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   Recipe for Colored Frostings Shown in Gift Boxes
Goosehill Farms created these beautiful gift boxes. They used both cornstarch
and confectioner's (powdered) sugar in their recipe. The "paint" is  FDA-approved
Baker's Colors, Luster Dust® in gold and ruby, and powdered egg whites.
Sorry, but that's all we can tell you – the recipe remains their secret.


This shortbread cookie was painted
using beet powder and spirulina powder
mixed in vodka to paint this cookie.



Pipe white frosting on chocolate cookies.





Carolina Stamped Shortbread Cookies
Decorated with Luster Dust®




Food Color Shortcut
To tint frosting, candy or cookie dough without making a mess:  Place the mixtures in a zip-lock plastic bag. Add food coloring; remove air from bag and seal. Knead the bag until the color is evenly distributed. Since the dough is visible, it’s easy to add more food coloring until you have the shade you want. When you’re done, sniff off a corner of the plastic bag

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