Merry Christmas! from the Rycrafts 2011
JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON

A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
to all of our friends!




We are still here! Alive and kickin’! This year sure went by fast. It’s hard to believe it’s time to send out the Christmas newsletter! Left: October 2010 Robin and Carol enjoying the Arizona sun. 

  JANUARY 2011

We began the year with a trip to Florida last January to celebrate Christmas with David, Maggie and the grandkids now 14 and 3.  
Right (L to R): David (Carol’s son), his daughter Makenzie, Robin, Maggie,
and their son Gavin.

  We flew this time and rented a car, so we took a little side trip for a few days down to Key West. Robin was thrilled with a visit to the Mel Fisher Museum, full of treasures gleaned from sunken ships.    

Our house in Prescott Valley, Arizona
got 7” of snow while we were in Florida.

APRIL 2011

 Then in April we got another storm
that impressed us... look at the snow
on these branches. 

Yes that is ICE an inch thick on the pond –the waterfall keeps a hole open in the ice all winter so the fish can breathe. This is our third winter with our 5 12-inch Koi and 2 10-inch gold fish we bought at the pet store in the summer of '09 when they were 2" long.


SUMMER 2011 

We spent a quiet summer trying to take a little more time off on weekends to have FUN.

 Robin built a patio cover for us – to get a little shade from the intense sun up here at 5,000 feet. Yes that’s Robin on the roof. Below: The posts gave Jude, our 15-year-old cat, a way up to the roof for a good look around. 

   SEPTEMBER 2011 

Right: We took off 10 days and camped our way from AZ to CA to see David & Maggie’s new house near Sacramento. Then we drove 3 hours north for some quiet time at Lake Almanor, where Carol (& David, too) have spent many happy summers waterskiing. 



Top:  Looking from the
NW shore of Lake Almanor
toward old town Chester
and Mount Lassen Volcanic
National Park.

Middle:  Aerial view of
Chester looking west at the bridge
over the northern part of the lake
that is a shallow wetlands.

Bottom:  We camped on the
southeast side of the lake
for a few days, and went into
Chester for groceries, etc.
While we were wandering
around old town, we discovered
that there was an empty
storefront for lease... 
I bet you can guess
what happened!  :)

  Left: Carol sits on a log,
happy as a clam on the shores
of Lake Almanor. We found a
surprise waiting for us in old
town Chester just a few miles
from the lake – a surprise we
believe is going to make our lives
much happier in 2012! We laugh
a lot these days!

Right: Robin is a train
enthusiast from way back.
One of our favorite things is
to stand by the train tracks
when the trains go by. This
one was waiting for another
train to pass by in the
opposite direction. 


We have been here in Prescott Valley for almost 5 years now. For the last two, we have been searching for our “sweet spot” but have not been able to discover any place where we wanted to move. 

We considered Nevada because it is so friendly to business. We considered Costa Rica because we have friends there and we're told we could retire and live quite comfortably on our Social Security there. But nothing fit until now – and we found such a surprise and our answer at Lake Almanor and Chester, California, Carol's favorite place to go for a vacation since the 1960's.  


 Left: Rycraft Inc's new location (after 1/1/12) will be 168 Main St (not a mailing address*) in old town Chester, just past the Chester sign if you’re traveling west from the lake... in case you happen to be in our neck of the woods (literally). Chester will be right on the way next time you happen to be going west from Reno to Chico or Red Bluff... or vice versa.   :)  

*There is no street address mail delivery in Chester, California.  




At the AZ State Fair in
Phoenix, Arizona in 99°F
heat: Carol tries on a hat
from Mexico, and Robin 

practices his rocking chair skills.


After we returned
to Arizona in September,
we signed the lease on the
new building (aren't faxes
and email great!?). Then
we found a small cottage near
the new shop where we will live
until we can find a house to lease.

We won't plan to take
our pond fish, sadly, since
 the new house is near the wildlife
wetlands at the northwest end of the lake,
a hangout for egrets and blue herons,
among others, that would love
feast on our precious pets.
So alas we will have to sell them.
If you're interested and you
live in Arizona , give us a call
and you can come get 'em.  :)

There are hot springs in the
lake that keep the water quite perfect
all summer long for waterskiing and
other water sports. The lake is often
like glass all day, or a storm may
come up in the afternoon, making it
perfect for sailing or sailboarding.

Please come visit us and try out
your camping gear and fishing
tackle at the lake or the Feather
River in summer, then you can
try your hand at snow skiing 
Mt. Lassen in winter... and pick up
a few cookie stamps on  your way
by to say "Hi" to the Rycrafts


...the goal is to be out of our digs in Arizona by February 15, 2012!
Chester had 27’ of snow last winter, so we hope our timing is good
or we have access to a good snow plow.
LOL again!

God bless you and keep you in His care,
until we see you again.
Robin & Carol


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