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October - Featured This Month

October Holidays
• SEPTEMBER 21 - OCTOBER 6 - Octoberfest
• Month of OCTOBER - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• 9 OCTOBER - Leif Erikson Day  

14 OCTOBER - Columbus Day

 9 OCTOBER - Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement
19 OCTOBER - 3rd Saturday in October - Sweetest Day
• 31 OCTOBER - Halloween

Craft Projects Featured in October

Click on the links below for FREE instructions you can print and use.

Karen Lewis won a COUPON WORTH $20
 for this beautiful clay casting project:
Fun for Kids
of ALL ages
 Jewelry #242 – Four Maple Leaf Necklaces

Babies, Kids
 & Teens

#220 - Rocking Horse
Gift Box Decoration


Jeweled Treasure Chest

Ideas for Decorating
& Serving Cookies
(featured with our October Craft Projects above)

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For instructions on cookie decorating, go to Cookie Decorating

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