Fondant Cupcake Toppers

NEW!  Instructions for Fondant
Monogram Cupcake Toppers

using Rycraft Cookie Stamps!

Monogram Cupcake Toppers 
for Sarah's Wedding 
Submitted by Sarah Biddle*

"The perfect decoration to add that little something special!"

Make beautiful fondant cupcake toppers with Rycraft cookie stamps 


White fondant (Sarah used Wilton brand fondant)
1 Rycraft cookie stamp  #451B - Monogram B
1 small round cookie cutter
Silver edible "glitter"
Parchment paper
Frosted cupcakes in cupcake holders

 Instructions in Sarah's words:

"I rolled out store-bought white Wilton fondant, used the Rycraft "B" monogram cookie stamp to stamp a "B" (my future married last name) in the fondant, then used a small circle cookie cutter to cut it into a small circle. I then brushed a silver edible "glitter" on top of the fondant circles – then laid them on parchment paper to dry and harden.

"The day of the wedding, my bridesmaids and I pushed them into the wedding cupcakes as beautiful toppers!! I got SO many compliments on how beautiful they were... they were the perfect decoration to add that little something special!

"I also used the "B" cookie stamp to make shortbread cookies as favors for the wedding. I used your 
basic shortbread recipe, and they turned out beautifully! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of those!"

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing
your beautiful cupcakes with us!

*As a thank-you gift for submitting her photo and instructions, 
Sarah received a coupon worth $15.00 in FREE Rycraft merchandise!

Below are examples of painted shortbread cookies
using Luster Dust®
packaged as Wedding FAVORS...

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