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1/10/16 Email with photo of cookies

Thank you! All the stamps arrived on time and in good order, and I am enjoying using them. 

Banana Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Sandwiches
With many thanks and kindest regards,

Marika H
Ainslie, Australia

The kicker to the saga below is that Robin and I lost money on both sides of this encounter... we paid fees to 2 different companies for processing Joanne's credit card, and then we paid fees to both of them again to issue her a refund. We were the only victims here... what a to do over a $13.90 order.

1/10/16 4:18pm Reply


No, I don't think so. I answered your email just a few hours after receiving yours, and on a Sunday. I've offered to ship the stamp. And your attitude still stinks.

We don't make false claims, however you made one. There is no pop-up box of any kind on our website... I should know because I am the webmaster.

Robin and I don't need to steal money from people. We certainly don't need your money. And neither does Peggy.

I will refund your money.

Carol Rycraft

PS  Next time you want someone to do you a favor, it might help if you don't fling insults by calling them crooks and liars. 


1/10/16 4:16pm - 4th Email

Please ship ASAP. Your claims are false. Once my order was submitted, and, VISA info processed, then a pop up screen appeared with an apology. I never even heard of this business. I am having a need for stork themed cookies. I googled and found you. I was appalled at shipping charges, but, ordered out of need. It was not until after the order was placed that the infof was available to me. The market is too competitive for follery. Agree? The tone was warranted....I was robbed. As long as you are willing to ship, I am in need. Thank-you.


1/10/16 4:09 pm Reply from Carol working at home closing the books for December

Dear Joanne,

Please accept our apologies for your confusion about our situation, which is very clearly stated on our website and has been so stated since Dec 1, 2015 when Robin and I officially retired.

We are not responsible for your not reading our Home Page.

We are a company that has had an outstanding reputation in the markplace for quality and excellent customer service since 1968! Don't believe me? Go here (and all preceding pages):

In November, Peggy Luckwald puchased our inventory. Please notice that there is a very large picture of a moving truck on our Home Page telling visitors to our website that the inventory is being moved from California to Michigan in the months of December and January. I don't think it could be any clearer. It is stated in 3 places on that page that all orders placed now would be shipped in February.

Robin and I are now officially closed and are not accepting any new orders; however, we do have a stork stamp in our inventory which has not been shipped to Peggy yet, so if you would like to change your tone of voice, we would be happy to ship one to you tomorrow. If not, then we will cancel the order and refund your money instead.

We await your reply.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft

1/10/16 1:51pm Reply from Robin working at the shop to make the last 50 handmade stamps before we are completely finished with production! and can retire!

Dear Joanne,

No need to be upset. Your life is not ours. We are not Amazon.
We have retired and still have some stock of storks. I can send one on Monday soon enough to reach you before February.

We had notified all our customers on November first of our future retirement.

I noticed that all of your emails were placed within 7 minutes. We usually respond within a day to all our emails.

So if you can wait for a day or two, your stamp will be sent.


Robin Rycraft
1/10/16 7:46 am - 3rd Email after placing an order

I do not appreciate your underhanded way of doing business. I need my order prior to february. Shame on you for keeping this secret prior to my placing an order!

1/10/16 7:43 am - 2nd Email after placing an order

what a shady way of doing business! Please delete my order immediately. my stork press is needed now. i will have no need for it in February. You should be honest and upfront to customers. Sincerely, Joanne M....there are consumer laws about false advertising. I will contact necessary agencies if this is not fixed.

1/10/16 7:39 am - Email after placing an order

This is my first order with Rycraft. I am furious!
i just now placed an order for a Stork press. I am having a baby Shower the first week of february. Once the order was placed, I received the notification that orders will not be processed until February. PLEASE delete, or ship soon, on my order. I do expect immediate response. Sincerely,
Joanne M
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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