Decorating Wax Ornaments
made with Rycraft Silicone Molds

You can create beautiful Christmas ornaments
to hang on your tree or give as gifts.


This was my first attempt at making wax ornaments. It's an easy process but 
time consuming if you decide to poke a hole, paint the designs and add ribbons.
Use your imagination and creativity... and have fun!

Step 1 Make the wax castings from the designs you want to use to make your ornaments. I used 23 different designs.

Click here to see all 23 Rycraft mold designs.

Click here for instructions on how to mold wax using Rycraft's silicone molds.
Step 2

Paint the molds using acrylic paints, or use them as-is, unpainted.

If you wish to apply a protective coating, you may spray the castings with a coat of varnish (from the craft store).

Let them dry thoroughly. You can use a space heater or blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

Step 3

If you want a hole in your ornament:

Use a large needle (I used one I use to sew up my turkey for Thanksgiving), or you can use an ice pick or other sharp instrument to poke a hole.

Place the wax casting on some paper towels to catch the melted wax.

Heat the tip of the needle on your stovetop. 

Then place the hot needle where you want the hole to be and let it melt the wax.

The wax melts through the hole onto the paper towel underneath the casting... and it also accumulates on the needle as well as around the hole on the face of the casting and on the back.

Wipe the needle to remove the accumulated wax each time you insert it to enlarge the hole. Keep inserting the needle and moving it in all directions to enlarge the hole.

I had to reheat the needle perhaps 5 or 6 times and work it inside the hole to make it the size I wanted, which would fit the 1/4" width to 3/8" width ribbon I used for the ornament hanger.

Note:  If you do not want to put a hole in your ornaments, you may attach the ribbon hanger onto the back of the casting using a hot glue gun to melt it into the wax (or use hot glue).
Step 4

Prepare the ribbon for the hanger:

I used both 1/4" ribbon and 3/8" ribbon.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 12"-15" long. Make diagonal cuts on the ends.

Fold the piece in half, then make a loop as shown in the top photo.

Then draw the ends through the loop to make a knot as shown, leaving enough on the ends to tie a bow.

Pull the knot tight. Notice that one photo shows 2 short ends, and the other shows 2 long ends for tying the bow. It's up to you how long you want the ends for your bows, so cut your length of ribbon accordingly.

Then take the 2 ends and tie a bow. 

Step 5


Insert the ribbon into the hole in the ornament to make a hanger: 

Fold the loop so that it is flat enough to poke through the hole in the casting.

Pull the loop all the way through the hole, then take hold of the bow and put it through the loop so it comes through the other side. 

Then pull the bow up until the loop is tightened around the hole. 

If you have trouble pushing the ribbon through the hole, you can use a toothpick to help push it to the other side.

In the photos of the pink and the red ribbons, we inserted them from the front of the casting.

In the photos of the blue ribbon, we inserted it from the back of the casting.

Notice how the loop looks different depending on which side you put it through from.

Note:  If you do not want to put a hole in your ornaments, you may attach the ribbon hanger onto the back of the casting using a hot glue gun to melt it into the wax (or use hot glue).

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