Heart on Crochet Doily Project


#211 – Quilted Heart on Tiny Crochet Doily 
Magnet or Gift Box Decoration
Paper Casting Project

Use the completed piece as an ornament, a 
package decoration, to adorn note paper, 
or as a decorative magnet.
#211 – Quilted Hearts

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp:  #211 – Quilted Hearts
Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Paper Casting Kit and Refill)
2 paper castings* - 
#211 – Quilted Hearts (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
Clear acrylic varnish
1 crochet or tatted doily, stiffened (see How to Stiffen Doilies)  
Optional:  small magnet (from craft store)

Note: Doilies can be purchased at craft stores, fabric stores, and many other places, especially at Christmastime. Also look for small doilies in the doll-making section of your craft store.

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.
1.  Coat the doily with varnish (a matte finish would probably be best) to give it more strength.
2.  Cut out the heart shape from the paper medallion.
3.  Varnish the cutout and let dry.
4.  Glue the heart to the center of the doily.
5.  Apply one or two more coats of  
varnish for added protection.
6. Optional:  Glue magnet to back of doily.

This paper casting project is featured along with dozens of others 
in our book The Art of Paper Casting, which includes basic paper casting 
instructions, techniques for special effects, and a glossary of terms.

Project designed and created by Sue Moore.

Bake a batch of matching Shortbread Cookies!

Cookie decorated by and photograph courtesy of Goose Hill Farms.

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