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9/20/17 Email

9/20/17 Email

9/20/17 Reply

Hello Kay,
It's good to know you are glad to see us back in the marketplace! We will be selling all the same designs as before, and when the new website goes live in a week or two, you'll be able to see all the designs.
We're looking forward to working with you again.
Best regards,
Carol and Robin
9/20/17 Email – Welcome Back!

Hi Robin - Welcome back from retirement.  Glad to hear it and hope you and your wife had a wonderful time in Costa Rica.  I don't need any cookie stamps right now because I really stocked up when  you were closing out and it will take a while to sell all of what I have, but you make a quality product that my customers really like, so I'll keep the flyer  you sent so I can order later when I need something.  In the meantime I just wanted to let you know I'm glad you're back. 
Sandeen's Scand. Gifts,
St. Paul, MN

9/20/17 Reply
Hello Patty,

So glad to hear from you and so happy to receive your order. Yes, we will carry ALL the same designs as before... you can go here to look at them by year they were carved:
You can make note of the design numbers you want.
Robin is busy finishing the remodel of the small studio workshop here on our little farm. He hopes to be up and running with production sometime between mid-to-late October. We will be in touch to let you know when we can ship your order, but you have plenty of time to add to it if you like. We don't have a fax yet, but hope to get one installed by next month.
Regarding display boards, we sold our entire inventory to Peggy Luckwald who now owns she would be the one who might have a display board left. I don't know about that, but we won't be able to supply the displays any longer.
We look forward to working with you again. 
Best regards,
Carol and Robin
9/19/17 Email with an order

Hi again!
Welcome "out-of-retirement"!!!!
I am soooooo happy to hear that you are coming out of retirement! I almost did a cartwheel when the mailman dropped off your mailer... until I remembered I didn't know how to do a cartwheel... but that is how excited I was! I talked to the woman that took over for you when you retired, but she wasn't able to make any more, so the Irish styles were gone!!!

I would like to place a re-order, but I understand that some styles that I have had in the past may not be an option, so please just let me know which ones from below you still may be able to make and I will go from there. I may need to re-order the stand, b/c I may have recycled it after I found out that she wasn't carrying the Irish styles anymore. BEFORE you ship out my order, can you let me know, so that gives me time to dig around in my backroom here and the storage closet at home to see if I saved it or not?

I am so happy you are returning, and before the holiday season, so people will see that the cookie stamps are back!!!


Irish Walk

9/20/17 Email

Great to hear. We’ll be in touch!

9/20/17 Reply


They will be handmade in Emmett, Idaho, USA. The clay and glazes come from US suppliers also. We will make sure "Handmade in the USA" gets put on the recipe card that is included with each stamp.
9/20/17 Email

Thanks for your quick reply! We are going to look at our past sales of cookie stamps and determine which designs we would like to re-introduce.
Just as a formality, I need to confirm, the cookie stamps are all 100% made in the USA, correct? Will there be wording with the cookie stamps that say that, once they are manufactured?
9/19/17 Email – Cookie Stamps

Hi Robin,

We received your Grand Re-Opening Sale flier in the mail today, with surprise! I hope you both are doing well.

We always liked your cookie stamps, so I'm interested in the possibility of purchasing from you again. I looked at, but it doesn't look like there's been much activity on your website since early 2016, shortly after you retired. I wasn't able to find any cookie stamps on the site.

I will show the flier to our group tomorrow at our new products merchandising meeting and see if they like any of the designs, to bring on for sale. Will the designs pictured be the only designs you plan to produce?

Kitchen Krafts

9/19/17 Reply

Hi Penny,
Yes, the design numbers are all the same. Here is a link to the pages where all the designs are shown by the year they were carved. We will offer all the same designs we had before, over 400 of them... not just the ones that are in the flier.
The updated retail website will go live mid-to-late October when Robin is actually doing production again. In the meantime, he is still remodeling the workshop here on our little farm in Idaho. :)
Robin says yes, you will still get your discount... we'll be able to talk specific numbers later after we get a little better organized. 
So good to hear from you, and we're looking forward to working with you again.
Robin and Carol
9/19/17 Email – Glad you are back! A few questions

Hi Robin and Carol,

Glad to hear you are back in business! Sorry to hear your retirement ended early. Alan and I figured we will never be able to retire either, but we are okay with that. Anyway, I know you are busy getting things all set up again. Just wanted to know a couple of things. Will yu be having all the same product 'numbers' and as you did previously?... I understand you may still be working on the updated website at as I tried to see your 'latest' designs, but there is nothing showing there yet. 

Your longtime customer and happy to hear you are back. Just don't work so hard this time around!

Love you guys!

Birch Hill Happenings

9/20/17 Email

Evening Carol,  thanks for your help, did manage to get into the site but at one point it went back into the other site again. Don't know why, went back out and brought it back up using your link again. 
I found a very old stamp and wonder if you would ask Robin if he would consider re-cutting and reintroducing #189 the Baker Bear.  It looks like a wonderful stamp. 
I also found 3 of my original stamps  2 from '69 & 1 from '73.  They were nice but not as deep as those that you produce now.  
So pleased to see you back in production again soon.  
I'll be back to you with a small order after the weekend, this is tea weekend and  I'll pull out my old book and see if I can drum up some more business!  
Blessings & Kindest regards,  
9/20/17 Reply

Hi Jan,

We sold the website to Peggy Luckwald in Michigan. She is selling the Import Collection stamps and all the inventory we had: books, kits, displays, etc. She also has whatever shop displays we had. That website no longer looks anything like the one we had for years, so you won't recognize it. Our website now is Click on the link below to start looking at all the designs you can order... they will say "Last Run 2015" and the images are a lighter color than the old designs that were retired earlier than 2015:
When you get to the bottom of each page, click on TO NEXT PAGE to see the next year's designs... until you get to the last page: 2015.

On this page is a complete list of all the years Rycraft introduced designs from 1967 to 2015:

Hope this helps clear up the confusion.
Yes, you can purchase all the designs on the brochure, as well as all those that say "Last Run 2015" in the Collector's Book.
Robin and I haven't discussed his doing a dated Christmas stamp this year... perhaps he will have time to carve one. Check back with him in mid-October, when he should have the studio remodel about finished and be ready to start production.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
9/20/17 Email

Good morning again Robin and Carol. I am wondering when I pull up it comes up with a different site. The brochure you sent me does not include many of the cookie stamps on the brochure. Can I purchase what is on the brochure and am I looking at the wrong website? Are you producing a 2017 Christmas stamp? If you are, I would like to purchase so if you could get back to me I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help. Look forward to hearing from you and placing an order.

9/19/17 Email – You made my day!!!

Good afternoon Robin...
I received your brochure in the mail this afternoon and I'm so very  happy that you have re-entered the business world. Hope you enjoyed your retirement time and now back to work!!!! Thank you for reopening and so pleased to see you have done some traveling of late.

Kindest regards and Jesus blessings,

Thistlefields Tea Room

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