Christmas Designs


Cookies and crafts designed and created by Maggie Montgomery. Photography by David Montgomery.

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001 Santa Claus001 Santa Claus001 Santa Claus 
020 Frosty020 Frosty020 Frosty
021 Christmas Star021 Christmas Star021 Christmas Star
022 Snowflake022 Snowflake022 Snowflake
023 Holly Sprig (1)023 Holly Sprig (1)023 Holly Sprig (1)
024 Partridge in a Pear Tree024 Partridge in a Pear Tree024 Partridge in a Pear Tree
025 Jingle Bells025 Jingle Bells025 Jingle Bells
026 Holly Ring026 Holly Ring026 Holly Ring
029 Angel Praying029 Angel Praying029 Angel Praying
030 Christmas Tree030 Christmas Tree030 Christmas Tree
031 Noel Stocking031 Noel Stocking031 Noel Stocking
032 Pine Cone032 Pine Cone032 Pine Cone
212 Ice Crystal212 Ice Crystal212 Ice Crystal
213 Christmas Tree Snowflake213 Christmas Tree Snowflake213 Christmas Tree Snowflake
224 Lucia224 Lucia224 Lucia
241 Cardinal241 Cardinal241 Cardinal
245 Candy Cane245 Candy Cane245 Candy Cane
251 Angel Singing251 Angel Singing251 Angel Singing
252 Gingerbread Boy252 Gingerbread Boy252 Gingerbread Boy
253 Reindeer253 Reindeer253 Reindeer
255 Sleigh255 Sleigh255 Sleigh
271 Jolly Santa271 Jolly Santa271 Jolly Santa
275 Christmas Candle275 Christmas Candle275 Christmas Candle
291 Moravian Star291 Moravian Star291 Moravian Star
308 Poinsettia308 Poinsettia308 Poinsettia
317 Old Saint Nick317 Old Saint Nick317 Old Saint Nick
335 Pine Garland335 Pine Garland335 Pine Garland
347 Candlelit Tree347 Candlelit Tree347 Candlelit Tree
355 Trumpeting Angels355 Trumpeting Angels355 Trumpeting Angels
357 Santa on a Rooftop357 Santa on a Rooftop357 Santa on a Rooftop
368 Nativity368 Nativity368 Nativity
369 Jack & Jill Frost369 Jack & Jill Frost369 Jack & Jill Frost
398 Christmas Mouse398 Christmas Mouse398 Christmas Mouse
403 Wise Men403 Wise Men403 Wise Men
404 Drummer Boy404 Drummer Boy404 Drummer Boy
406 Country Angel406 Country Angel406 Country Angel
413 Saint Nicholas413 Saint Nicholas413 Saint Nicholas
414 Snow-Covered Tree414 Snow-Covered Tree414 Snow-Covered Tree
415 Starburst415 Starburst415 Starburst
416 Snow Star416 Snow Star416 Snow Star
420 Holly Sprig (2)420 Holly Sprig (2)420 Holly Sprig (2)
425 Rudolph425 Rudolph425 Rudolph
431 Lucia Crown431 Lucia Crown431 Lucia Crown
463 Christmas Ornament463 Christmas Ornament463 Christmas Ornament
529 NOEL529 NOEL529 NOEL

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