, and awarded to the Rycrafts when they won the jury trial against the competitor who "knocked off" the best sellers in the Rycraft Heirloom Collection of cookie stamps and used the same names for the designs. The Rycrafts sold the Import Collection inventory to Peggy Luckwald in 2015.

$8.50 each
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Note: designs shown on this page at $11.95
are from the Rycraft Heirloom Collection

The Rycraft Cookie Stamp Collector's Handbook

The history of Rycraft's Heirloom Collection of cookie stamp designs. Published in 1998.
$7.95 each

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The Rycraft Paper Casting Book

The Art of Paper Casting has 32 pages of full-color photographs to inspire you and step-by-step instructions for dozens of delightful creations from very easy children's crafts to more challenging projects for teens and adults. Book size: 8" x 8."   

$9.50 each

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The Rycraft Clay Casting Book

Rycraft's 32-page book The Art of Clay Casting will inspire even beginners to create beautiful gifts and keepsakes they will treasure. Projects for preschoolers to adults, with complete instructions, full-color photos, and a glossary of terms. Book size: 8" x 8."   

$9.50 each

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The Rycraft Paper Casting Kit

The Rycraft Paper Casting Kit includes an instruction booklet, a felt blotter, and 5 sheets of 100% cotton linter paper, enough to make 75-100 paper castings. The instruction booklet details the 5 easy steps of paper casting. Kit size: 8" x 8."  

$9.75 each

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The Rycraft Paper Casting Refill

Seven sheets of 100% cotton linter paper to make 100-140 paper castings. Instructions not included. Refill size:  8" x 10."  

$7.95 each

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Scrap Linter

... in strips by the pound. Odds and ends and scraps – all clean. 100% cotton linter.

Call Peggy Luckwald at 1-800-479-2723.  

Rycraft Pot Savers

This 2" diameter white clay disc can be used to keep your teakettle from boiling dry... when boiling water gets low, the sound of the clattering pot saver alerts you to fill the kettle or turn it off. While supplies last.

$6.50 each

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Rycraft Christmas Ornaments

Pure white ceramic ornaments glazed with a deep cobalt blue glaze, a shimmering blue ribbon for a hanger, packaged in a cellophane bag. Ornaments are available only in the designs shown, while supplies last.  

$12.95 each

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Rycraft Foil-Embossed Gift Boxes

Designed to hold one cookie stamp, pot saver or ornament, embossed with the Rycraft name. Box size 3"L x 3"W x 2"H in 5 colors, while supplies last.

$.95 each

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Creative Paperclay®

Neither a clay nor a papier mache, this modeling material is non-toxic, allowing you to re-use your cookie stamps for baking cookies after clay casting. It air dries so no oven is needed. It comes out of the package ready to use in a natural white color. Its very soft and fine texture can be sculpted, shaped, molded, cut and stamped very easily while  it is moist. When dry, it becomes lightweight and durable and can be cut and sanded much like wood. Your clay castings may be decorated with any type of paint. 

$7.50/4 oz pkg

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