Molding Butter
with Rycraft Silicone Molds


This was my first attempt at molding butter with a silicone mold.
I found it super easy. I think you will, too.
And you'll have beautiful pats of butter to serve your guests.
Have fun!

Step 1 Bring a stick of butter to room
Step 2

First work butter into all the crevices of the design.

Then fill the mold, continuing to push the butter 
down into all the nooks and 
crannies of the design.
Step 3 Turn the mold over and check
that the butter has filled in all
of the mold, the details of the
design as well as the edges of 
the mold.
Step 4 Fill the mold so that the butter is
higher than the edges of the mold. 
Step 5 The butter should be above the
edges of the mold. 

Note: I tried making thin pats, but they don't hold up as well as the thick pats do... and they get soft much faster after unmolding them.
Step 6 Use a flat spatula to gently skim
the excess butter from the back of
the mold.
Step 7 When excess butter has been 
scraped away, the back of your 
butter pat should be flat.
Step 8 I used just a little more than 2 tablespoons of butter to fill the
Step 9 Place the mold in the freezer and
set your timer for 1 hour.
Step 10 Remove mold from freezer and get 
your serving dish ready. I used a
tiny cut-glass bowl.
Step 11 Gently pull sides of mold away from
the pat of butter, all the way around
the mold. Then gently loosen it
from the design until it is ready to
fall out.
Step 12

Gently release the butter pat into
your hand or onto the counter.

As you can see with the Thistle mold, I didn't get the butter pressed down deep enough into the sides of the mold so the edges look raggedy. You can smooth out any imperfections with your fingers when the butter softens just a bit.
Step 13 Place the butter pat on the serving
dish. As you can see, no butter was
left inside of the mold.

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