Molding Clay
with Rycraft Silicone Molds


This was my first attempt at clay casting with a silicone mold.
I found it to be a fairly easy process. I think you will, too.
And you'll have beautiful pristine white castings to use in your next craft project.
Have fun!
Step 1 We suggest you use Creative Paperclay® because it is non-toxic, air dries (so no oven is needed), and is pure white when dried. Plus there is no danger of cross-contamination, which means you can use your Rycraft silicone molds for molding food after using them to make your clay castings.
Step 2 Open your package of Creative Paperclay® and cut small cubes of clay, one for each mold you want to make.
Step 3 Use just one piece at a time, storing the rest of the clay in an air-tight baggie or container so that it doesn't dry out while you are working.
Step 4 Here you can see the size of the cube compared to the size of the mold.
Step 5 With your fingers, gently work the square piece into a round shape as shown.
Step  6 Using a rolling pin, roll the clay flat into a round that is slightly larger than the diameter of the mold opening.
Step 7 When you place the flattened round on the mold, it should be a little bit larger than the opening. Gently work the clay down into the mold, making sure to get clay down into all the details of the mold design.
Step 8 Turn the mold over to check that the clay has filled all the edges and the details of the design.
Step 9 Make sure the back of the casting is smooth, and the depth of the clay is even all the way around.
Step 10 Turn it sideways, and if it is higher on one side, work the clay with your fingers until it is even all the way around.
Step 11 Gently loosen the edges of the mold, turn it over, and let the casting drop onto the countertop.
Step 12 It will be slightly bent when it comes out of the mold, so use your fingers to gently flatten it. If you see any imperfections you can smooth then with your fingers. If you don't like the casting, ball up the clay, flatten again with the rolling pin, and remold it.
Step 13 Place the castings on a piece of parchment on a drying rack on top of a cookie sheet for drying. You can air dry the castings*, or use a 175 to 200 degree F. oven to speed the process. Be sure to turn the castings often (every 10-15 minutes in the oven) so they don't warp. 

NOTE: If you want to cut a hole in the casting, or affix the casting to a surface such as wood, glass or ceramics, you will need to do that while the casting is still wet.*
Step 14 These are the pure white dried castings. You may want to use a light sandpaper to sand any imperfections before using them as-is or painting them.*
Step 15 Store your unused Paperclay in a baggie or air-tight container. 
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