Decorating Cupcakes with Fondant
Decorating Cupcakes with Fondant
& Rycraft Cookie Stamps

NEW!  Cupcake Decorating 
using Fondant and Gum Paste

Click here for Instructions on How to Make Fondant for Cupcakes
The method for decorating cupcakes is almost the same as for stamping cookies. But sugarcraft uses shortening instead of oil and cornstarch instead of flour.

1. Dust cornstarch on the working table. 


2. Before stamping, first brush the cookie stamp with shortening (instead of oil as when making cookies), then dust the stamp with cornstarch (instead of flour).

3. Roll the fondant 1/4-inch thick. Before stamping, check to make sure the bottom surface of the fondant does not stick to the table. Add more cornstarch as needed.

4.Press a stamp into the rolled fondant.

5. Cut out the embossed design with a round cutter.

6. Cover the entire mini-cupcake with the fondant cut-out and gently mold the fondant to the shape of the cupcake. You may want to frost your cupcakes with buttercream frosting before applying the finished handpainted fondant cut-outs.

7. Dry the now-rounded fondant cut-out about 2 hours. Then paint (below) and let dry. 

8. For making strong (intense) colors, moisten powdered food color with lemon extract or cleared alcohol.

9. Paint with small pointed brush and let dry.

10. Dust the painted designs again with powdered food color or pearl dust.

11. Draw more dots and lines with slightly moistened dust.

Cookies and cupcakes decorated by and photographs courtesy of Jeeyoun Kim.

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