Lake Almanor & Chester, California

Our Storefront at Lake Almanor
in Chester, California

Rycraft's first-ever storefront – 168 Main Street, Chester, CARycraft's first-ever storefront –
168 Main Street, Old Town Chester, California 96020
Opened 7/4/12 and closed 12/1/15


Carol Rycraft's favorite place to be: Lake Almanor, California

August 1962 – Fond Memories of
Lake Almanor

Carol (below at age 16) and her family spent many a happy summer vacation camping along with a few other families from their church (Hollywood Presbyterian in Southern California) who also had kids and boats and loved Almanor too. The first people to discover the lake were the Montgomerys who were friends of the Bucks (Carol's family). Byron Buck married Marcia Swets in 1966 and spent many summer vacations with their two boys Jeff and Jason on the shores of Almanor.

The families that spent so many summer vacations at the lake were:  Homer and Carmel Buck with children Carol and Byron, Bettie and Hugh "Monty" Montgomery and their son Ken (whom Carol married in 1965 and who is David's father), Kermit and Gertie Ahlberg and their daughters Lynda and Doris, and Walt and Irene Renman and family.

Carol's son David spent his childhood summers at the lake too, camping at Lassen View Resort (sadly, now gone). The families that camped together and later bought lakefront homes were Ken and Judy Montgomery with Judy's children Lynda and Scott Krunic, as well as long-time friends Al and Gayle Hamlin and their son Mark.

Water skiing, fishing, hiking and board games were everyone's favorite activities. They also loved to go into Chester to get an ice cream cone at the drugstore (the soda fountain is still there at Lassen Gift on Main Street) and to see a movie at the old theater that is now the church building.

The kids especially loved to jump on a motorcycle when they heard the train coming up the canyon, and race up the hill on the logging road up to the track, then stand there as the train went around the curve. Pretty exciting stuff in those days. They all scared themselves reading Psycho one summer, sitting in the hot sun by the tracks waiting for the train.

Carol Rycraft age 16 waterskiing on Lake Almanor  
  Robin and Carol Rycraft in Arizona in 2011

Lake Almanor – a wonderful place
to visit any time of year!

There are hot springs in the
lake that keep the water quite perfect
all summer for waterskiing and
other water sports. The lake is often
like glass all day, or a storm comes
up in the afternoon, making it
perfect for sailing or sailboarding.

Try out your camping gear and fishing
tackle at the lake or the Feather
River in summer, then you can
try your hand at snow skiing at
Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park
in winter.

Robin and Carol Rycraft open their first storefront July 2012
We opened our new storefront on July 4th, 2012!
Rycraft Ceramic Cookie Stamps storefront in Chester, CA

Rycraft's Lake Almanor cookie stamp now discontinued
Our Lake Almanor Stamp #521 (now discontinued)

The Rycrafts storefront decorated for Halloween 2012
Robin and Carol Rycraft – Halloween 2012

Halloween crowds visiting Rycraft Cookie Stamps, Chester CA
It's a family tradition in Chester to take the kids
to visit all the Main Street merchants
for yummy candies from 3-5 pm
on the afternoon of Halloween.

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