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June - Featured This Month
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June Holidays
June Craft Projects
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Cookies & Cupcakes

June Holidays

• JUNE 14 each year – Flag Day

• JUNE 16 (3rd Sunday) – Father's Day

• JUNE 21 – First Day of Summer

Craft Projects Featured in June
Click on the links below for FREE instructions you can print and use.

& Teens    

#220 – Rocking Horse Greeting Card

Rycraft #220 Rocking Horse cookie stamp FREE paper casting project

                       #330 – Gecko Lizard on a Rock

Rycraft #330 Gecko Lizard cookie stamp FREE clay casting project

#282 – Baseball Glove Picture Frame

Rycraft #282 Baseball cookoie stamp FREE clay casting project

#282 – Baseball Glove Magnet

Rycraft stamp #282 Baseball clay magnet FUN project for kids

#325 – Lion King of the Jungle Book Cover

Rycraft Stamp #325 Lion King of the Jungle paper casting project

Greeting Cards              

#326 – Birthday Cake Greeting Card 

Rycraft stamp #326 Birthday Cake FREE paper casting craft project

#315 – Trout Father’s Day Card Rycraft Rainbow Trout cookie stamp #315 for cookies and crafts

 #315 – Trout Greeting Card

Rycraft cookie stamp #315 Rainbor Trout Greeting Card paper casting project

#381 – Wheelbarrow Greeting Card

Rycraft cookie stamps make beautiful greetng cards for Spring

More Gifts &
Home Decor   

Rycraft stamp #266 Sunface FREE craft project FUN for kids

 #366 – Elephant Mug Decorate a coffee mug with Rycraft cookie stamp #366 Elephant


Rycraft cookie stamp #373 Tiger FREE clay casting project

#371 – Giraffe Candle

Use Rycraft stamp #371 Giraffe to make this delightful candle


Father's  Day             #384 – "DAD" Magnet

Rycraft FREE clay craft project: DAD magnet

#315 - Trout Gift Box Decoration

Rycraft stamp #315 Rainbor Trout Gift Box Decoration

#315 – Trout in a Stream Pen Holder

Rycraft stamp #315 Rainbor Trout FREE clay project for DAD

#315 – Trout Tie Tack

Rycraft stamp #315 Trout Tie Tack FREE clay project for kids

#264 – Dolphin Stenciled Box

Rycraft stamp #264 Dolphin painted box for DAD craft project

June Wedding       #080 – Wedding Bells Picture Frame

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells FREE paper casting project

#080 –
Wedding Bells
Champagne Glass or Table Decoration

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells table decorations

#080 – Wedding Bells Magnet

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells magnet FREE craft project for kids

#080 – Wedding Bells Greeting Card

Rycraft stamp #080 Wedding Bells FREE paper casting craft project

Wedding Cake
Paper Casting & Cake Decorating Project


Ideas for Decorating
& Serving Cookies & Cupcakes
(featured with our JUNE Craft Projects above)

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