Maggie's Paper Casting Projects
Maggie's Paper Casting Projects

Our daughter-in-law, Maggie Montgomery, put her heart and soul into creating all the gorgeous craft projects which appeared in our 2005 catalog.
If you have that catalog or the 2012 catalog, then you already have the photos our son, David Montgomery, took of her wonderful work. 

We will feature all of Maggie's projects throughout the year as they are appropriate to the season, so you'll be able to get instructions
for them all. If you look carefully below, you'll see photos of Maggie and Dave on their wedding day and of our granddaughter, Makenzie, when
she was little. Our baseball star is Ryan, Maggie's nephew.

Above:  Just a sample of Maggie's handiwork

I've divided Maggie's projects between paper casting and clay casting in order to organize them here on the website.
If you'd like to see which of her projects are being featured this month, go to the Site Map, click on the + next to Craft Projects,
then click on the + next to Maggie's Projects PC or next to Maggie's Projects CC to see her available projects
with instructions listed there as links. Just click on a link to visit that page and ENJOY!

  PC    =    paper casting          CC     =     clay casting

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