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Donna Boudreau's Cookie Stamp Collection 

C Jamieson Cookie Stamp Collection

World War II Gingerbread Cookies

        2/3 c. Crisco                                                         1 t. salt

        1 c. sugar                                                              1 t. soda

        1 beaten egg                                                         1 t. cinnamon

        1/4 c. molasses                                                     1 t. ginger

        2-2 1/2 c. flour                                                      1 t. cloves

       Cream Crisco and sugar.  Add egg and molasses.
Add dry ingredients. Chill overnight. Roll into balls.
Freeze 10 min. Stamp. Freeze for another 10 min.

     Bake on greased sheets at 350 for 6-10 min.

Michael's  Cookie Stamp Collection
with Old Recipe Booklets

Nancy Farris  Collection of Old Rycraft Ornaments

Amy Pak's Cookie Stamp  Collection
with Recipe Booklet

Carol Crawford's Handmade Paper Cast
& Cinnamon Heart Christmas Ornaments

Joyce Moorehouse's Cookie Stamp Collection
with various recipe booklets and an 8-stamp home display

Lucy Watson's Collection of Very Old Rycraft Cookie Stamps

Milli Simerl's Cookie Stamp Collection

P Neighbor's Cookie Stamp Collection

Louise Rodger's Cookie Stamp Collection
on a board made by her husband
from a tree he felled

Deb Carlson's Collection in a 
Beautiful Sahdow Box

Ayn H's Collection of some of the very first
Rycraft cookie stamps and a 1991 recipe booklet


Jami Thomas' Collection –
from the state of Washington

How long have you been collecting Rycraft stamps?
I’ve been collecting them since my early twenties.
Where did you find your stamps (family, store, garage sale, etc)?
Fairs, EBay, vintage shops, and I just discovered this site-so I’m very excited about that!
What are your favorite Rycraft designs?
Anything floral, hearts, and holiday themed. Also love birds and cats.
How do you use your stamps (for cookies, crafts, etc)?
Cookies, primarily shortbread. I dip them part way in Belgian chocolate.
Please tell us the story behind your collection.
I first discovered these treasures at a state fair, and have been slowly adding to my collection ever since. 
I enjoy making the shortbread cookies for various events, and for family and friends. 
This year, my daughters will each receive a cookie stamp for Christmas, so they can start their own collection.

Note: We can see from the colors of glaze (below) that many of these stamps were
made several decades ago. The "RyCraft" label was discontinued in the early 1990's
and replaced with the "RYCRAFT" and hearts logo.

James Malerich's Collection –
from the state of California

How long have you been collecting Rycraft stamps?

About four years now

Where did you find your stamps (family, store, garage sale, etc)?

Most were purchased secondhand through ebay, and a few were purchased new in small kitchenware stores

What are your favorite Rycraft designs?

The sheaf of wheat has a special place in my heart (063). That and the sunface (266) are the ones
I remember most from early on.

How do you use your stamps (for cookies, crafts, etc)?

I've always used them for cookies exclusively.

Please tell us the story behind your collection.

When I was a kid, Mom had a few stamps and it was always great fun being able to help out stamping cookies.
We loved adding to the collection from time to time, particularly when at the Kitchen Sink shop in the
Amana Colonies (Iowa). As the family grew we did this less and less. A good ten years or so after
moving away from home I stumbled across some at a shop and decided it was time to start up my
own collection. I've picked up a few pieces new, but love browsing eBay from time to time to
get a bunch for a good deal.

Above, the pumpkin stamp (pale yellow glaze below) is a very old design, carved
by Eleanor Rycraft in 1977
.  The french horn with pine needles is the 1994 Dated
Annual Christmas design
. We can see from the colors of glaze (below)
that many of these stamps were 
made in the 1990's.

Steve and Jan Uffelman's Collection –
from the state of Oregon

How long have you been collecting Rycraft stamps?

Since Christmas, 1974

Where did you find your stamps (family, store, garage sale, etc)?

Specialty gift shop in Anchorage, Alaska, then a kitchen store in Bend, Oregon

What are your favorite Rycraft designs?

Our favorite is the dated series.

How do you use your stamps (for cookies, crafts, etc)?

We use the stamps are used for baking cookies, rarely a craft project.

Please tell us the story behind your collection.

A unique Christmas gift 1974 for my wife, Jan, was the beginning. It's her collection.
Each year I would get another dated stamp, often with a non-dated stamp that caught my eye.
Jan loves to cook and the cookie stamps were great for her to cook with our daughters.
As our family grew and got older our daughters took over adding to the collection.
Then a son-in-law had the hickory display rack from hickory to match our kitchen
cabinets when more display space was needed.

Below is Jan and Steve's collection of Collector's Annual Dated 
Christmas Stamps from 1974 through 2014!

Above is their collection of stamps that go way back! 
We have listed their numbers, names, by whom carved and dates available for sale below.
Each one is linked to the page where you can see them either by year carved
or where you can order those that are available NOW.

Shown above (L to R, Top to Bottom):

Row 1:
 #087 (2E) Steam Engine - Robin Rycraft 
1990-NOW,    #069 Swedish Heart/Karen - Carroll Rycraft 1973-1988,
#374 Moose - Joe Patterson 
Row 2:  #U-47 Evergreens - Eleanor Rycraft 1974-1976,    #029-2E Angel Praying - Eleanor Rycraft 1977-NOW,
#100 Owl - Eleanor Rycraft 1977-1988.

Row 3:  
#023-4E Holly Sprig - Robin Rycraft 1981-1991,    #026-1E Holly Wheel - Carroll Rycraft 1970-1988,
# 015-2E Grapes - Robin Rycraft 1991-NOW.

Row 4:   #016-2E Strawberry - Eleanor Rycraft 1989-1991,    #067-2E Rhine Heart/Heidi - Robin Rycraft 1989 (1 year),
#063-1E Wheat Sheaf - Eleanor Rycraft 1971-1992.

Row 5:  
#031-1E Christmas Stocking - Carroll Rycraft 1971-1992,    #001-B Santa Claus - Robin Rycraft 1983-NOW,
#023-2E Holly Spray - Carroll Rycraft 1973-1976.

Row 6:  
#191-3E Teddy Bear - Robin Rycraft 1991-NOW,    #024-4E Partridge in a Pear Tree - robin Rycraft 1990-NOW,
#032 Pine Cone - Carroll Rycraft 1970-NOW.

Row 7:   #025-1E Christmas Bells - Carroll Rycraft 1972-1988,    #225 Country Church - Robin Rycraft 1991-NOW,
#020-1E Snow Bell - Eleanor Rycraft 1976-1988.

Row 8:  
#034-73 Rudolph 1973 Collector's Annual Dated Christmas - Carroll Rycraft 1973-1977,
#031-2E Noel Stocking - Robin Rycraft 1993-NOW,    #262 Sunflower - Robin Rycraft 1994-NOW.

Row 9:   #088-2E Treble Clef - Robin Rycraft 1981-NOW,    #202 Goose with Flowers - Eleanor Rycraft 1986-1991.

Go here to see all of these stamps by year carved:

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