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Craft projects designed and created by Maggie Montgomery. Photograph by David Montgomery

037 Duck with a Bow037 Duck with a Bow037 Duck with a Bow
039 Dala Horse039 Dala Horse039 Dala Horse
087 Steam Engine087 Steam Engine087 Steam Engine
191 Teddy Bear191 Teddy Bear191 Teddy Bear
220 Rocking Horse220 Rocking Horse220 Rocking Horse
247 Dinosaur247 Dinosaur247 Dinosaur
248 Easter Bunny248 Easter Bunny248 Easter Bunny
257 Cowboy Boot257 Cowboy Boot257 Cowboy Boot
263 Bat263 Bat263 Bat
269 Soccer Ball269 Soccer Ball269 Soccer Ball
274 Ice Cream Cone274 Ice Cream Cone274 Ice Cream Cone
279 Party Balloons279 Party Balloons279 Party Balloons
282 Baseball Mitt282 Baseball Mitt282 Baseball Mitt
321 Noah's Ark321 Noah's Ark321 Noah's Ark
322 Blast Off322 Blast Off322 Blast Off
334 Easter Egg334 Easter Egg334 Easter Egg
356 Love Bear356 Love Bear356 Love Bear
358 Man in the Moon358 Man in the Moon358 Man in the Moon
399 Wise Old Owl399 Wise Old Owl399 Wise Old Owl
438 Angel Doll438 Angel Doll438 Angel Doll
441 Blue Ribbon441 Blue Ribbon441 Blue Ribbon
445 Foot Print445 Foot Print445 Foot Print
446 Clown446 Clown446 Clown
458 Pirate Ship458 Pirate Ship458 Pirate Ship
480 Fire Helmet480 Fire Helmet480 Fire Helmet
487 Sheriff Badge487 Sheriff Badge487 Sheriff Badge
493 Baby Bottle493 Baby Bottle493 Baby Bottle
494 Baby Rattle494 Baby Rattle494 Baby Rattle
505 Baby Carriage505 Baby Carriage505 Baby Carriage
506 Toy Mouse506 Toy Mouse506 Toy Mouse
524 Graduation Day524 Graduation Day524 Graduation Day
530 Cow Jumps Over Moon530 Cow Jumps Over Moon530 Cow Jumps Over Moon
545 Tennis Racquets545 Tennis Racquets545 Tennis Racquets

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