Daily Sweet
Handpainted Cookies & Cupcakes
by Sugar Artist, Jeeyoun Kim

Fondant Sandwich Cookies or Cupcake Toppers

Now you can learn how to use cookie stamps to decorate fondant-covered cupcakes! 
Shown below are FONDANT SANDWICH COOKIES made by sugar artist Jeeyoun Kim.

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Rycraft Heirloom Collection Designs shown above (L to R from Top):

Row 1:    
326 – Birthday Cake,    238 – Daisy Chain,   448 – Norwegian Wedding Crown,
421 – Cranberry Harvest,   516 – "HOME MADE"
 Row 3:     350 – Apple Basket,   201 – Lacy Heart,   482 – Garlic,   210 – Heart Pinwheel
Row 4:    327 – Grape Wreath

Below and throughout our website we feature distinctive
handpainted cookies and cupcakes 

which are the creation of Kentucky sugar artist Jeeyoun Kim.

Decorated CUPCAKES! 

Items shown above were decorated by sugar artist Jeeyoun Kim.

Cookies and cupcakes decorated by and photographs courtesy of Jeeyoun Kim.
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