Heart Wreath Project
#201 – Lacy Heart Wreath
Paper Casting Project

A great project for kids and teens!

Materials Needed:
1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #201 – Lacy Heart
100% Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter)
20 paper castings* - #201 – Lacy Heart (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
1 heart-shaped wreath made of wood or cardboard approx. 8” W x 6 1/2” H x 1/8-3/16” thick
50-55 small leaves (silk, satin, or dried) in any color you prefer (we used green leaves found in the cake decorating section of the craft store).
Clear acrylic varnish
Plastic hanger
*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.
1.  Paint the heart-shaped wreath in a color to match the leaves and let it dry.
2.  Carefully trim each casting around the outer edge of the heart design (as shown).
3.  Coat the castings with varnish on the tops and edges and let them dry thoroughly.
4. Optional: You may want to add just a touch of color (we used pale pink) to half of the medallions:  Try mixing some of your watercolor or acrylic paint with the varnish; or you can spray or brush a little paint onto the castings after the first coat of varnish is dry.
5.  Arrange and then glue the leaves onto the frame in 2 rows around both the outer and inner edges. Make sure the edges of the leaves will be visible behind the paper hearts.
6.  Arrange and then glue the paper hearts on top of and between the 2 rows of leaves, alternating the white and colored hearts.
7.  Give the hearts a 2nd coat of varnish to make them stronger and protect against damage from handling.
8.  If you want to hang the wreath, glue a plastic hanger to the top back of the frame. You may need to trim it so it doesn’t show from the front.

Project designed and created by Sue Moore. Photograph  by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR.

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