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8/26/15 Comment with order

So nice to be working with a Christian business! God bless you!

Jan V
Santa Clarita, California

10/17/15 Reply

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your lovely email. We have mixed feelings too. Good news! We have found someone to continue selling our imported cookie stamps (in over 70 designs). I will see if she wants to buy our website. If so, then it will all be there for you. If not, then I will keep it up for at least 6 months, maybe longer. We'll see.

Wishing you all the best,

Carol Rycraft

10/17/15 Email

How sad that you are leaving, and no longer will be in business! I wish you well, and God's blessings on your future endeavors! I have cherished all that you have done to create stamps that reflect my Christian faith, and the message you include on your website. 

I am wondering if you will still leave the website up, as there is so much information, and recipes, and tips. I hate to think I have to print all that out, before you "leave"!

Nancy S
Hudson, Ohio

2/8/15 Comment with an order

I am so happy to be making a purchase from a Christian owned and operated company and to purchase products made in the USa. God bless you and for your willingness to stand up for the Lord.

Lisa M
Mesa, Arizona

12/16/14 Email

Thank you so much for your rapid posting of my stamps. I LOVE THEM! I am so happy to get them, I can't wait to try them out. I don't suppose you have one of a Bishop's Mitre? We would love to get one for our cathedral at Goulburn. Thanks so much again and many blessings to you all. May your Christmas be one of peace with our wonderful Lord.

Judith L
Young, New South Wales

12/13/14 Email

I am very impressed with your website and the various choices of stamps that you have available. Do you have a Canadian Distributor? Also I think that it is wonderful that you are sharing your faith. I am a believer as well.

Bonnie H
Moncton, New Brunswick 

11/11/14 Email

Robin and Carol -
Thanks for your note! And thank you for your link to the Silent Monks!!

Kind regards
James N
Merrimack, New Hampshire

10/31/14 comment with an order

Love your web site!! It is very clear to understand and order from, as this is my first order!!! Love the fact that you are a Christian family. May God bless you as you continue to let your light shine for Him.

Cheryl A

Snohomish, Washington

8/4/13 Comment with an order

"...The righteous are bold as a lion." (Proverbs 28:1) It brings my heart great joy that you are "proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance" (Acts 28:31) on your site. Way to go Rycrafts!

Tanya B
San Antonio, Florida

5/20/13 email

Thank you Robin for prompt reply and suggestions... I have been reading Brennan Mannings books and love them re God's outrageious love for us. We are blest.


5/20/13 reply

Dear Marilynn,
Glad you like our site. The LORD is good!...

Robin Rycraft


5/19/13 email

Dear Robin and Carol,
I have been ooking through your web site and it has been an enjoyable time spent there. I am a Christian and I loved your declaration of faith in God.

Thanking you
Marilynn T

5/8/13 email

Dear Robin and Carol,

I have been looking through your web site and it has been an enjoyable time spent there. I am a Christian and I loved your declaration of faith in God..... 
I have been reading Brennan Mannings books and love them re God's outrageous love for us. We are blest. Thanks.

Marilynn T

4/8/13 email

I will be so pleased to receive your emails... and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your strong, true witness for our Lord and Savior. Thank you!!!

Judith L
Pottsville, Pennsylvania

3/15/13 email

I own two of your stamps. They make a beautiful gift for shortbread lovers. Love your family story. I'm your sister in Christ.

Linda C
Riverside, California

11/14/12 Email with order

"I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website. I was delighted to read your beautiful witness of your love for the Lord. Thank you for proudly sharing this, especially now when it seems more and more that Christianity is something to shy away from. May the Lord continue to shine through you as you serve Him.

P.S.  I was given a cookie stamp as a gift from a preschool student many years ago. I so enjoy using it!"

Colleen D
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

10/15/12 Reply

"Dear Amy, 

Thank you for your email and your kind encouragement. And good luck making the Maple Leaf wreath... it helps to have more than one maple leaf stamp when you have to make so many castings... but one way to do it (if you only have one stamp) is to oil the stamp well so the pulp releases easily from the stamp, and instead of drying the casting right on the stamp, you carefully remove each casting (after patting dry thoroughly to get all the water out) using a sharp knife to peel the pulp off the stamp, and place the castings onto a cookie sheet to place in a slow oven to dry, or put them out in the sun. 

Yes I have been wanting Robin to do the entire 12 days of Christmas for a long time, but he never seems to have time to fit it in... perhaps now that we have two part-time employees, he'll have more time to carve. I'll show him your email... it wouldn't be until next year. :) 

Happy crafting, and
Best regards, 

Carol Rycraft 


10/15/12 Email

"Love the explanation of your faith put out for all to see. A brave move in today's business climates. Not nearly as courageous as what Jesus gave for all of us though, is it?

I've just placed my second order from Rycraft and look forward to receiving another beautiful stamp and paper kit; going to try to make Maple Leaf Wreaths; wish me luck! In looking thorough the Christmas stamps selection online, I saw a Partridge in a Pear Tree stamp. It'd be great to have all twelve days of Christmas available - either individually or as a set. Especially given what some believe the meanings to represent. Anyway, they'd be a fun thing to make with kids. 

I noticed you've moved recently and am sure you're very busy. Hope much success continues to come your way. 

Another Believer,"

Amy R H

9/27/12 Email

"will certainly visit your pages more...FIRST visit just a few minutes ago...noticed your offer to explain why the fish "signs" on your took a minute to scroll there...PLEASANT surprise......



signed by a fellow traveller and believer, who will be returning to your site for information and products...Sorry not close enough to come in person as I live in Tennessee...But, I do feel blessed to have one of these computers and even more able to use it!!!!!"

Mary C

5/4/12 Comment with an order

So impressed that you are a Christian company who doesn't hide your light under a bushel. Praise the Lord for companies like yours!

Marci L
Orange, California

4/12/12 Email

"Dear Dianalyn,

Thank you for your email and your kind comments. Congratulations to your son for his accomplishments! We look forward to working on a custom stamp for his ceremony in June. Do send your artwork this month or next (a .jpg by email is good) and let Robin see what you have in mind so he can discuss it with you.

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


4/12/12 Email

"I have been looking all over the web and came across several sites that will custom make a cookie stamp for me. I have no idea who to choose until i read your statement about being a Christian and being proud to claim it! That was it I have decided to go with you and hope that you can help me. I know you are not ready until after June 1 and I think that will be ok since my sons GMA ceremony will be in September. My son is part of Royal Rangers which is like boys scouts but through the church! GMA (Gold Medal of Achievement) is the highest award a boy can receive. It's harder to earn than an Eagle Scout from Boy Scouts! I'm very proud of his accomplishments and am hoping to make cookies with the royal ranger emblem and his name and GMA number on it as a favor. I look forward to being in touch after June 1.

Dianalyn M

4/7/12 Reply

"Hi Beth,

Thank you so much for your email and for praying for us during this stressful time. The electrician thinks he found the problem; but we still don't have a solution -- looking for a kiln switch that will carry more amps and haven't found one yet. Robin did find a way to fire the kilns even with the malfunctioning switches so that they don't ruin the stamps, so we're making progress. :)

Yes, you need to fill out the license application here:   /license_application
Just print the form, fill it out and mail it with your check....

Warmest regards,"

Carol Rycraft


4/4/12 Email

"Dear Carol,

We will be praying for you and especially for GODLY wisdom for your electrician, that he will find the problem. In the midst of all this I also pray that you do have a very BLESSED EASTER.
One question.....
I need to know (I forgot all about this) if I need to send you $25.00 to sell cookies with your images on them. Please let me know. We do think your molds are so cute.
Congratulations on the BBC production filmed in Norway.
I sure would love to get to see that someday.
Blessings and Prayers,"

Beth G
Brookfield, Wisconsin

4/3/12 Email

Hi Robin/Carol. Wow, what a great website. I have really enjoyed your story and love that you are proud to announce your faith in our Lord on your site!!!! Praise God ;) (Oh, and that you're Oregonians (or were until recently:() I was looking at stamps when the paw print came up and took me to you. I was hoping there was someone out there who could actually make me one. Glad to find that it is still possible. I didn't even know if folks still used them anymore. My husband and I remember mom and grandma using them....

Debb K
La Pine, Oregon

1/17/12 Reply

"Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your message, and for sending your encouragement. These are challenging times we are living in... may He come soon!

Warmest regards,"

Carol Rycraft


1/16/12 Message with order

"I applaud you for your Christian message on your website – and I stand with you, in His name, as you reach out to others with His message. Thank you for your courage!"

Marilyn F
Lombard, Illinois

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