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The Art of Clay Casting
029 Angel Praying029 Angel Praying029 Angel Praying
035 Divine Love035 Divine Love035 Divine Love
131 Star of David (1)131 Star of David (1)131 Star of David (1)
224 Lucia224 Lucia224 Lucia
225 Country Church225 Country Church225 Country Church
251 Angel Singing251 Angel Singing251 Angel Singing
319 Ichthus319 Ichthus319 Ichthus
321 Noah's Ark321 Noah's Ark321 Noah's Ark
337 Rainbow337 Rainbow337 Rainbow
342 Star of David (2)342 Star of David (2)342 Star of David (2)
343 Dreidel343 Dreidel343 Dreidel
344 Menorah344 Menorah344 Menorah
345 Chai345 Chai345 Chai
355 Trumpeting Angels355 Trumpeting Angels355 Trumpeting Angels
368 Nativity368 Nativity368 Nativity
402 Celtic Cross402 Celtic Cross402 Celtic Cross
403 Wise Men403 Wise Men403 Wise Men
413 Saint Nicholas413 Saint Nicholas413 Saint Nicholas
428 Greek Cross428 Greek Cross428 Greek Cross
429 Russian Cross429 Russian Cross429 Russian Cross
430 Jerusalem Cross430 Jerusalem Cross430 Jerusalem Cross
431 Lucia Crown431 Lucia Crown431 Lucia Crown
460 Triune God460 Triune God460 Triune God
462 Dove with Olive Branch462 Dove with Olive Branch462 Dove with Olive Branch
475 Royal Diadem475 Royal Diadem475 Royal Diadem
519 Orthodox Cross519 Orthodox Cross519 Orthodox Cross
536 ZIA Ancient Sun Symbol536 ZIA Ancient Sun Symbol536 ZIA Ancient Sun Symbol
537 Bishop's Mitre537 Bishop's Mitre537 Bishop's Mitre
546 French Cross546 French Cross546 French Cross
547 Presbyterian Symbol547 Presbyterian Symbol547 Presbyterian Church Symbol
553 Emoji Angel553 Emoji Angel

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