Snowflake Christmas Banner PC

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Felt Banner

A fun paper casting project for kids of all ages!

Red felt banner with stamped paper castings of Rycraft cookie stamp Christmas designs

A lovely way to decorate your home for Christmas!

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp for each of the 5 ornaments needed for the banner
Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter
5 paper castings (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
5 - 4" stiff glitter snowflakes in green or gold or you can use crochet or tatted doilies, stiffened (see How to Stiffen Doilies
Clear acrylic varnish (optional)
Paint (optional) in colors of your choice
Glitter (optional) in colors of your choice
Hot glue gun and glue (or other glue of your choice)
Scotch tape
Red felt
Scissors and pins
Long pointed tweezer

Note: Doilies and snowflakes can be purchased at craft stores, fabric stores, and many other places, especially at Christmastime. Also look for small doilies in the doll-making section of your craft store.

Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.


1.  Optional:  If you wish to paint your paper castinsg, apply a coat of varnish to the side with the design and let dry. This keeps the moisture in the paint from turning the paper casting back into pulp.
2.  Optional:  If you are using a stiffened doily, apply a coat of varnish to make it stronger and block it out until dry.
3.  Optional:  Paint the design on the paper casting in colors of your choice and let dry.
4. Optional:  Add varnish to areas on the paper casting where you want glitter, then sprinkle glitter on while varnish is still wet. Let it dry. Then apply a final coat of varnish to secure the glitter.
6.  Cut felt into 5 pendant pieces 
(making as many as you’d like to use) measuring 6 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide.
7.  Fold down the top end 1-1/4” and hot glue in place leaving about a 1/2” opening for the cord to slip through.
8.  Cut the bottom end as shown in the picture.
9.  Glue each paper casting to a 4” glitter snowflake.
10.  Glue each snowflake with paper casting to a felt pendant.
11.  Cut the cord a sufficient length to hold all the pendants with a bead at each end and in- between each pendant and a minimum of 9 to 10 inches extra at each end of the banner.
12.  Cut a small piece of tape and wrap around one end of the cord.
13.  Using the taped end, slip on a bead, then a pendant, then another bead and so on ending with a bead ~ if additional help is needed, use tweezers to aid in pulling the cord through the pendants.
14.  Make a loop at each end of the cord.
15.  Hang using the loops or secure in place using another method.

An Easy Project for Kids:

This is a good children’s project and you get good results. Children can cut paper snowflakes instead of using the store-bought or crochet snowflakes. Origami paper has beautiful colors and it is easy to fold. You can fold it several times, then cut out bells, trees, stars, etc. Kids are fascinated by that and often do paper cutting at school using just plain white paper. You can encourage them to cut small, simple snowflakes if they are just learning.

Stamped paper casting using Rycraft cookie stamp #251 Singing Angel

Stamped paper castings using Rycraft cookie stamp Christmas designs

Red felt banner with stamped paper castings of Rycraft cookie stamp Christmas designs

Designs shown above (L to R):  #353 – Cup O' Tea,   #224 – Lucia,
#223 – Basket Heart,   #251 – Angel Singing,   #463 – Ornament

The project above was designed and created by Nancy Wilhelmson.
Thank you, Nan!

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