Your Cards & Letters 2014

12/19/14 Reply

Hi Shauna,
I am sorry you have had difficulty opening some of our pages on the website. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, that explains the problem. They made some changes recently that made it almost impossible to see our website using their browers. If you use another browser, then I don't know what the problem might be with the pages. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Best regards and Merry Christmas!
Carol Rycraft


12/19/14 Comment with an order

I plan giving one of these as a gift. Be sure to include 2 recipe booklets - one for each stamp. Thank you. Also, I have a very difficult time getting some of your pages to load when I am looking for your website and they often just crash. I can get in to your home page and the one with designs and recipes.

Shauna P
Payson, Utah

12/16/14 Email

Thank you so much for your rapid posting of my stamps. I LOVE THEM! I am so happy to get them, I can't wait to try them out. I don't suppose you have one of a Bishop's Mitre? We would love to get one for our cathedral at Goulburn. Thanks so much again and many blessings to you all. May your Christmas be one of peace with our wonderful Lord.

Judith L
Young, New South Wales

12/14/14 Comment with an order

Thank you for being a fearless Christian company! I was hesitating to order but after seeing your message I knew I had to support you and even added a stamp to my order! God bless you!

Malia W
Front Royal, Virginia

12/13/14 Reply

Hi Linda,
Yes, we do ship to Canada. Glad the stamps worked well.

Robin Rycraft


12/13/14 Email

A friend gave me two of your stamps and they worked beautifully on my scotch shortbread and my gingerbread recipe this year. I would like to choose more stamps for each season. Do you ship to Canada?

Linda - Home Baker

12/13/14 Email

I am very impressed with your website and the various choices of stamps that you have available. Do you have a Canadian Distributor? Also I think that it is wonderful that you are sharing your faith. I am a believer as well.

Bonnie H
Moncton, New Brunswick 

12/12/14 Comment with an order

I am so excited to find your website! I have had a cookie stamp for years and use it all the time for snickerdoodles, my childrens' and now my grandchildrens' favorite! Unfortunately, my 3 yr. old grandson was helping me make cookies a couple of days ago and dropped the stamp on my ceramic tile floor and it shattered. I was heartbroken, just because I'd had the stamp for years and didn't think I could replace it. So, I was thrilled when I searched and found your products! Can't wait to get my new stamp and start making new memories!!

Karen B
Normal, Illinois

12/9/14 Email

Thanks so much, Robin, that was my concern; I want to make sure these are safe. I'm planning to start baking tomorrow. I just can't decide which stamp to try first!

Merry Christmas!


12/9/14 Reply

Hi Debbra,
If you clean them well with soap and water and a scrub brush, and put them in a small basket or container with some paper towels to keep from chipping, you will be fine.

Merry Christmas
Robin Rycraft


12/8/14 Email

I've just purchased several of your cookie stamps and will be trying them out very soon. I have a question about storage of the stamps. I see that you have displays available, however, I have neither the wall space nor the counter space for such units at this time. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

Debbra P
Villa Park, Illinois

12/1/14 Comment on a Recipe – Mrs. Rycraft's Unbelievable Peanut Butter Cookies

I took 1 tablespoon of peanut butter out of the measured cup. I know my oven gets warmer than the programmed temperature and I wanted a bit stiffer dough so my stamped design stayed prominent. Also, instead of decorating, I sprinkled them with a bit of white sugar when they came out of the oven. I had absolutely no problems, whatsoever.
I cannot believe the explosion of peanut butter flavor. The consistency is perfect, too. What I didn't realize until I was done mixing the ingredients is that this is a gluten-free recipe... after baking, I sat down and shared your website with my friends who are on a gluten-free diet. I say, brilliant, Mrs. R!

Jeananne B
Brown Deer, Wisconsin

11/14/14 FaceBook post to Rycraft Cookie Stamps

Yesterday on Pinterest I repinned a post about creating Scandinavian cookie designs using paperclay, to create seasonal ornaments. I clicked the link to the Rycraft website and ordered several stamps, and noticed they looked like a cookie stamp I've had for about 30 years i my tin container where I keep cookie cutters. I got the container and found the stamp. Sure enough, it still bears a little gold label that says "Rycraft". The email confirming my order suggested calling to check whether items are in stock. I did, and Robin answered the phone. he was very helpful, and even called back to make sure I'd ordered the correct version of several items. I LOVE doing business with family-run companies, and am excited to receive my new stamps next week. And how cool that I have an old stamp to go with my new collection. :-)

Kathleen C

11/15/14 Reply,

Dear Erin,
Thank you for your email. I am sorry you have had difficulty using your cookie stamp. As you probably know, baking is always a challenge, as there are so many variables. This has become a bit of a problem in the last 20 years or so as the flours, butters, and other products have changed significantly in content... However, we have lots of comments and suggestions on these pages:
I think the most popular recipe by far is Robin's mom's Almond Butter Cookie recipe found in our recipe booklet:
I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Carol Rycraft


11/13/14 Email

I have a stamp for cookies that looks a lot like one of yours! My mom had it more for a nick nack and just had it on a shelf, but I tried to use it the other day and it did not end well. Is there any way you can give me tips on how to use the stamps on cookies for best results? Or direct me to someone that can provide information on how to use the stamp? It is a thistle stamp and looked wonderful... some of the time anyway and then between baking and the dough sticking to the stamp it went down hill from there. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Erin N

11/11/14 Email

Robin and Carol -
Thanks for your note! And thank you for your link to the Silent Monks!!

Kind regards
James N
Merrimack, New Hampshire

10/31/14 comment with an order

Love your web site!! It is very clear to understand and order from, as this is my first order!!! Love the fact that you are a Christian family. May God bless you as you continue to let your light shine for Him.

Cheryl A
Snohomish, Washington

10/28/14 Handwritten handmade card

Thank you so much for your generous donation to help make this year's Dutch holland Memorial Golf Tournament such a HUGE success! 

"the committee"

10/27/14 Reply

So glad to hear it! We have a new FaceBook page and we are on Pinterest too now, so maybe that has helped. :)

Carol Rycraft


10/27/14 Email

Dear Robin
Here is yet another order! These stamps just keep selling like crazy. Thank you for helping us have a great year.

Anne Robinson
Scottish Gourmet
S Plainfield, New Jersey

10/8/14 Comment with an order

Happy to support a Believer! Thank you.

Jennifer S
lebanon, Indiana

10/7/14  Comment with an order

I love your stamps and have a number of them. Treat selection and quality!

Abigail F
Scituate, Massachusetts

10/4/14 Comment on Facebook

Love these stamps! Have been using them for years and great customer service!

Dawn G

11/9/14 Email

Dear Robin :)

Thank you for your kind email.
Yes absolutely! One can not expect a carved stamp work on a thin dough it doesn't even make sense !!

I do appreciate your understanding.

Have a great weekend



11/8/14 Reply

Dear Neda,

I appreciate your getting back to me. I find it hard to know how people will use our stamps. I try to understand but sometimes I don't get it. I thank you for your honesty and humility.

May I suggest another company for you to look into now, knowing how thin at times you work your dough. uses laser-cut wood and can do very detailed work that is the high quality I believe you will appreciate. A picture is worth a thousand words.

My best to you and again, thank you.


Robin Rycraft


11/8/14 Email

Hi Robin

Sorry for the delay in corresponding.
In fact you were right the stamp works perfectly on thick dough. I apologize for my quick judgment.

Thank you



9/28/14 Reply


I cannot be held responsible for the type of dough you use. Our web site gives examples of dough we find workable. I did do a lot of work on your design. Your dough appears so thin that it would not print the center part of the griffin design.

We talked about the details that were very hard for me to carve. Your deadline was two weeks and I said I usually needed a month. Did you hear me say that? Did you expect a machined carving? I cannot do that kind of work in that short of a time period. And I did try to tell you it was a difficultpiece to carve.

You are losing money? I did all I could do to get it to you on time and I see very little effort on your part to make it work. Show me a stamped image of the lobster. Did that work? You implied it did. Was that carving on the 'same level'?

You can find our address on our website. I will consider how much to refund you.



9/27/14 Email

Hi Robin

I received the stamp today. I tested it ! All I can say is the stamp you sent me is a disaster ! It's so imperfect ! The raise parts are not in the same level ! testing on dough in fact shows absolutely nothing ! Here you can find attached in the picture I'm sending you!

I'm sorry for all the work you did, you did absolutely not do a good job ! I'm very disappointed and want to send it back to you along with the sample stamps you sent me and ask for a refund ! You could hold onto the shipping cost but I am not paying for this and I do not even need it !!!

I had a deadling and am losing a lot of money just because I can not use the stamp you sent me ! I only wish you told me this is not something you can do so I could find some one else !

I am asking you for a refund of $260.95 and need an address to send them all back to you.



9/23/14 Email re: custom stamp ready to ship


I am ready to ship. Your phone number does not answer to you. Said it was wrong area code. 917-xxx-xxxx. Please call for delivery by Friday.


9/17/14 Comment on Facebook

Loved these stamps for years.

Barbara J.

9/15/14 Comment with a mail-in order

Love my new Owl cookie stamp. Made your Peanut Butter recipe. My cookie looked good and tasted good too!

Thank you.

Linda N
Escondido, California

9/10/14 Facebook Comment

I've used these for years. Had no idea you were local!!!! Yea!!

Katherine H R

8/17/14 Email

Dear Rycraft folks,

Thanks for sending me the cookie stamps. I have enjoyed using them for years, and have discovered that they make great pastta when you cut circles out of rolled-out dough and press them into the stamps. The design holds up very well after boiling, with either egg or non-egg dough. We eat a lot of pasta and this has become our favorite way of making it.

Again, thanks for a terrific product.

Mary M
Seattle, Washington

8/7/14 Reply

Thanks for the tips.


8/6/14 Email

I don't use any baking soda or powder because it just raises too much. I underbake, and let continue to bake on cookie sheet out of oven... the design becomes more defined as cookies sink and cool. Hot oven at least 400. Convection helps cook the top faster so it seals the design.

(Lin Sue)


8/6/14 Reply

I understand. If you have any tips for us on how to keep the designs from melting away in the oven, please pass them along. I would totally appreciate any help you could give. The coupon code to use when you place your next order is: ....  for $10.00 off the total.

Thanks again,



8/6/14 Email

I own a dessert business with my best friend... and it is what we use... so I'm sorry I am not able to.

(Lin Sue)


8/6/14 Reply

Dear Lin Sue,

Thank you for your prompt response. Would you mind sharing your family's shortbread recipe?



8/6/14 Form: Cookie Photo Submission

I did not use a Rycraft recipe. I used my family's shortbread recipe. I have been using this recipe for years and years. for parties, gifts... we love cookies.

Love the designs... would like prettier monogram stamps.

Thanks again.

Lin Sue C


8/6/14 Reply

Dear Lin Sue,

Thank you so much for the wonderful photograph of your cookies. I am so happy they turned out so beautifully for you. How did they taste? What recipe did you use?

If you will fill out this form [link below], I will give you a coupon worth $10.00 off your next order:

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Carol Rycraft


8/5/14 Email

Just received my cookie stamp order and couldn't wait to try them! They turned out beautifully... thanks for a fabulous product!

Lin Sue C
Phoenix, Arizona

8/6/14 Comment with an order

Thank you so much for your beautiful cookie stamps. My mother got me started in the late 70's - early 80's. She purchased a holly ring with a lit candle in the middle. I do not see it on your site. I fell in love right away and have been collecting them ever since. My daughter is grown and we are starting her on a collection as well.

Sharon S
Brookfield, Wisconsin

7/29/14 Comment with an order

I'm very excited to receive these cookie stamps! My mother passed away on June 11th and while going through her things, I found three cookie stamps. I don't know when, where or how she got them, but they have never been used. I googled the name from a sticker on one of the stamps and found your site. Now I am eager to start a new tradition with my kids! Happy, happy! Thank you!

Catherine H
Burnsville, Minnesota

6/29/14 Email


I found your site while looking for cookie olds. When I found the Jerusalem Cross, I knew that I'd be ordering a few stamps in the near future. A friend from our church is beginning seminary in the fall and has accepted an associate pastorship of two small churches in the western part of New Jersey. Today was his last day. When Peter was in high school, his youth group gave him a Jerusalem cross pendant, and he wears it every day. It's very special to him.

After receiving my order (very quick; thanks BTW), I made the cream cheese candy (orange) and shortbread recipes. Yes, the shortbread dough cracked, but the whole effect was archaeological, which I loved. I also used my standard sugar cookie recipe to good effect. I used the Christmas candle and the dragonfly to see how such detailed designs would hold up (very well, thank you), but mostly I used the Jerusalem cross stamp. I gave his wife the stamp this morning. I may have to order another one for myself. The simple design worked really well.

Now for the tip. When I made the cookies, I rolled the dough into balls, then I dusted them with flour (powdered sugar would also work well). Then I caged each floured dough ball in my hands and shook off the excess flour. This left just enough flour on the dough to prevent the stamp from sticking without gumming up the stamp with excess flour. It worked like magic.

I am a quilter, and am now plotting a plate of cookies made with quilty stamps for our gild holiday party. I'm sure it'll be a hit.


Tina S

5/9/14 Comment on a Recipe (for a $5 coupon without photo)

RecipeCheese Darlings
Stamp design used: #063 Sheaf of Wheat
Please list any changes you made to the recipe:
     1.  Added 5 Tbsp of fat-free milk. Dough was way too crumbly and would not stick together to roll a ball so it could be stamped.
     2.  Used black nigella seeds instead of sesame. Made beautiful cookies.
Were you happy with the results?  Yes.
If not, please describe problems or criticisms:  The recipe dough is way too dry.
Summarize your evaluation of this recipe:  Good

Kathleen McD
Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

4/14/14 Reply

Dear Erin,

The 800 number doesn't work from Canada.... Do you have a block on your email address? That is most often the reason for a lack of confirmation.

As far as to what is going on, the world is definitely going too fast. I received your order on Saturday and I plan to ship on Tuesday, tomorrow. That is really fast for us.

Have a cup of tea and listen to the birds sing. It's Spring.

Our best to you,

Robin Rycraft


4/14/14 Email

Hi there!!

I recently ordered two of your 2" round cookie stamps from you guys (on Saturday, April 12, 2014). I paid for them via Mastercard, and it appears that the order went through but I haven't received an e-mail confirmation or an order number etc... I tried to call the TOLL FREE number provided on your website but it wouldn't work... So I was wondering what was going on??

Hope to hear back from you soon

Erin M
Sudbury, Ontario

4/10/14 Email

I have several of your stamps and love using them for projects! ! ! I would love to work for a company I believe in their product and allowed me to use my creativity! ! ! That wouldn't be a "job" ....

I look forward to receiving my new stamps! !!!

Have a wonderful day......

Denise D
Yorba Linda, California

4/9/14 Reply

Dear M L,

Thank you for calling this to my attention. I will see that the correction is made.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


4/8/14  Comment on a Recipe

Recipe:  Sur La Table Springerle recipe – using House on the Hill cookie molds

Yes, I was happy with the results. My overall evaluation of this recipe: Excellent.

You may not be aware that the Springerle Recipe submitted as from Sur La Table is actually a family recipe from Connie Meisinger at House on the Hill in Elmhurst, Illinois. The recipe printed on your site is Connie's, almost verbatim. I know because I've been using it for more than a year and have taken Connie's class. Please check to verify – she calls it Nini's Perfection Springerle, and Connie herself can tell you the story of how it was handed down through their family.

The recipe is excellent and Connie is an amazingly generous teacher of all things Springerle. It deserves a place on your website, but I do think it should be properly credited.

Chicago, Illinois

4/14/14 Reply

Dear Diane,

I apologize for the inconvenience -- the problem was that I looked you up under your [last] name, D..... and unsubscribed you... however, there was another entry for you under just the name "Diane" with no last name, so it did not come up when I entered [your last name]... therefore, it really is to your disadvantage when you order from or send an email to a company not to include your last name, in an effort to protect your privacy. It only complicates it for the company to find you in the database to remove you from their mailing list.

Ankyway, you should not be receiving any more emails from our company.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


4/11/14 Email


I've just received another of your newsletters at the e-mail address: ......, which I had provided with my original e-mail message. I would really appreciate it if you could unsubscribe me. I will also forward the newsletter to you.


Diane D


4/1/14 Reply

Dear Diane,

I apologize for the inconvenience. I do not find your last name or your email address (below) or your email address (above) in my database so I don't know how you could be on our mailing list. Please let me know if there is another name or email address I should look for so that I may delete you.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


3/29/14 Email

I would like to unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter that I've been receiving. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this without filling in a lot of information. Other websites make it much simplejr.

Diane D
Mississauga, Ontario

4/2/14 Reply

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your comment and question in your February 27th email. Please forgive me for not writing back sooner.

I think the most popular recipe by far is Robin's mom's Almond Butter Cookie recipe found in our recipe booklet:*almond_butter_cookies

I am sorry you have had difficulty with the designs melting away in the oven. That has become a common problem in the last 20 years or so as the flours, butters, and other products have chan ged significantly in content... so there are ore variables involved which make baking a challenge. However, we have lots of comments and suggestions on these pages:

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


2/27/14 Email

You have so many recipes. I would love to know your favorite. Sometimes I have a hard time making your lovely imprints stay after they are baked.

Nancy S
Hudson, Ohio

4/2/14 Reply

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for the Comment on a Recipe form you submitted on March 20th. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

I am sorry you have had difficulty with the designs melting away in the oven. That has become a common problem in the last 20 years or so as the flours, butters, and other products have changed significantly in content... so there are more variables involved which make baking a challenge. However, we have lots of comments and suggestions on these pages:

I think the most popular recipe by far is Robin's mom's Almond Butter Cookie recipe found in our recipe booklet:*almond_butter_cookies

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


3/20/14 Form: Comment on a Recipe

Recipe:  Mrs Rycraft's Cookie Stamp Shortbread

Loved the taste of the cookies, but the design did not come out well. I was not happy with the results. I have 2 jelly roll pans, but neither are 9x15, one is slightly larger, the other slightly smaller. Which one should I use? Also, the dough was so dry and crumbly. I had to really push it into the pan, so when I went to stamp, there was not really any give left in the dough, and the design did not come out well. How can I make the design come out better?

My evaluation of this recipe: Good.

Additional comments:  Flavor is great! and I will definitely make again. Love the ease of it, but I want a square cookie with a crisp design. Will test the recipe again.

Kathleen L
Amesbury, Massachusetts

4/2/14 Comment with an order

Thanks for answering my question so promptly. Please send ASAP, so it may arrive in time for me to bake for our graduation! Looking forward to receiving the order...


Maria H
Combermere, Ontario

4/2/14 Email (re: order placed 3/21/14)

Hello, I received my cookie stamps in yesterday's mail and I LOVE them! The detail is just incredible! Thank you very much!


Nancy S
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

3/27/14 Comment with an order:

I love your designs and have received many compliments on the cookies... most recently I made a batch of the Lace Heart for a bridal shower. I introduced Rycraft to my neighbor, Gail W... and she is having fun making the Pineapple design to send to family in Hawaii.

Arlene S
Hacienda Heights, California

3/23/14 Comment with an order:


Mary Ellen K
Stratford, Connecticut

3/4/14 Reply

Dear Nancy,

I am Robin, Erin's oldest brother. Marge worked for us for many years. I remember the ornaments. They were the first we tried to make. A lot of water under the bridge since then. If you wish, you can send them to us. We have no examples of those ornaments so I would appreciate them very much. I am letting Erin know you contacted us.

Thank you very much.


Robin Rycraft


3/1/14 Email

Dear Rycraft family,

I hope I'm sending this to the right person. If not, please forward.

My name is Nancy F... I grew up on the same end of town with the Rycraft kids, and I remember the name Erin, but can't find her in my year book. Perhaps my name rings a bell?  CHS '73. My mother's friend Marge King used to work for you. When I married in 1977, she gave me 3 of your Christmas ornaments as a wedding gift. I still have those ornaments, but no longer use them. 

I also own quite a few of the cookie stamps, as well as an old yellow recipe book!

I wonder if you  might like me to mail these old ornaments to you? I have perused your website, and don't see them anywhere. Can you open the attachment of the photo I took of them? If not, I'll try again.

Thank you for your time.

Nancy F
Glide, Oregon

2/5/14 Email

Thanks so much.... I am looking forward to doing more business with you, so glad I found you. We have an old family recipe that utilizes cookie stamps and I am thrilled to pass it along to my nieces and their children along with some cookie stamps.

Connie W
Crown Point, Indiana

1/15/14 Comment with an order:

I have been a Rycraft customer for many years. I have some of your early cookie stamps too; an apple in a circle, a bird on a branch and a heart with an arrow through it. I especially enjoy the delicious cookie artwork your stamps produce! I'm looking forward to my new stamps.

Lorraine W
Esperance, New York

1/9/14 Form:  Cookie Photo Submission

Recipe:  Almond Butter Cookies    using #249 – Hummingbird cookie stamp

[This was the] first time [I used this recipe]! I bake cookies for our monthly family gatherings and wanted to add something new to the usual cookies that I make.

No changes were made to the ingredient amounts listed in the recipe. The only thing added to the procedure was the chilling of the dough before rolling into balls to be stamped. To chill the dough, flatten it into a disk about 1/2 inch thick, wrap it with cling film, and let it chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. After rolling and stamping, chill the stamped dough again for 15 minutes in the refrigerator before baking as directed. The cookies tasted very good and I did not experience the dreaded "melting away" of the stamped design.

The backs of half the batch were coated with melted semisweet chocolate. 

Thank you for making such a quality product! The stamps are quite a lot of fun to use.

Mary C
Rancho Cucamonga, California

1/7/14 Reply


You should have no problem with that small crack. It will not grow or crack further.

Usually I don't ship those stamps because of questions that areise like yours, but if it bothers you, I will replace it.




1/7/14 Email

Hello!  I received my order yesterday ust in time for Epiphany (I ordered the Wise Men stamp). I also ordered a Hummingbird stamp which I have a question about. There is a fissure at the tip of the tail. I've attached a picture to show. Do you think this fissure will remain stable or is there a chance it will crack further or chip off? Thank you for your help! Other than this concern, I think the stamps are beautiful and I can't wait for my other stamps to arrive (I happily took advantage of your after-Christmas sale).


Grace C
Temecula, California

1/7/14 Email

Dear Mr Rycraft,

The tracking number does work, and shows its location. Thank you! I wanted to mention that my mother has three of your cookie stamps that we have used on a yearly basis since I was very young, and am glad that I now have a chance to have some of my own.


Daniel H


1/7/14 Reply

Dear Daniel,

I shipped your order yesterday. We had a very busy season and I got behind and am just now catching up. I do not know if you can track you package, but the Customs Declaration # is LC 043778..... Go to the USPS site and see if it works. We have never shipped to China, so I hope it arrives well.


Robin Rycraft


1/7/14 Email

Dear Mr and Mrs Rycraft,

I made an online purchase of six cookie stamps on December 21st, and I am curious about the estimated arrival date of the package. The special thing is that the shipment is to China, as I am living here. I saved the information on the day of the purchase, but did not carefully check for an email, which I'm afraid may have been filtered into the "Junk" section and deleted. I don't doubt that the order was sent, I am just curious about the estimated arrival date. The order number is 201312212..... Thanks for your help!


Daniel Holl
Carmichael, California

1/3/14 Email

Love the cookie stamps I picked up at a garage sale... was about to place a huge order when I read about your religious views. While I'm glad to have been made aware of your beliefs, I'm sad that they will prevent me from spending my money on your beautiful products.

Christi O'D
Peekskill, New York

1/2/14 Reply 

Dear Susan,

I have written several pages on our website about how to use our stamps. Please spend some time on these pages:

his is one of our most popular recipes:*almond_butter_cookies

I like to dip the stamp in granulated sugar (or flour) before stamping the cookies. I roll the dough into a small 1" ball and press down until it is about 2" in diameter.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


1/2/14 Email

I've owned a few Rycraft cookie stamps which I haven't used in a long time. Will you please explain how to use them so that they don't stick to the cookie dough? I like Wilton's Rollout cookie dough, but now I'm wondering if it matters that they are shortbread dough versus rollout cookie dough. Please let me know. Also, how thick should the cookie be when I press? Do you press first, then use a shape cookie cutter to cut around them? Thanks.

Blessings in 2014,


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