Merry Christmas! from the Rycrafts 2018


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We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Twenty degrees below zero last winter! The eagles' nest is in the tree on the right... there are two of them and they are very camera shy and fly off (right) whenever they see us focusing on them!

Right: Gav sleeping with his new trophy.
Below left: Grandson Gavin holds the race car that won him a trophy in Cub Scouts. Below: proud parents, Carol's son David and our daughter-in-love Maggie Montgomery.

Robin greets the train that runs behind our place twice a week. 

Left and far left: Wilson is always climbing something... he especially loves to go to the top of any ladder that we put up. He has to look inside of every basket or barrel and down every hole. He pounces on anything that moves, in the house and out. And he follows Robin all over the farm to see what's going on.

The county provides virtually free water for irrigating all summer. We just have to keep our section clean of leaves and debris. Right: Wilson helps Robin clean out the ditch. He fell in once... he also fell into the horse's water trough... JUST ONCE!
Left:  Our friend Brian helped Robin with the addition to the workshop building where Robin now makes the cookie stamps. Here they are laying the flooring on top of the foundation. Then came the walls, a window and the roof. Left: Robin prunes the many fruit trees we have and adds the trimmings to the pile which he has fun burning!
Far left: Robin digging the ditch for the new electric lines to the outbuildings and the water pump for irrigating. 

Left: Robin turns on the water pump for the first time to irrigate the pasture and our lawns.

Right: Carol's lifelong wish to have a horse came true when she got to take care of Rio, an Arabian owned by our neighbor across the street, for three months in the spring and summer of 2017.
Right: Moving the clay mixer into the new shop using our neighbor's fork lift. Right: The 1st year's harvest from our veggie garden was bountiful!
Far left:  Carol singing with the ladies ensemble at church (3rd from left).

Left:  Robin and Carol rock hunting near Huntington, Oregon (Carol is the shadow taking the picture). He goes on a field trip every month with the Emmett Gem Club.

Right:  We had our photo taken in July of 2018 for our church directory.

We've had a wonderful first two years in our new home in Emmett and are so totally grateful that the Lord moved us here from Costa Rica.
We spent last Christmas with David and family in Auburn, but this year we are staying home to recuperate from the high season.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new Year!
Come see us if you're up our way. We'd love to see you!

God bless you and yours this Christmas and in the New Year! 

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