Molding Wax
with Rycraft Silicone Molds


This was my first attempt at molding wax with a silicone mold.
I found it to be an easy process and I think you will too.

Step 1

Gather the molds you want to use, some beeswax (from the craft store or online), a double boiler, and a ladle with a lip.

This is the 1-pound package of beeswax I purchased at Michael's Crafts. It was enough to fill 23 molds with a little bit of wax leftover.

Step 2

Melt the wax in the top of the double boiler. You can use a glass bowl that sits on top of a sauce pan... make sure that the boiling water in the bottom pan does not touch the bottom of the upper bowl. It took about 20 minutes to melt one pound of wax.

Cool the wax a little before beginning to ladle it into the molds, but not enough that it hardens on the sides of the pan.
Step 3

With other molds you may need to oil the mold in order for the wax casting to be removed easily. However, that is not necessary with Rycraft silicone molds because they are so flexible and there will be no difficulty in removing the wax casting from the mold when it has hardened.

Note:  Adding oil to a Rycraft mold will prevent the wax from filling all of the nooks and crannies of the design and 
cause the design to be less distinct.

Ladle the wax into each mold, filling it to the depth that will make the ornaments the thickness you desire.

Step 4

Cool the wax in the molds.

It is a dark golden color when hot, then turns light golden yellow as it cools.
Step 5

Melt the wax left in your double boiler once again so it can be removed easily from the pan. 

Then ladle the extra wax into a container to store for use later on.
Step 6

While waiting for the ornaments to cool, clean the top of the double boiler. First wipe out excess wax while it is still melted. Then wash in very hot soapy water and scrub with an abrasive such as SOS.

Loosen the wax from the mold by bending the sides of the mold away from the edges of the wax casting, then flip the mold over and drop the wax casting out of the mold onto the countertop.

The design will be face up.

Your wax castings are now ready to be used to make decorative ornaments. See link to decorating instructions below.


Clean the molds of any drops of wax and put into the same container of leftover wax to save for later.

The molds will be relatively clean of wax and should only require washing in hot soapy water before drying and storing them.

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