Molding Mints
with Rycraft Silicone Molds


•  Cookies
•  Chocolate
•  Butter
•  Fondant & 
•  Candy & Mints                       
•  Marzipan
•  Paper Casting
•  Clay Casting
•  Wax ornaments        
•  Soap
•  Cinnamon Pomanders
•  and more...

Rycraft Silicone Molds are handmade in the USA with the highest-quality, FDA-approved, food-safe, platinum-cure silicone. The mold is transparent with just a tinge of color. The transparency allows you to see the item before de-molding. Mold colors may vary. Our molds work well in molding a variety of foods such as Cookies, Candy, Chocolate, Fondant, Gumpaste, Butter, Mints, Marzipan, etc., as well as a variety of craft mediums such as Clay and Paper Castings, Wax, Soap, etc.

Our silicone molds are very soft and flexible. They can withstand temperatures as high as 395 degrees F. and can easily go from a hot oven to the freezer without affecting the mold. They are resistant to rips and tears, are reusable, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, easy to use and easy to clean. They are also unaffected by and remain pliable in the freezer.

Mold size: 2" diameter x 7/16" deep.

Warning cross contamination: After using any mold for crafts, do not use for food. This warning does not apply if you use Rycraft's Pure 100% Cotton Linter for paper casting or non-toxic Creative Paperclay® for clay casting, which you may purchase from Rycraft's exclusive distributor, Peggy Luckwald, at

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