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12/29/11 Message with an order:

"While searching the internet for cookie stamps, I came across your company. THANK YOU for 2 things -- sharing your faith in Christ and making your products in America. Please don't back down from continuing either thing."

Shelley M
Liberty Township, Ohio

12/14/11 Email

"Greetings from western PA. Everything arrived today in fine shape, great packing job. Now I have no excuse not to make my second batch of cream cheese shortbread cookies. Thanks for all your help.

I may be calling this spring to ask about some ornaments for two collectors' clubs we belong to, but I'll let you recover from the Christmas rush.

I was very glad to see a Christian company not afraid to state their faith. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2012.


11/17/11 Email

"Beautiful products & story; thank you for honoring our Lord with your website!"

Tamara C
Rose Hill, Kansas

10/13/11 Letter 

"....My idea for a cookie stamp design is a hollyhock flower. I love hollyhocks and they are hard to find as decoration. 

I am a Christian, too! Have collected and used your stamps since we got married in 1975. Most of them came from shops in Leavenworth, WA. They are a family tradition. Now I am making them for my youngest daughter's wedding reception. Loved the photos in Martha Stewart's wedding magazine – the cookies look so elegant! Your on-line testimony was wonderful!

Bless you!"

Loretta B
Pasco, WA

2/16/11 Email

“Dear Robin & Carol,

First let me say that I am so blessed to have read your fish write up on your site today. I have taken the last 2 hours to read and look at everything you have listed and then I found that "FISH" to send the greatest blessing my way!!! I always knew you were Christians and I can't tell you how completely washed I felt with love when I read your statement and your convictions, it sent shivers through me! God Bless You! We need to step up for our Christ as He stepped up for us over 2000 years ago. I will always bless His name in and out of my business.... Thank you and blessing to you both, thru you I see Jesus.

Jan T
Gettysburg, PA

2/13/11 Email


I was perusing your website and I saw some of your cookies have beautiful edges, such as scalloped. How do you do this? Do you sell a product that does this? I looked through your products and prices and didn't see something although I wasn't sure what to look for.

Thanks and esp thanks for your statement of faith. I enjoyed reading your declaration of belief. I, too, am a believer."

Erin P

1/11/11 Email

“Dear Rycraft Family,

I came across your website while in search of a good sugar cookie recipe. Listed on your menu was “the Meaning of the Fish”.

What fish?, I wondered. I read the page. I can’t tell you how impressed I am.

And, I want to add that you are to be admired for having such guts to put that up on your website—but isn’t that just the problem. Why is it that those who believe in God have to be the ones that need guts to express their beliefs?

The rest of the world is saying whatever they feel like and it’s not based on truth or light or reason and they don’t even have to prove their point, just accuse others. You are so right. Our country has become so secularized and atheistic that expressing a belief in God has become laughable or pitiable by the elitist sophisticates.

I was so happy to read your message. Thank you. I will say a prayer for you, your family and your company every time I think of you and whenever I see that ichthus.

May God help all of us. Our country needs him now more than ever.


Maureen H

1/5/11 Email

“Loved your website and your Christian witness!”

Robyn S
Covina, CA

11/30/09 Email

"Thank you for your clear Christian testimony on your website. That’s the reason I decided to order!

May the Lord bless you richly as you honor Him in your business."

Wendy T
Mesilla Park, NM

12/9/09 Email – 3rd reply to Karen C

"Hi Karen

Thanks for your nice reply. We sound a lot alike (background, temper). Anyway, look under the Collector's Handbook online, and choose New in 1969 -- it's number 'F-14' -- an old number. None of the old ones are in our database. So I'll look forward to hearing from you next year (smile).

Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holiday Season!


12/9/09 – 3rd email from Karen C

"Hello Carol,

I'm impressed with your thoughtful response here. Thank you for describing your positions and beliefs so well. I hope to give you a proper response - after the holidays! Too busy right now, and I thank God that I am busy with joy filled activities and safe and sound in my little town in this fine country.

I'll have to look at the stamp you speak of, #14, I'll have to find it online again. At this point in my holiday cookie making process, what stamps I have will have to do for this season. I will consider requesting this stamp (once I've found it and can see it) for myself kand as a gift for my peace loving cookie baking friends for next year. God willing.

You're right, I am tough - I'm from a hate filled family, and my interest in peace has been a calming coat over flashing anger.

Yes, let's talk more next month.

My best wishes for a lovely holiday come to you and your family and your workers in your company.

Soon, Peace, Karen C"

12/9/09 – 2nd reply to Karen C

Subject: #F14 Peace Cookie Stamp

Dear Karen,

I am very sorry you were offended by reading just one paragraph on one page out of 550+ pages I've written for our website. I am sorry that you and Robin had such an exchange as the one below. It was unpleasant for me to read. I am writing this in an effort to explain ourselves, argue a few theoretical concepts with you (do you enjoy debate?), and then try to make peace with you (as well as Peace* for you).

To explain: we have had a website for over 12 years. We have always had the Ichthus symbol exhibited and over the years many people have asked us what it means. We have never "promoted" our religion in the "workplace," but there are many businesses that DO promote and/or "sell" religions, such as Christian bookstores, psychics or occult bookstores, adult bookstores, gay bars (it’s all an expression of the religions and gods people worship).

The page that offended you is an answer to our customers' questions as to why there is, and always has been, an ichthus on our site, on our catalogs, and on various other pieces of our literature. We DO promote Christian VALUES (which are Judeo-Christian) by promoting family activities, family traditions, Christian designs, and we do not do occult designs or designs of "gods"(such as the kokopelli).

I believe that there are a lot of people out there who don't have a clue what "Judeo-Christian" means, and the subject is VERY important to me now that the President has declared that America is no longer a Christian nation (which we HAVE been since the first pilgrims landed on our soil). I am upset and intend to start a blog at some point to which there will be a link on our websites.

Sorry. I'm afraid that our interpretation of what is American and un-American differs from yours (you might want to read some of the speeches of our founding fathers). But we didn't push our beliefs on you - it was your choice to click on the ichthus symbol and then to keep reading the entire page.

You said, "You are most welcome to have your beliefs, as long as they don't bring harm to others, and I can only hope that people who feel compelled to bring their private choices to the public arena, very carefully live what they speak."

My responses are:

1. Re: "harm": I do NOT think you've treated us as if we ARE welcome to our own beliefs because you seem to have made an assumption that we HARM people and don't try to live in peace with others (have you bought Hollywood's image of Christians hook, line and sinker?). You asked us: "Don't your Christian values lead you to peace?" Then you assumed they do NOT. Why? Are you hostile to all religions or just Christianity? Or are you against freedom of speech and/or freedom of religion in general? How about the issue of Christmas -- does saying "Merry Christmas" and celebrating Jesus' birthday offend you and cause you MORE "harm" than the nation celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday?

I don't think exercising our freedoms of religion and speech in stating we believe in God/Christ is HARMING anyone, not even you (anymore than when Lincoln, or Washington or other great presidents have said the same thing). In fact, I found your hostile email to be totally upsetting when it arrived because I was sick in bed (for 2 days), and had just launched the site I've spent 6 months of my life designing, hoping our customers will love it, and yours was one of our first responses. . . so hurtful. Is being hurt the same as being harmed?

2. I think you might just consider that Robin and I might have good reasons to believe as we do, and not just reject our beliefs offhand. After all we both started out as non-Christians, and we have been on the planet 6.5 decades, and we've studied the various religions (by the way, we are in a war with terrorists who have a religion that teaches them that killing us is GOOD -- is that teaching PEACE?). How much of the Bible have you read? It IS, and always has been, the world's all-time bestselling book EVER.

3. As far as the "public arena," I think the entire internet communication system is changing with blogs and social networking and sites where people's blogs are connected to their online stores (ie, Etsy, Facebook, etc). It is certainly NOT inappropriate to speak up these days online in every format available to express individual ideas and beliefs. It's called freedom of speech, and the more the government tries to control, silence, and vilify Christians and conservatives and all those who don't agree with them, the more we will speak up against the abuse of our RIGHTS.

4. Re:  "carefully live what you speak":   You signed your emails with "peace" and "love". . . however, your messages did not feel like you were reaching out to us in peace.

5. Re: Robin’s not carving the peace symbol: Robin has time to carve only a handful of designs each year, and they need to be BEST SELLERS. I won’t let him carve designs that aren’t “hot” because we would quickly go out of business if our designs didn’t sell. We are capitalists (much vilified these days) as were our ancestors. This means we only eat if we make a PROFIT. We didn’t reject your idea, it’s just that it is way down on a list of design ideas that goes back years and is pages long.

6. Re: giving you what you really wanted to begin with:  If you carefully live what you speak (peace and love), and write a non-hostile email asking Robin if he would consider making a discontinued stamp for you (such as #F-14 Peace), he will say "YES."  He’s easy.

*So how about we all calm down, forgive each other for feeling offended, and make peace? The question is now, would you really like Robin to make the peace symbol stamp (#F14) for you? It would be the same price as all Heirloom stamps at $8.50 each. You won’t be able to order it online, so you'll need to call Robin at 1-800-479-2723 or fax him at 1-800-479-7911 or email your order and credit card info (but email isn't secure). He’d be able to ship in about a week or so.

Peace and love to you, too, and
Warmest regards,

Carol Rycraft"

11/22/09 – 2nd Email from Karen C

"Dear Robin,

It depends on how you count, I asked you last year for a peace icon cookie stamp, you said you'd consider making one. So two requests from one potential customer.

I have to say, I think that by promoting your personal choice of religious direction with your business information is unAmerican. We are joyfully a big bowl of many flavors and choices. When anyone promotes their religion in the workplace, I'm turned off.

You are most welcome to have your beliefs, as long as they don't bring harm to others, and I can only hope that people. who feel compelled to bring their private choices to the public arena, very carefully live what they speak.

And all major religions promote peace. Wouldn't we have a lovely world if people lived this important ethic?

Paz y amor [peace and love],"

Karen C

11/22/09 Email 1st reply to Karen C

"Dear Karen,

We have collectors. They may be interested in the details of the stamps they have or have inherited.

As for the peace stamp, you are the first to request one in the last 20 years, so I haven't made one. I can make a peace stamp, but it will be a month or so as we are in our high season and I do very little carving now.

As for being a Christian, I do believe in peace, but it has to be coupled with freedom, freedom to believe in what I believe.

If you want to ask more questions, be serious and not cynical in what I believe. Respect me as a person and you will receive it back. We reap what we sow.


Robin Rycraft

11/22/09 – Email #1 from Karen C 

"What is the point of showing us stamps that aren't available? I'd like to have a peace sign stamp 
[#F-14 Peace – 1969], but I guess you don't make them anymore.

Don't your Christian values lead you to peace?

Soon, Peace,"

Karen C

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