Nature's Bounty – Harvest Time

Nature's Bounty - Harvest Time

Cookies and crafts designed and created by 
Maggie Montgomery. Photograph by David Montgomery.

007 Cherries007 Cherries007 Cherries
008 Pear008 Pear008 Pear
010 Pineapple010 Pineapple010 Pineapple Cookie Stamp, Craft Stamp, Butter Stamp, or Brown Sugar Softener for Decorating Cookies, Chocolates & Crafts, with FREE recipe booklet for decorating cookies and crafts. Handmade in the USA.
014 Apple014 Apple014 Apple
015 Grapes015 Grapes015 Grapes
016 Strawberry016 Strawberry016 Strawberry
063 Sheaf of Wheat063 Sheaf of Wheat063 Sheaf of Wheat
242 Maple Leaf242 Maple Leaf242 Maple Leaf
280 Pumpkin280 Pumpkin280 Pumpkin
292 Chili Peppers292 Chili Peppers292 Chili Peppers
327 Grape Wreath327 Grape Wreath327 Grape Wreath
329 Hot Chili Pepper329 Hot Chili Pepper329 Hot Chili Pepper
350 Apple Basket350 Apple Basket350 Apple Basket
394 Scarecrow394 Scarecrow394 Scarecrow
418 Wine & Grapes418 Wine & Grapes418 Wine & Grapes
421 Cranberry Harvest421 Cranberry Harvest421 Cranberry Harvest
482 Garlic482 Garlic482 Garlic
495 Tea Leaves495 Tea Leaves495 Tea Leaves
518 Pumpkin, Harvest518 Pumpkin, Harvest518 Pumpkin, Harvest
526 Mushroom526 Mushroom526 Mushroom
533 Pineapple533 Pineapple533 Pineapple

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