Your Cards & Letters 2013

12/28/13 Email

Good Morning!

Thanks for the update. It is wonderful to know that you've had a busy month! Your products are appreciated by many folks; I look forward to using my newest molds. May 2014 surpass your expectations!



12/27/13 Reply

Dear Sharon,

It's going out on Monday. Sorry for the long delay. This has been a busy December.j



12/27/13 Email:  Re: Welcome to Rycraft's

Hi Robin and Carol,

I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas! Although I do not have an immediate need for the items I ordered on 12/2, I thought I'd check on the status. Please let me know – again, no rush this time.

Happy New Year!


Sharon H
Billikngs, Montana

12/23 Reply

Dear Evan,

Thank you for your kind reply. If you had just given us a call TOLL FREE on the 11th, Robin could have told you what stamps were in stock that he could have shipped the next day – the person who cares enough to call goes to the head of the long (very long) line, so just plan to do that next year, or just order a month early to receive them in plenty of time, no matter what kinds of production problems Robin may be having at the time... seems there's always something. This week it's the big pub mill that extrudes the raw clay – it isn't working for some mysterious reason.  :)

I hope you have a very 
Merry Christmer!

Carol Rycraft


12/22/13 Email

Dear Ms Rycraft:

Please let me clarify – I truly do not want a refund. I am sure that your work is excellent, and I absolutely do look forward to using the presses. I had no idea that any of the items would need to be made. There's no note about the troubles with glazes yo have had over these last few months. Therefore, I could only go by the generally information you had on your website and in your email. since there was no note about it being not in stock, it made it sound like it would be shipped within the 3-4 day time turnaround mentioned at the beginning.

I apologize for any confusion on this – I truly do not want a refund. I hosted a very large party this weekend, and was looking forward to giving away these presses as prizes because of the popularity of my springerle cookies. They are a rare treat that no many people have seen before, and people always ask me about them and how they are made. But, if I had known that there were items not in stock or that needed to be made, I would have chosen not to purchase them in order to make sure they would have made it in time. Or I would have made a note of your store and made sure I shopped it next year to make sure that I had ordered in plenty of time.

I am glad to hear tyhat your business is successful, and I wish you continue to have such success.

Please, please do not provide me with a refund – I purposely try to choose to shop from small businesses and I want you to be compensated for your products and your time.

Thank you, and best wishes for the holiday,



12/22/13 Reply

Dear Evan,

There seems to be some kind of a misunderstanding. I would appreciate it if you would please reread the receipt that was sent to you upon placement of your order on December 11 (it appears below, just above the copy of your order). It clearly states:
     "If any items need to be made, we will try to ship your order with 7-10 working days."

...that would be December 24th at the outside, and Robin was able to ship on the 20th... meaning that you have a very good chance of getting the stamps before Christmas... as the receipt says:  "If you place your order on or before Wednesday December 11, we will do our best to get them shipped in time to arrive before Christmas..."

Both Robi and I have done everything we could to expedite our customers' orders, including yours. If you would have read the receipt when you received it on the 11th, the same day you placed the order, you would not have been so mystified #1 that we don't have time to call hundreds of customers to tell them we've shipped, and #2 that we shipped within the terms we stated on the receipt. If there is another page on the website promising that we will call you if we cannot ship with 3-4 days, pleae bring it to my attention and I will certainly change it becauase with just the two of us, we couldn't possibly carry out such a promise during the Christmas season.

Also, please read Our Guarantee here:  We are in the havit of having very happy customers, who not only love our stmaps, but love our service kand love Robin. And I do not enjoy unjust criticism of my husband, who carefully crafts every stamp by hadn, who has had nothing but problems with his glazes this last 6 months, (which means kiln-loads of stamps coming out which are supposed to go out that day to cdustomers, that have to be trashed and made again), and is working way more hours than he should at age 70.

We will refund your mondy in full, which will appear as a credit on the same credit card.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!

Carol Rycraft


12/21/13 Email

Thank you for your note. Your web site notes that if an order would take longer than the expected processing time (3-4 days during the holiday season), the customer would be notified. It would be nice if I had received this notification that it would take that long to ship, I would have definitely not placed my order so that I could had my order with someone else in time for Christmas. As a sole proprietorship, I totally understand the struggles that come with this time of the season, but a little communication with customers goes a long way. Will definitely not shop here again.



12/21/13 Reply

Dear Evan,

We shipped your package on the 20th, USPS Priority Mail. (Tracking #91149011......).

We do not send shipping confirmations. There are only two of us. This is the "busy season." I had glaze problems a month ago and never caught up.

We have been receiving 10 to 20 orders a day and been working 12 to 14 hours days. Only Sundays do we take off, then only in the morning.

This has indeed been a challenging season.


Robin Rycraft


12/21/13 Email


I was hoping to confirm the status of my order. I haven't received a shipping confirmation. According to your web site, even at the longest times for processing and shipping, I would have hoped to have received my package by today. 

If the order is still pending, I would appreciate being let know as well. I understand the challenges of small businesses (I have one myself!) but 10 days without communciation or receiving the purchase is a little disapointing.

Thank you,

Evan S
Toledo, Ohio


Autoresponder emailed 12/11/13 upon receipt of order:

Dear EVAN S...,

Thank you for your order! We appreciate your business! A copy of your order appears below, which will serve as a receipt for your purchase.

During this busy season, when items are in stock, we will try to ship your order within 3-4 days of receipt. If any items need to be made, we will try to ship your order with 7-10 working days. Please note that we do not ship on weekends and are not open on Sundays. 

If you place your order on or before Wednesday December 11, we will do our best to get them shipped in time to arrive before Christmas. Orders placed after Wednesday December 11 may not arrive in time for Christmas unless you call us to make special arrangements for rush shipping.

If yo have an URGENT need, pleaes call us toll free at 1-800-479-2723 or direct at 1-530-258-1955 to discuss your needs.

We hope you enjoy our produts.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Hannukkah, and Happy Holidays!

Robin and Carol Rycraft

12/15/13 Email

Dear Mr and Mrs Rycraft,

To the Mr:  Thank you for mailing most of my order. I did receive it on Saturday. On Sundays I cook for our youth group. I made cookies for tonight. Actually not perfect but you could tell what was on most of them. The kids enjoyed them very much. I figure a couple of more tries and I have the technique down.

To the Mrs: I love the taste of the recipe I tried. I tried the first one with only butter, sugar, and flour. I found the dough very crumbly and it would not hold together. I added about 2 teaspoons of water and after a little kneading it held and did what it was supposed to do.

I did not sift the flour which is probably the problem. So I think if I sift the flour or cut the amount by 1/3 cup the dough will be fine. If you havwe other suggestions, please send them on.

Each year I try to learn something new. This year the next experience is cookie stamps.


Betty W
Evanston, Illinois

12/15/13 Comment with an order:

Very excited to find you online as I've had your stamps for years and can no longer find them in town.

Trish M
Victoria, British Columbia

1/3/14 Reply

Dear Michael,

There seems to be some kind of a misunderstanding. I would appreciate it if you would please reread the receipt that was sent to you upon placement of your order on December 14 (it appears below highlighted in yellow, just above the copy of your order). It clearly states:
     "If any items need to be made, we will try to ship your order within 7-10 working days."

...that would be Friday December 27th at the outside, and Robin was able to ship on Monday the 30th... meaning that he was one working day late in getting your order out.

If you needed a RUSH SHIPMENT, you should have called, as the receipt instructed you to do. TOLL FREE no less... by the way, we don't charge you for our phone bill, just one of our many expenses that some customers don't realize exist and expect us to "absorb" (that means, take out of any profit we might hope to make on a cookie stamp -- and that is not much -- handmade by our own personal labor).

Both Robin and I have done everything we could to expedite our customers' orders during Christmas, including yours. If you would have read the receipt when you received it on the 14th, the same day you placed the order, you would not have been so mystified #1 that we don't have time to call hundreds of customers to tell them when we'll ship (we don't even know untl the stamps come out of the kiln with no defects); and #2 that we did in fact ship your order... there are just the two of us!!! Do you even realize what the means?

Also please read Our Guarantee here:    We are in the habit of having very happy customers, who not only love our stamps, but love our service and love Robin. And I do not enjoy unjust criticism of my husband, who carefully crafts every stamp by hand, who has had nothing but problems with his glazes this last 6 moths, (which means kiln-loads of stamps coming out which are supposed to go out that day to customers, that have to be trashed and made again), and is working way more hours than he should at age 70. And I am 68. So give us a break, will you please?

If you would like us to do so, we will be happy to refund your money in full, which would appear as a credit on the same credit card. Let me know.

Best regards and
Happy New Year!

Carol Rycraft


12/31/13 Email

Hi Mrs. Rycraft,

The package with the two stamps arrived today. I think I'm going to enjoy using them. Their size appeals to me, in addition to the designs.

When I reviewed the invoice, though, I became disappointed at the amount of shipping/handling you charged me. True, it was stated up front, I'm not saying you overcharged me, but the disappointment stems from how long it took you to pack and ship mky order 9placed 12.14.2013, not shipped until 12.30.2013), how little you actually spent on shipping itself, and the fact that you didn't communicate that there would be a 2 week + delay. Comping the catalog or even a quick 3-mail would have made a world of difference.j

Michael S


12/31/13 Reply

Dear Michael,

We shipped your order yesterday. My apologies for being so  late. We had a very busy Christmas season quite unexpected. You should receive your package by the end of the week.


Robin Rycraft


12/30/13 Email


Does my shipment have a tracking number? I haven't received the package yet, and I'm starting to become concerned. I think you may have e-mailed me one, but the e-mail below is the only one I can find from you. I'm very much looking forward to receiving the cookie stamps and working with them.

All best,

Michael S
Franknlin, Tennessee


12/14/13 Autoresponder when order placed online:

Dear Michael S...,

thank you for your order! We appreciate your business! A copy of your order appears below, which will serve as a receipt for your purchase.

during this busy season, when items are in stock, we will try to ship your order within 3-4 days of receipt. If any items need to be made, we will try to ship your order within 7-10 working days. Please note that we do not ship on weekends and are not open on Sundays.

If you place your order on or before Wednesday December 11, we will do our best to get them shipped in time to arrive before Christmas. Orders placed after Wednesday December 11 may not arrive in time for Christmas unless you call us to make special arrangements for rush shipping.

If you have an URGENT need, please call us toll free at 1-800-479-2723 or direct at 1-530-258-1955 to discuss your needs.

We hope you enjoy our products.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Happy Hannukkah and Happy Holidays!

Robin and Carol Rycraft

12/14/13 Reply

Dear Michele,

I really apologize for having a recipe on our website that just doesn't work. I am going to remove it altogether. I think I should remove all recipes that have a leavening agent in them such as baking powder. This was a recipe I found on line that was supposedly good for use with a cookie stamp. My error.

Please accept a $5.00 coupon you can use on your next order as our thanks for your hard work and to compensate in a small way for your disappointment in this recipe. Use this coupon code when you place your order: .... 

Best regards, and
Merry Christmas!

Carol Rycraft


12/14/13 Email:  Comment on a Recipe
Recipe:  Viennese Stamped Butter Cookies


I had called yesterday about the recipe for Viennese Stamped Butter Cookies... the baking powder amount was missing in the ingredient listing yet it was mentioned in the directions.

I did find the recipe on line and it was 1/4 tsp. I did make the cookie and this recipe was really difficult and I wanted to share the info with you... 

First, I am an excellent baker and use your stamps all of the time. This was not my inexperience. This dough was an incredibly difficult and was nothing but crumbs... letting it sit did nothing... you had to squeeze the dough considerably to get it to stick together. Oiling the stamp and dipping in confectionery sugar was a definite NO... doing this made the dough stick to the stamp terribly. I stopped that and rolled it into granulated sugar instead. Stamping it that way was fine but you could not achieve a thinner cookie with this stamp because the dough was so awful and crumbly. And I did not get the amount of cookies you state here because of how I had to work the dough. The taste is nice but these are so not the way the recipe goes and it was such a disappointment... you really need to re-test the recipe...


Michele K
New York City, New York

12/10/13 Comment with an order:

I have several of your cookie presses and love them! I know my brother will love them too!

Julie W
La Habra, Oregon

12/10/13 Comment with an order:

I received my first stamps in 1970 for wedding gifts. So happy for your successful business. I was born in Corvallis. Might have known you in school or my family the Fletchers. Blessings to you and your family.

Sherrie A
Athens, Ohio

12/9/13 Comment with an order:

Happy Holidays! Erin Rycraft was a friend of mine way back (I had a different name back then...) and gave me a couple of your stamps. I think I still have them... somewhere! Love them and the recipes and am planning to give these to my daughter and her family. Tell Erin "Hi" for me!

Caya A
St Louis, Missouri

12/8/13 Comment with an order:

Just wanted to say how beautiful your products are!

Cheryl P
Moseley, Virginia

11/29/13 Comment with an order:

Love your stamps !! Great variety and quality, too !!! Just wish your shipping/handling prices were better, considering the weight of the stamps. But, your sales make purchasing worth it !!! Thanks and Happy Holidays....

Brenda W
Keizer, Oregon

11/27/13 Comment on a Recipe

Peanut Butter Cookies (Crunchies??)

Instead of 3/4 cup of peanut butter, I used 3/4 cup of almond butter and added 1 1/2 teaspoons of almond extract. I was happy with the results. No problems - cookies were excellent. Summary: Excellent.

Lorraine S
Westminster, Colorado

11/27/13 Email

Thanks for the quick response. I dipped the stamp in sugar for each cookie, and I was very pleased with them.

Maggie R
Framingham, Massachusetts


11/27/13 Reply to Customer Email – Subject:  Re: Warming the Cookie Stamps

Dear Maggie,

In answer to your question about how to heat the cookie stamps, this is an optional step and is not necessary to get a good imprint. If you want to heat the stamps, you may place them on a pie plate in a 350 degree F oven for 5 or 10 minutes, or set them on the stovetop near the oven vent... just to get them warm but not so hot that you can't touch them (of course, you can use a hot pad or towel to protect your fingers). Another way to get the stamp to release from the dough is to roll the ball of dough in granular sugar, then dip the cookie stamp in sugar before you stamp the ball. I tried this today and it worked really well, with my stamps just at room temp. I used the 
Almond Butter recipe in the booklet you should have gotten with your stamps. After I stamped the dough, I put the cookie sheet into the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then baked them 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Hope this helps.

Best regards, and 

Carol Rycraft

11/27/13 Comment with an order:

My favorite colors are your turquoise and Delft blue. I'd love those if available. Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make such a time-honored product!

Heidi T
Kilgore, Texas

11/26/13 Email

Dear Robin,

I am delighted to inform you that I have received today my cookie stamps. I am absolutely thrilled and will be making using them today itself.

The parcel arrived at the post office on 20/11/13 and I received a card to collect it yesterday. So you were right to suggest that we give it a couple of days. I learnt from an officer that normally it could take 30 days and that I had been lucky!

So next time, I know I'll have to order well in advance!!

Thank you very much for these beautiful products.


Bina K
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

11/25/13 LComment with an order:

I'm so encouraged to see fellow Christians sharing their faith. God Bless you.

Leigh Ann C
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

11/21/13 Comment with an order:

Please ship ASAP as I would like to use these lovely things for decorating the Christmas cookies I made as presents.

Katy P
New Maiden, Surrey

11/7/13 Email

Dear Carol,

Many thanks, the cookie stamps have arrived and I'm delighted with them. I can't wait to try them this weekend. We are holding a baking competition n work and I plan to make some Norwegian cardamon and lemon cookies.

Thanks again,

Yours sincerely,

Nicole W
Dublin, Ireland

11/4/13 Comment with an order:

I am so happy to have found you! We don't have a store near by that sells cookie stamps, but the best part is you are CHRISTIAN! Blessings!

Janice W
Red Bud, Illinois

10/26/13 Email

Robin & Carol

Thank you, i'm looking forward to using these to make traditional Croatian Paprenjak/Paprenjaci (pepper Cookies)!

By the way, right on for being closed on Sundays!

Thanks again,

Amanda W
Kennewick, Washington

10/23/13 Email


I just want to tell you that I have been on your website yesterday and this morning and WHAT A BLESSING it was to read the section of the meaning of the FISH. It was beautiful and everything that followed.

I was up in Oregon last week with my cousin Rose P, a well known artist in Pacific City, who orders from your catalog and learned to make cards with your molds and paper. She taught me and now I am anxious to do the same.

Funny thing tho, as I was reading your info on moving to Chester, CA, I couldn't remember where it was til you said Lake Almanor. We had been there before and have relatives there too. I love it there. They own a business in town and little cafe. Look up Kitty and John O... She would probably love your products... she's crafty too.

Anyway, I am passing this website on to other Christian friends. Love the info on the little book of wisdom given to your mother.

God Bless, and I wil call to make an order. WOULD LIKE A STAMP WITH GRAPES CLUSTERS........ Also I need a catalog.

Olivia P
Temecula, California
Temecula Wine Country

10/19/13 Email

Love your stamps. Enjoyed your talk at one of the Cookie Cutter Collector Conventions.

Jill T
Calgary, Alberta

10/11/13 Card sent in the mail:

9/16/13 Reply

Dear Fiona,

I will remove you from our mailing list. However, let me say that when ordering internationally, it is wise to check the company's page on "Terms and Conditions" so you don't take it for granted that you will be charged the same shipping and handling that covers shipments within the continental US. I really don't understand your hostile attitude when we make it clear exactly what our shipping policy is. We don't like unhappy customers and we do everything we can to explain what our shipping costs are. We are a Mom and Pop business, meaning there are just two of us, and our costs are high. We can't afford to give away shipping for free.

I am sorry you are so disappointed, but I hope you will really enjoy our stamps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft

9/15/13 Email

Hope they are worth $15 postage!!!!!!
It would have been preferable to ask me if I wanted to pay additional postage...........
Please remove me from your email mailing list.



9/14/13 Email to inform customer of amount of additional postage charged:

Dear Fiona,

We shipped your order on September 13, 2013. The total postage to ship your order was $14.i90. Our website automatically charged the domestic rate (for orders shipped within the continental USA) of $6.95 which was billed to your credit card when you placed your order. The balance due for postage of $7.95 was charged to your same credit card on September 14.

For a further explanation of our shipping terms on international orders, please visit this page:

We hope you enjoy your new rycraft stamps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft

8/27/13 Reply

Dear Bernadette,

Thank you so much for your submission. What a wonderful story. You know what, we'd not only like to give you a coupon worth $10.00 on your next order, as our thanks for your Comment on a Recipe, but we'd be very happy to replace the broken stamp for you at no charge, if you'll just tell us which design number it is... even if it's a discontinued design, we can make it for you if we still have the master (which we probably do). Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful comments and story....

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


8/21/13 Form:  Comment on a Recipe

Melting Moments

Summarize your evaluation of this recipe:
No problems or criticisms, only praise. Excellent.

Write additional comments here:
When I was 12 years old, I accidentally broke a cookie stamp in a Scandinavian shop in Sausaulito, CA (only the handle broke off when I dropped it). My aunt had taken me there and got upset with me when I broke it, and made me pay for it even though the woman at the store kept telling her that accidents happen, and it was ok. When I got ack home, I glued the cookie stamp together, and had fun trying out all the recipes in the booklet the woman gave me when I paid for the stamp. The Melting Moments were such a big hit, that I turned into a 12 year old with a specialty. I still use the same glued-together cookie stamp (I'm almost 56 years old now). I am so happy that I was a clumsy little girl once, and that my aunt never had children, so she didn't know that she was just a little hard on me, because otherwise I never would have bought the est little cookie stamp and recipe booklet ever!


Bernadette P
Fresno, California

8/13/13 Letter (yes, on paper, in an envelope, with a stamp on it!!)

Rycraft Cookie Stamps,

The Hamilton Branch Firebelles sponsor one fundraiser each year – a luncheon, bake sale and raffle held in June. With the profits from this event we purchase items needed by our volunteer Hamilton Branch Fire Department, and we contribute toward community events such as the Easter egg hunt and the Christmas tree lighting.

The success of this year's luncheon was due in large part to your contribution to our raffle. We know that business is slow right now for many of our local merchants, which makes us even more grateful to you for your generosity!

Hamilton Branch Firebelles
3791 Big Springs Road
Lake Almanor, CA 96137

8/10/13  Form to  Submit a Collection from Amy P of Holley, NY:

Please see the story of this collection on our Collector's page:

8/27/13 Reply

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for the photos you sent of your granddaughter Nina's cookies. I am so glad she is having fun with the stamps! I'd like to give you a coupon as out thanks for your story, so please use this coupon code:.... which is worth $10.00 off your next online or telephone order.

Thank you again for taking time to contact us!

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


8/7/13 Email

Good morning Robin and Carol,

Thought you would get a kick out of my 12 year old granddaughter Nina's first attempt at making the cookies with her new stamps. I gave them to her yesterday afternoon and this came this morning! I did not find the special gift until I started to put the other stamps away for Christmas and in unpacking the box found the very special gift. When you mentioned the gift, I thought it was the loittle recipe folders!!!!! The rose stamp is beautiful and very special. Thank you so much.

Looking forward to getting more stamps as time goes by.

Thank you again for all your help... 

Marie S

Here is Nina's email to her grandmother Marie:

Here are my cookies!!! They taste amazing the stamps are very clear and they came out golden brown!!! Thank you so much for everything!:)





8/4/13 Comment with an order

"...The righteous are bold as a lion." (Proverbs 28:1) It brings my heart great joy that you are "proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance" (Acts 28:31) on your site. Way to go Rycrafts!

Tanya B
San Antonio, Florida

7/19/13 Email

Thank you so much. My daughter and I love your cookie stamps. We are using them for not only cookies, but artisan pasta. We make corzetti coins with them. You cut the circles of dough out and then place between two stamps and press. You get a nice coin which you cook in boiling water and then place into pasta dishes. You can add mushrooms or veggies and drizzle sauce over them. They are a lot of fun for adults as well as children.

I ordered the 
Birthday Cake and Balloons stamps to do birthday corzetti coins. One side will be the birthday cake and the other the balloons. Imagine your birthday dinner of pasta and then cookies and cupcakes to match. Should make you feel special.

You can also stamp the dough for ravioli or any other pasta that has a large enough surface. Lots of fun.

We are thinking about using some of the religious stamps to do pasta for church dinner.

Jan D
Greensboro, North Carolina

6/13/13 Reply

Dear Arlayne,

I want to thank you for your meail of May 11 and your comments on our 
Melting Moments
recipe. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. And I am sorry for any confusion about the temperature for this recipe. Thank you for letting usknow we have the wrong temperature in the recipe booklet. I'll talk to Robin about getting this fixed in our next printing, as well as on the website.

As our thanks for your help, please accept a $10 coupon - use this code: ....

And thank you, too, for your kind words about our cookie stamps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


5/11/13 Form:  Comment on a Recipe

Melting Moments

I have been making Melting Moments for 20 years, and I just tried baking them at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes (as suggested in latest instructions). I took them out of the 350 oven in 10 minutes and they were already too brown. The original oven temp was 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes. So, I will go back to the 300 degree oven. Your stamps are fabulous! So are these cookies. :)

Arlayne F
Penn Valley, California

5/25/13 comment with an order

Thank you for the opportunity to say that, when ordering, the FIRST country which should be shown for an option is the UNITED STATES. I have never ordered anything when the UNITED STATES. Also the states in the US should be listed. The change would make the process of ordering much quicker nad I would not have the headache which I literally got having to watch for my state and my country to appear.

Marilla G
Union Springs, New York

5/20/13 email

Thank you Robin for prompt reply and suggestions... I have been reading Brennan Mannings books and love them re God's outrageious love for us. We are blest.


5/20/13 reply

Dear Marilynn,
Glad you like our site. The LORD is good!...

Robin Rycraft


5/19/13 email

Dear Robin and Carol,
I have been ooking through your web site and it has been an enjoyable time spent there. I am a Christian and I loved your declaration of faith in God.

Thanking you
Marilynn T

5/22/13 Email

I would really appreciate the recipe. Mine does not state the amount of milk. You could just email the amount and that would be fine.

Thank you,



5/17/13 2nd Reply

Dear Joequita,

Robin and I have had a chance to check our latest box of recipe booklets and the recipe for Peanut Butter Crunchies is correct, with the milk included in the ingredients. If you will send me your mailing address, I'll be happy to send you a new recipe booklet.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


5/14/13 Reply

Dear Joequita,

Thank you for your email pointing out the mistake in our recipe booklet. You have our apology for any inconvenience this has caused you. We have been out of town since Friday and just got your email this morning.

Here is the recipe online:   

The amount of milk is 1/4 cup.
So glad you like our stamps.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


5/11/13 Email Comment on a Recipe

I have a set of your Rycraft Cookie Stamps that I absolutely love. Just recently I decided to try one of the recipes that come in the book that came with the stamps. The recipe for Peanut Butter Crunchies seems to be missing an ingredient. Milk is not listed as an ingredient, but the instructions tell you to "add flour alternately with milk."  How much milk??? If you could provide me with this information, I would very much appreciate it.

Thank you,

Joequita N
Tracy, California

5/8/13 email

Dear Robin and Carol,

I have been looking through your web site and it has been an enjoyable time spent there. I am a Christian and I loved your declaration of faith in God..... 
I have been reading Brennan Mannings books and love them re God's outrageous love for us. We are blest. Thanks.

Marilynn T

4/7/13 comment with an order

Wow! Bagpipes! I'm a Highland piper, so am so happy to see this. Thanks so much!

Chris Y
San Rafael, California

5/3/13 comment with an order

I absolutely LOVE your stamps & want to share them with my family.

Sally Anne H
Gunnedah, New South Wales

4/28/13 comment with an order

Love your products. Wish I didn't have to pay extra shipping to add the catalog but I still want one. Lots of great ideas and recipes on the website. I look forward to ordering again.

Pamela S
Madison, Wisconsin

4/28/13 email

Found some of your stamps at a yard sale - now I know where to get more! Love the Scandinavian ones!

Tonya D
Glenn Heights, Texas

4/26/13 email

Thank you for all your great service and products.
God bless you,

Holly V
Orchard Lake, Michigan

4/16/13 email re: Recipe book - Twenty Scandinavian Cookies

I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your 1971 recipe book over the years. I bought it back in 1973 when I was in California on my honeymoon. Our favorite is Sot Hjarta and I have made this cookie countless times over the years. On a lark I googled Rycraft and was delighted to see that familiar gold and brown book with the recipes now on line - makes it easy to share the recipes with my children because I am not parting with my book!

Isabelle J
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA 

4/8/13 email

I will be so pleased to receive your emails... and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your strong, true witness for our Lord and Savior. Thank you!!!

Judith L
Pottsville, Pennsylvania

4/1/13 Comment with an order

Mrs. Rycraft was our Art teacher in at Roosevelt grade school in Corvallis. I am thrilled to know her spirit of creativity and her insistence that everyone has an inner artist lives on through these cookie stamps!

Deborah S
Portland, Oregon

3/28/13 Email

Did they ever!! I just added five more to my collection :)

Kind regards,


3/21/13 Reply

Dear Diane,
Thank you for your email. So glad the mints were a big hit. Re: Dregne's, perhaps your visit inquiring about our cookie stamps inspired them to place another order with us. We shippedj to them on March 12th, so they should have a nice assortment of our stamps for you to choose from now.  :)

Rest regards,
Carol Rycraft


3/20/13 Email

I have five stamps from a store in Westby, WI called Dregne's Hardware. They no longer carry your stamps. I recently made mints with my stamps for my 85-year-old mother-in-law and they were a big hit !! I'm wondering where I can purchase these again? It would be a rather big order.

Diane Hagen
La Crosse, Wisconsin

3/15/13 email

I own two of your stamps. They make a beautiful gift for shortbread lovers. Love your family story. I'm your sister in Christ.

Linda C
Riverside, California

3/8/13 Reply

Hi Carlotta,
Thank you for your order. I just got the photos yesterday from Jeeyoun Kim, who is the sugar artist who made the sandwich cookies, which show the process -- very helpful... I'll try to get the photos and her instructions up in the next couple of days. There will be a link from the photo on the Home Page when I get it done.... just click on the photo (or follow instructions under the photo).

Best Regards,
Carol Rycraft


3/8/13 Comment with an order

I was trying to find the recipe for fondant sandwich cookies. Will this be in the recipe book?

Carlotta D
Howard Beach, New York

3/5/13 Reply

Hi Michele,
Thank you for your email. We used a scallop cookie cutter (metal about the same diameter as the cookie stamps (2")... see our Home Page 9at the top) for a photo of the shamrock cookie dough being cut out with the same type of cutter, only made of white plastic. These can be found in most kitchen shops jor online. Here is the page with the recipe for those cookies:
Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Carol Rycraft


3/4/13 Email

Can you please tell me how you achieved the fluted edges on the cookies on the springerle joy page? Thank you.


3/3/13 Reply

Dear Tamara,

Thank you for your comments on the recipe. I am so sorry you had so much trouble, but at least the cookies taste good, even when the design melts away in the oven. This has become a problem in the last 15 years or so as we've seen so many changes to butters and flours, which changes the way cookies turn out... also altitude, humidity, room temperature, etc. are also factors. Baking is not as easy as other kinds of cooking, I understand.

Anyway, here is a link to a website that I found in January with photos of cookies they made with the same design (
#061 – Fuschia Heart)... 

and I can't find the recipe they used. Perhaps you can email them.

We have many recipes on the website, and some are more popular than others. One of those is the almond butter cookie:  


This recipe for Carolina Stamped Shortbread is popular with one of our cookie artists, Peggy Aiken, who paints her cookies with Luster Dust:   


Here is the page for the Irish cookies on our Home Page:


Well, I hope this helps. Pleaes feel free to call us toll free at 1-800-479-2723 if you want to ask Robin any questions, or please look at our website for recipe tips.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


2/28/13 Form:  Comment on a Recipe

Mrs. Rycraft's Cookie Stamp Shortbread

The dough would not hold together - it flaked apart & would not roll into a ball. What did I do wrong? I would love some tip -- I tried it twice & had to throw it out both times.

Tamara S
Santa Barbara, California

2/28/13 Reply

Oh Jeeyoun, they are beautiful! Thank you for sending. It's wonderful to have something new to get everyone excited about the stamps.

THANK YOU again!




2/28/13 Email

Hi Carol,

Finally, I made new cupcake toppers with cookie stamps, the pictures were attached. It was made with fondant and royal icing as sandwich cookie. What do you think about it?

I hope you enjoy my 
stamped fondant cookies. 



Jeeyoun Kim
Daily Sweet
Lexington, Kentucky

2/22/13 Form:  Cookie Photo Submissions

Mrs. Rycraft's Cookie Stamp Shortbread  –  #447 – Sand Dollar

Second time I have tried to make these. I added 2 teaspoons of Vanilla Paste instead of vanilla extract.  The flecks of vanilla bean remind me of grains of sand. I used a stamp dipped in sugar. I was so excited to come across your stamp. I have had this idea for several months just waiting for a cookie stamp.      

Elizabeth A   Katy, Texas

2/11/13 Form:  Cookie Photo Submission

Norwegian Almond Cookies #470 – Celtic Knotwork cookie stamp

"The dough was really soft and gooey, even after chilling it. I increased flour from the original 1 2/3 cups to 3 cups for a smoother, stiffer dough (no almonds). Dusting the stamp with powdered sugar for each cookie and baking them on baker's parchment at 300 degrees F for fifteen minutes rather than 375 for 10 minutes worked well, although they could bake a little longer for better browning. I didn't decorate them.

Love all your designs and your recipes!

Sue D
St Paul, Minnesota

1/26/13 Email

Dear Robin,
I just want to let you know that the cookie stamps have arrived - and they're so pretty! Thanks again for all your help and for re-shipping my order.

Best wishes from Germany,


1/9/13 Reply

Dear Sandra,
your package was shipped yesterday. the export document # is LC15284....US.
Hopefully you shall have it in a few days. Let me know when it arrives.



1/7/13 Email

Dear Robin,
Happy New Year to you and to everybody at Rycraft!
I told you in my last email that I would wait a few weeks more to see whether the package would arrive after all. I'm afraid it still hasn't arrived - could you please re-ship it? Thank you!

All the best,
Sandra S


12/17/12 Reply

Dear Sandra,
Your order shipped on the 13th of November. We have had 3 orders that were shipped to Germany that were not received. We can reship on Wed or credit your order if it is too late for you to use.Let us know.

Our apologies,
Robin Rycraft

1/19/13 Comment with an order

Keep up the good work.

Charles S
San Marcos, California

1/13/13 Reply

Hi Judy
Thank you for your email. I am so glad you found us, too.
I am sorry to tell you we do not have a FB page. There are just the two of us these days, now that we've had to lay off our part-time employees during the slow season. I'm afraid neither Robin nor I have the time to devote to social media. Perhaps if we can find someone to help us with that here in Chester, it will happen, but don't hold your breath.  :)
Best regards,
Carol Rycraft


1/13/13 Email
Just wondering if you have a Facebook page for Rycraft - I was looking and couldn't find one.
Judy H
(PS - I have just purchased 3 stamps during the holidays on eBay - didn't know I could buy them directly from you! That'll teach me to do my homework better!)

1/11/13 We found this photo at

"Vanilla Bean Shortbread individually hand cut and stamped
with a
 fuchsia heart design [#061] by Robin Rycraft."

1/2/13 Reply

Dear Chris,

Thank you for sending your craft project submission. For some reason, the photo did not come through. Can you please send it by email? We can take a .jpg or .gif or .png format. I will process your submission so I can send you a coupon, as soon as we receive the photo.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft0


1/2/13 Form: Submit a Craft Project

#055– Cat with a Bow Wax Ornament

I used a lid from a plastic container 9sour cream). I poured scented wax fro a candle that had melted. I pressed the cat craft mold into warm wax and removed molc. Poked a hole for the ribbon while it was warm. Removed when cool.

I have a granddaughter who loves cats and thought I would try this. It looks like a cat sitting in a window looking out. We loved it.

I did spray the mold with Pam just to be sure it would release. It was fast, easy and fun.

Chris B
Eufaula, Alabama

2/27/13 Email

Hi Carol,

That's wonderful that you want to use the Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments. Just want to add that I also put the cookie sheets on top of my kitchen radiator to help with the drying process. Not necessary, but the kitchen 9and bathroom) radiators are worth their weight in gold! I'm so glad I kep them when I had converted to baseboard heat.

Thank you for the coupon; that's most generous of you, not necessary but appreciated just the same. :)

Hope your knee rehab has gone smoothly. Please keep in touch.  


2/27/13 Reply

Dear Carol,

Well I am finally getting back to you after the rush of the holidays, and taking some time off last month for knee surgery. I do apologize for the delay in my reply. I thought I had already sent you a thank-you gift.

I plan to post your recipe for the Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments on the website as a Christmas ornament craft project, I think. I appreciate your sending it. As our thanks, please accept our coupon for $15 in free merchandise on your next order. Use this code when you're checking out and it asks for the coupon code:....

Best regards,



1/2/13 Email

Hi Carol,

These are fun, and they do shrink somewhat. My friend had old small bird cutters, and they were super. Have not been able to find them either on the Internet or in stores. Oh well. Since they are a family heirloom, no chance in my getting them (but I believe I sent you a heart).

Recipe for Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornaments:  
Mix equal parts of cinnamon and applesauce. Dough will be soft. Roll out on a silpat or silicon mat (that works the best for me). Cut with cookie cutters. (They will shrink somewhat.) Punch a hole with a coffee stirrer or something small. Transfer to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (or punch hole after on baking sheet) Bake in a low oven (about 200 for an hour or so) until dry; time depends on thickness. May air dry, but it will take some time. As always, patience is a virtue. They small just wonderful and keep from year to year.

Maybe you can include these in your newsletters! There are numerous "recipes" on the Internet, but as you know, practice makes perfect. And I was only able to do my toilet paper ornaments using the paper, lining the mold with a couple of sheets of Scott (1,000 sheets) and then adding the pulp from the Charmin - then blotting dry with a terry towel before putting in the overn. Got expertise in this method, but only after a "house call" from a friend who was adept in this method.

Hopefully you are enjoying your new home in CA. It's always a pleasure knowing there are REAL persons behind a company and an e-mail address.

Happy New Year,



1/2/13 Reply

Hi Carol,

Yes I received your envelope on the 11th. I'm sorry I hadn't gotten a thank-you note off to you... we've been swamped and just starting to slow down a bit now. Thank you so much for sending the casting and ornament. They are lovely. Would you consider sending the recipe for the cinnamon/applesauce ornament? Interesting. Never saw one like that before.
We hope you had a lovely Christmas.
And have a Happy New Year!


Carol Rycraft


1/2/13 email

Dear Carol,

You did not respond to my sending you the package of the toilet paper and cinnamon/applesauce ornaments. I'm sure I had the correct address.

Of course, you have been busy with the Christmas season - let me know if you received the box.

Happy New Year.

Carol C J
Clinton, NJ

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