Your Cards & Letters 2011

12/31/11 Message with order:

"I've been collecting since 1985 and love the cookie stamps! Have you ever had the Swedish goat requested for a design?"

Kimberly P
Littleton, Colorado

12/30/11 Email

"The ideas look fantastic. As a pastry arts student, I can't wait to get started!"

Margarita, L
Dallas, Pennsylvania

12/30/11 Email

"Thank you very much. I will plan a trip to come in when you get back but before you move. I will call you to let you know when.




12/30/11 Reply

"Hi again,

You can come into our factory in Prescott Valley and buy direct from us.... just give Robin a call ahead of time to make sure he's there.

A heads up: We are out of town on vacation until Jan 10, then we will be packing up and moving at the end of January to No Calif, so best to come in before Jan 22 or so to buy stamps; after that our inventory will be packed up for the move.

Hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


12/29/11 Email

"Hi Carol,

My parents live in Prescotty. I noticed you are based in Prescott Valley. Do you have a retailer in the Prescott area? Thanks for your time!

Liz B
Tucson, Arizona

12/30/11 Reply

"Dear Shari,

Thank you for your email.

Please go here for an explanation of what a craft stamp is:  /craft_stamps

and what a cookie stamp is:  /cookie_stamps

Both are made from terra cotta red clay. Both can be used for the same purposes, either cookie decorating or crafts. They don't need "sterilizing" any more than any other utensil in your kitchen. Don't season with butter because it will go rancid. Just wash in hot soapy water. You can put in hot oven too. Hightemp doesn't matter since stamps are fired very high in our kilns, much higher than your oven, so not to worry.

For a "care guide" go to this page (:click here):  /recipes#BasicPrep

We have tried to provide all the information you may want or need on our website. We hope yo will spend some time visiting our pages and exploring our site. It's lots of fun! Then if you have more questions, just let us know.

Best regards and
Happy New Year!"

Carol Rycraft


12/29/11 Email

"I have a question about the craft stamps. What is the difference between the craft stamps and the cookie stamps? Are they made of a different material? Do they not have handles and are more like a mold? Can they be used for cookies (food safe)?

Did I miss a "care" guide on your site or is it something included with the stamps when purchased? If not, how does one care for and wash the stamps so that dish detergent doesn't soak into the terra cotta? Can they be put in the oven to "sterilize" them?

Thank you!"

Shari C
San Diego, California

12/29/11 Message with an order:

"While searching the internet for cookie stamps, I came across your company. THANK YOU for 2 things -- sharing your faith in Christ and making your products in America. Please don't back down from continuing either thing."

Shelley M
Liberty Township, Ohio

12/30/11 Reply

"Dear Marvin Eli,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to say that I am not aware of which recipes on our website do not have gluten or ingredients that include gluten (such as bread flour). We do not have any recipes that are designated "gluten-free" as such. In fact, gluten is very helpful in decorating cookies with cookies stamps because it helps to stiffen the dough to hold the design so it doesn't melt away in the oven.

If you find a gluten-free recipe that works successfully with our stamps, please let me know which one. I'd like to share the info with our customers who are also looking for gluten-free cookies. And I'd like to say thank you for your help -- click here to find out how to get a coupon for FREEE merchandise for sending me your recipe and photo:

Best regards and
Happy New Year!"

Carol Rycraft


12/27/11 Email

"Are there any Gluten free recipes for the cookies?"

Mrvin Eli L
Dallas, Texas

12/28/11 Reply

"Dear Patricia,

Thank you for your email. I did not receive it until today because we left on our Christmas vacation on December 22 and are still in No Calif visiting family... and just got to a motel where we have internet.

I apologize that Robin and I do not have the ability to notify our customers when their orders ship... we are a true "Mom and Pop" business. Your order was shipped December 19 by 1st class mail. I hope you received your stamp in time for Christmas.

If you did not receive your stamp, please let us know and we'll work something out. If you did, we hope you enjoy using it!

Best regards and
Happy New Year!"

Carol Rycraft


12/22/11 Email

"Still have heard nothing about my order as to whether it has shipped or not. Still have not received it. Any updates???????????????"

Patricia S
Tujunga, California

12/24/11 Message with an order:

"Just a message for you, Rycraft... Thank you for saving my holidays... My frosty stamp was accidentally 'mangled' in my garbage disposal today (thank goodness after I finished my cookies... but I was so sad...). On a whim, I peeked if he was still available, and he is. I have daughter-in-laws now, and we're all getting one!!!f Happy Holidays!

Elaine K
Franklin, Wisconsin

12/21/11 Reply

"Dear Cecil,

Thank you for your email of December 18. I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer. I am afraid I am at a loss to answer your question. We are just going out of town for Christmas in the morning and I wanted to get back to you. Please call us after January 10 to talk to Robin. Perhaps he can answer your question.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/18/11 Comment on a Recipe

Recipe:  Almond Butter Cookie

"These cookies are wonderful and top my list of favorites! I noticed there is another recipe for stamped butter cookies that calls for 1 1/2 cups of butter, 3/4 cup sugar and 4 cups of flour... could I add almond extract to this recipe to make more cookies without doubling the original almond butter cookie recipe?

Cecil V
White Bear Lake, Minnesota

12/21/11 Reply

"Dear Laura,

Thank you for your email. I am not sure what "blue holder" you have seen on our website. We used to sell 3-hole and 4-hole ceramic displays in blue and in white. This may be what you saw, but we sold out of those a long time ago. I am sorry to disappoint you. I thought I had removed all photos of those displays, but I guess not. :)

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/20/11 Email

"Dear Rycraft,

I received my cookie stamps yesterday and they are beautiful, thank you. I notice on your website the stamps are encased in a blue holder which can be picked up. How can I purchase one of these as I cannot see where they are on the website, I wasn't sure if these were included when I purchased the stamps originally.

Many thanks"

Laura H

12/20/11 Reply

"Hi Dora,

Thank you for your email. What an interesting question.

First of all, do you have a 2-cup measuring cup in American ounces? If so, you can fill it with 1 cup of very cold water, then drop in chunks of butter (or margarine or shortening) until the water reaches the 2-cup line at the top. Then pour out the water and there's your butter. My mother taught me this one as a child.

If you do NOT have an American measuring cup, then you can do it by weight, I guess. Convert ounces to the unit of measure you use there. 1 stick of our butter is 4 oz by weight and 8TBSP or 1/2 cup (it takes 16 TBSP to make a cup), so it takes 2 sticks to make a cup, or 8 ounces by weight... 16 TBSP by measuring American spoons.

Since I am not really a baker or an expert at all, I don't know if my advice is correct. But that's how I'd do it.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/19/11 Email


I'd like to know how much is one cup of butter? This may sound a stupid question, it may as well be one :), but I do have trouble with it. I can put butter into a cup cut into small cubes, melted, on one stick. And all of these methods end up with various amounts of butter.


Dora K
Budapest, Hungary

12/17/11 Reply


The only substitute I can think of for a cookie stamp would be a cut-glass piece of crystal or bottom of a glass that has a nice design -- to make a "snowflake" type design. Or you could carve a potato, although carving an "innie" design is difficult -- if you want an "outie" design on your cookie; however, an innie design could be filled with colorful candy or chocolate bits or frosting... :)

Merry Christmas to you, too!"



12/17/11 email

"Bummer! Actually, I've ordered on-line from you and have been quite pleased with your product and service. This is a case of I-thought_I-had-a-Christmas-cookie-stamp-and-I-need-to-bake-today. Sigh. Someone here in Birmingham really needs to get on board. Oh, well, I've vented and I feel better now. Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful reply.

Merry Christmas!"



12/17/11 reply

"Dear Jimmye,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to say we do not have any retailers in the state of Alabama. If you don't like ordering online, please feel free to call us TOLL FREE at 1-80-479-2723 to place an order.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/16/11 Email

"I would like to know the closest retailer. Thank you."

Jimmye V
Hoover, Alabama

12/15/11 Email

"Thank you so much for your email! We received the cookie stamps last night and can't wait to try them out!"

Mark and Jocelyn


12/14/11 Reply

"Dear Mark,

Your order shipped on the 12th. Our apologies, we have been overwhelmed with orders and are slowly catching up.


Robin Rycraft


12/14/11 Email


Could you tell me the status of the following order?"

Mark L
Orlando, Florida

12/17/11 Reply

"Hi Cindy,

I am really surprised. Usually we tell people not to use recipes that have a leavening agent.

Thanks for letting me know."



12/16/11 Email


Thank you for your response.

I cannot get to my recipe right now, but it is a chocolate  - butter - sugar recipe. The key to keeping the stamped design is to decrease the baking powder/soda - whatever leavening agent is called for in the recipe.. I end up using about 1/8 teaspoon in the recipe that calls for 1 3/4 cups flour. The original recipe called for at least 1/2 teaspoons baking powder.

I hope this helps. Maybe for next year, I can order ahead and buy new stamps through the mail."



12/15/11 Reply

"Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to say that we don't have any retailers in your telephone area code 303; but we do have stores in these cities in Colorado. Estes Park, Ft Collins, Colo Springs, and Lake City. Let me know if you'd like info on any of those.

Thanks for telling me about your collection. If you'll send me a picture, I'll send you a coupon...

What recipe(s) do you use? We have so many people who complain about designs melting away in the oven. Have you had this problem? Do you chill the dough? Whatever tips you can send will be greatly appreciated by everyone, I'm sure.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/15/11 Email

"Please let me know retailers in my area. I have stamps from 1977 - use them every Christmas. They are wonderful. Now I want to get some for my grown children."

Cindy B
Lakewood, Colorado

12/14/11 message with an order:

"Thank you. May you have a Merry Christmas."

David J
Mechanicsville, Virginia

12/14/11 Reply


Thank you for sending in your tip. I am sorry to hear about the arthritis in your hands. I have it in my thumbs and wrists, so I have trouble gripping the cookie stamps sometimes too (some days are better than others).

I have found that using a 2.5" craft stamp (flat with no handle) allows me to push down on it (on top of a small 1" ball of dough, or larger) with the flat of my hand so I don't have to use my thumbs. A slight rocking motion as you press down will imprint the dough with the design. Then gently lift off the stamp. If dough sticks, use more flour, and flour the stamp too.

Here's the link that describes the craft stamp: /craft_stamps

I hope this works for hyou.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/13/11 Email

"I was looking for a cookie stamp because I wanted to avoid rolling out cookie dough. The problem is I have arthritis in my hands and would have great difficulty holding one of your stamps. This is my suggestion, make cookie stamp with a longer, ergonomic handle."


12/14/11 Reply

"Dear Heidi,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry we do not have a retailer in Norway (wish we did). Yes, cookie stamps do work with gingerbread, at least with the recipes on our website:

plus you can go to this page and scroll down (or do a "Find") to GINGER COOKIES where there are 4 recipes:

Hope you find a recipe you like. If you order stamps online, do it TODAY and we'll try to get them to you before Christmas... but time is very short now -- not even sure the post office can get it there in 10 days (?).

Would a retailer in Germany be of help? He might be able to get you a stamp faster:
Peter Mennen, Antike Reisekultur - phone +490 2132 759810 - email:

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

carol Rycraft


12/13/11 Email


2 questions:

1.  Will your cookie stamps work with gingerbread cookies?

2.  Do you have a retailer in Norway?

Best regards,"

Heidi F
Oslo, Norway

12/13/11 Email

"I bought my original cookie stamp with recipes in Corvallis Oregon in 1974. I would like to get a stamp and recipe book for my son and daughter, who constantly beg the recipe for their new households. Almond butter cookies are a Christmas tradition."

Karen S
Alpharetta, Georgia

12/13/11 Email

"Thank you! I look forward to using my cookie stamps!

Merry Christmas!"


12/13/11 Reply

"Dear Linda,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry Robin was unable to ship within 3-5 days, but 1 of the 4 items you ordered was not in stock and had to be made – by hand.  :)

Robin shipped your order by priority mail yesterday December 12. I don't know how long it is taking the post office to deliver with the holiday rush, but perhaps 3-5 days?

Robin and I hope you ENJOY using our stamps!

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!!"

Carol Rycraft


12/13/11 Email

"Just wondering when I may expect my order."

Linda S
Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

12/13/11 message with order:

"I like your new website."

Julia N
Houston, Texas

12/14/11 Email

"Greetings from western PA. Everything arrived today in fine shape, great packing job. Now I have no excuse not to make my second batch of cream cheese shortbread cookies. Thanks for all your help.

I may be calling this spring to ask about some ornaments for two collectors' clubs we belong to, but I'll let you recover from the Christmas rush.

I was very glad to see a Christian company not afraid to state their faith. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2012.



12/14/11 Reply


I meant to explain about that -- when you called, Robin and I had just done a "call-forward" from the shop to our home, because Robin was leaving for Los Angeles and I was going to handle incoming calls from home. I didn't know that I had to turn off the fax to receive calls... so when your call came in and I said hello, I was as surprised as you were when the fax noise screamed in both our ears. I turned off the fax and hoped you'd call back, but .... I am sorry you had such a poor impression of our company.

Still hoping you get the stamps in time to bake before Christmas..."



12/13/11 Email

"Thanks for your prompt response. I wasn't really concerned until I couldn't reach you by phone, and then it was more a concern that something had happened than that I wouldn't get the stamps, there's always next year to make cookies. I am pretty sure there is no law against making Christmas cookies after December 25, either.

Anyway, thanks for all your effort to get the stamps here."



12/13/11 Reply

"Dear Claire,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry Robin was unable to ship within 3-5 days, but 4 of the 6 items you ordered were not in stock and had to be made – by hand, from scratch (raw clay) and fired, then glazed and fired again, then labeled and packaged.

Robin shipped your order by priority mail on Sunday (he uses the post office's postage machine) so your package did not actually leave the post office until yesterday (Mon) morning when it opened at 9:00am. I am really proud of him getting out over 100 orders (over 2 hours at the postage machine) on Sunday pm and Monday am (not too bad for an old dog, 68 years young) which were all received between 11/27 and 12/5 or so. I'm attaching a photo I took of him early Sunday morning cleaning cookie stamps (in the wet clay stage) that I'm going to post on the website so people can understand how labor-intensive (and lonesome) making cookie stamps really is, since I telecommute from home and we have no employees.

So, anyway, you should receive your package within 3 days, or more, according to whatever the post office is now quoting for priority mail with the Christmas rush. And, to answer your question: Yes, I am very glad to say you should receive your stamps in time to bake cookies for Christmas.

Robin and I hope you ENJOY using our products and have great results baking cookies!

Best regards and
have a blessed and very Merry Christmas!!"

Carol Rycraft


12/12/11 Email


I ordered seven cookie stamps on December 1 and I wondewreed when I couyld expect them. Your receipt says they should ahve been shipped in three to five days. I tried to call the number listed but all I got was a fax machine noise. Then I tried the 928 number and got a message that the mailbox was full. Can I expect the stamps in time to make cookies for Christmas?


Johnstown, Pennsylvania

12/10/11 From one of our retailers


Thank you! 

A customer came in today to purchase several Rycraft cookie presses and she told us that she had called you and you had referred her to us. 

Thank you so much for doing so. Now she has more cookie patterns to enjoy and we have a return customer, as she lover our shop.

It was nice of her to share how she found us and nice of you to refer her to us.

Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!"

Viking Treasures
Long Grove, Illinois

12/10/11 Reply

"Dear Ella,

Thank you for your email. I am so sorry that you are having problems. When I first married Robin in 1993 we had no problems at all with designs "fading away" in the oven. Since then there have been numerous changes in flours and butters so that the variables are limitless because other factors like altitude, temperature, and humidity can affect the outcome in baking as well. In addition, your oven temperature may be different from the temperature on the dial -- hence the need for an oven thermometer to check it.

We have women who have been baking with Eleanor Rycraft's original 8 recipes for over 40 years with great success. Robin has always had good success until last year when he had several batches where the design faded away.

I have just moved our "BAKING TIPS" page so that t is more visible on the site -- it is now on a red tab at the top of all pages. Click on this link to get to it:   It has all the hints and tips we know about, but you'll have to do a bit of reading.

Off the top of my head I'll say that the more gluten in the flour, the better. So use King Arthur Bread flour, then you can add more gluten by the teaspoon (buy at the grocery store), and this will give you a dough that will hold the design better.

A recipe that ALWAYS keeps the design is the springerle -- but the taste and texture is unusual. You can flavor it according to taste, and I like them better when the bottoms are dipped in chocolate.  :)

Good luck. And let me know if you have any other questions that aren't answered on the website.

Best regards and
Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/10/11 Email

"Just made the almond cookies & stamped with beautiful candle. However, once they bake, the imprint is barely noticeable. Is there a secret to having the design show after baking? Have had this problem with heart designs also. We love the cookies, but it's discouraging to take time to stamp each individually & then not have the beautiful design show for guests.

Any tips / suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I will be making more this season & want to use the rocking horse stamp!

Thanks for your assistance. Have a great day.

Ella from Ohio"

12/9/11 Reply

"Dear Jill,

Thank you for your email. Personally I don't like shortbread much, but I LOVE peanut butter cookies. Either of Mrs. Rycraft's original recipes are delicious... and our customers have been using them for over 40 years so they must work. I think the recipe we used the most was the first one:*pnb_crunchies

Another favorite is Eleanor's Almond Butter cookies, but kids may not like the almond flavor... you could substitute another flavor, like raspberry perhaps(?). You'd have to experiment with that.*almond_butter_cookies

This is a recipe for chocolate shortbread cookies from our colleague in Korea who decorated them (see photos on this page):

Good luck! I hope the kids have fun!

Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/9/11 Email

"I teach Home Economics to 8th and 9th graders. I'm always looking for projects for this age. I found a couple of your stamps and have been practicing myself. My question is about the recipes. I have tried the basic sugar cookie ones. If they are sweet, the pattern is lost while baking. If the pattern holds, I find the cookie to be bland and kids will not eat them. I have to be economical at school and time is always a concern. So can you recommend a recipe for me to let them try their hand at stamping?

Merry Christmas,"

Jill T
Lake Hamilton

12/9/11 Reply

"Dear Debbie,

I am sorry but I have no idea how to answer your question. I am not familiar with angel cookies. The dough for cookie stamp cookies cannot have anything in it to make the cookie rise, or the design will melt away. We have dozens of cookie stamp recipes on our website, if that helps. Click on the tab for RECIPES. Our most popular recipe is Robin's mom's Almond Butter cookie in our recipe booklet... also here:   /*almond_butter_cookies

Good luck and Merry Christmas!"

Carol Rycraft


12/8/11 Email


Is it possible to use your cookies stamps on Angel Cookies? These are very delicate but a dough ball must be flattened with a sugar coated flat bottom glass. I was hoping to find a cookie stamp that would do the same with a design.. Thanks,"

Debbit G
Little Rock, Arkansas

12/8/11 Message with an order:

"I'd like to make these cookies for Christmas, so please send asap! I am really excited!"

Denise A
Park City, Utah

12/8/11 Message with an order

"I only need one free cook book - thanks! So excited to find you right here in Arizona.

Beth S"Tempe, Arizona

12/3/11 Comment after refund of shipping on combined orders:

"Thank you very much. It was kind of you to combine the orders for me. The stamps just arrived and I love them!"

Lynn P
Altoona, Wisconsin

12/3/11 Comment with order

"I have enjoyed a stamp for 20+ years that my mother in law gave me as a gift. I have searched for a long time to find your product and am so pleased that I've discovered your web page. I will be ordering more as the years go by now!!! Thank you for making a quality fun product and to know it is made in the USA."

Priscilla K
North Canton, Ohio

12/3/11 Email

"Looking forward to receipt of the cookie stamps ordered and I'm sure I'll be back to your website again, with further orders ... just don't want to be inundated with email advertising, so please unsubscribe me.

Many thanks and best wishes,"

Kathryn H
Plymouth, Devon, England

12/1/11 Email

"I was so happy to find your web site! I have been looking for cookie stamps for years. I found a few of yours at yard sales, but most years I used plastic stamps. I ordered five stamps today, and I plan to order more throughout the year. If it's not too late, I might order some of the Christmas ornaments."

Claire M
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

11/30/11 email reply

"Dear Mona,

A Craft stamp is 2 1/2" in diameter and a cookie stamp is 2" in diameter. Craft stamp has no handle and is not glazed and a cookie stamp has a handle and is glazed on the back.

This is all explained on our website. Call if you have more questinos."



11/30/11 email


What is the difference between the cookie stamps and craft stamps on your website?

Thanks for your help.


11/28/11 email reply

"Dear Jim,

Thank you for your kind email. I did not find your name in our database, but I did find your email address. I have unsubscribed your address. By the way, we have no record of having received any emails from you requesting that we remove you from our email list. Perhaps you sent your request to "" (which emails we do not ever receive).

I remove people from our email mailing list at the same time that I receive their emails requesting me to do so. I don't wait. I want my mailing list clean, because Robin and I have no desire to send info to anyone that does not want it.

I apologize for any grief my emails may have caused you... including this one. I hope you won't construe this email as harassment.

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


11/27/11 email

"This is the second or third time I have asked you to remove me from your email list. Your refusal to do so is bordering on harassment."

Jim P

11/28/11 email reply

"Dear Dennis,

Stamps first need to be seasoned with cooking oil. Before each use, brush with cooking oil, (tooth brush) but just a small amount. Dough cannot be sticky. If sticking still, sprinkle powdered sugar or flour on face of stamp. Water and too much oil will always tend to cause sticking.

If they still don't work for you and you are not happy with the results, call me and we will refund your money.

We want Christmas to be merry.


Robin Rycraft


11/26/11 email

"My wife has a bunch of your cookie stamps, she was going to get rid of them because she couldn't figure out how to keep them from sticking to the dough or releasing from the dough. I told her to keep them till I heard from you on the secret or how to use.

May this find you in good spirit and peace."

Dennis M

11/21/11 comment with order

"I'm not in a rush. Enjoy the holidays! and Thank you."

Linde P
Bristol, Virginia

11/19/11 comment with order

"Just to say THANKS!!! Your work and designs are AWESOME!!!!!

Vickie G
Philomath, Oregon

11/21/11 email

"Thank you. I received it today. It is lovely. Just what I wanted. Hopefully you will make some other thistle designs in the future."

Wynona W


11/18/11 email reply

"Dear Wynona,

Thank you for your email. Yes, your order has shipped, so I can only say to just be patient. We shipped on November 7 by first-class mail international parcel 7.50 oz, Customs Form #: LCXXXXXXXXXUS.

I went to this internet page for the US post office:

All it says is that it was processed through the Los Angeles, California post office on November 9. I think is should take a minimum of 10 days to get to you (the USPS website does not give an estimated delivery time by 1st-class int'l mail). It should be there any day now.

We hope you enjoy using your Thistle cookie stamp!

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


11/18/11 email

"Good afternoon,

I am following up on an order placed 2 weeks ago. No sign of it yet. Should I still be patient?


Wynona W
Bedfordview, Gauteng,

11/18/11 Email

".... I remember Rycraft cookie stamps from when I was still in high school in Corvallis [Oregon]. I hadn't seen any though until now. They are very awesome!!! If you could let me know if there are any stores here in Oregon that sell them, I would appreciate it! thank you so much!!"

Vicki G
Philomath, Oregon

11/17/11 Email

"Beautiful products & story; thank you for honoring our Lord with your website!"

Tamara C
Rose Hill, Kansas

11/15/11 Email

".... I bought my first Rycraft stamp as a college student at The University of Oklahoma on Campus Corner in 1974."

Gina S
Houston, Texas

11/13/11 email reply

"Dear Nancy,

My apologies for not getting back sooner.

You did the right thing, adding more butter. The recipe is a bit long on flour. I generally add 3 1/2 cups flour and then add till the dough works, not too sticky and not too dry. Some flour will absorb more 'moisture' than others. It is a subjective thing.

I do thank you for bringing it to our attention. We will change the directions for recipe next printing and emphasize the variable part.


Robin Rycraft


11/10/11 Form : Submit a Tip

"I followed your basic shortbread recipe to a "T." I even converted "cups" to metric, so I could weigh the flour, sugar and butter on an accurate kitchen scale. As this is for a bridal shower, I even bought European butter - Plugara - for the first time in my life. Using 4 cups of flour, as indicated, meant tat my final product in the mixing bowl was just crumbs. It would not pull together to make a dough. I found another recipe on line with that amount of flour, which called for an additional stick of butter. It finally pulled the dough together, and the stamp is "OK," but not as great as I wanted. Why did I just have a mass of crumbs in my bowl when I followed your recipe with the highest quality ingredients, measuring things and mixing things to perfection? Not sure what to do next. I want it"perfect" for a shower. I could have added more water to the recipe to bring it together, but everything I read here said, "Watch out for water - you want the highest fat butter you can get!" which I did???

Hudson, Ohio

11/10/11 letter:

"Thank You!

I appreciate your speedy work and quick delivery of these stamps! They made wonderful trophies, and helped in contributing to another successful fundraising event for the American Cancer Society!

You helped make it possible for this event to raise $3,000 for the ACS!

Again, Thank You!"

Sharonne S
Corvallis, Oregon

11/7/11 email reply

"Dear Judy,

The stamps, round or square, will only impress the design. We use the square stamps to stamp dough rolled out on a cookie sheet before baking and then to be cut into squares after baking, and the round ones to stamp a round ball of dough before baking. You can use a cookie cutter to get other shapes if you want.


Robin Rycraft


11/5/11 Email

"Will the square cookie shapes actually shape the cookie dough into a square shape too or will it just press a square design into a round cookie? Please advise and thank you!"


11/3/11 Email

"....I saw my sister-in-law using these to make cookies with my 3-year-old nephew. Now that I have my own little toddler, I'd like to get a few stamps so that I can start a holiday baking tradition with my own little one. Thanks."

Washington, DC

11/1/11 Email reply

"Dear Marilyn,

This was a custom design.... We do custom stamps if we have time. Right now we are in the middle of our busy season. But I will tell you how it works. There are 4 charges: 

   Design fee:  If you provide the design, there is no fee. Otherwise, [I charge for the] time it takes [for our drawing] to meet with your approval.

   Carving fee:  Depends how complicated; we start at $40 and for [a design similar to] Diane's Delights, $225.

   Per stamp fee:  $9.95 to $12.95

   Shipping:  Usually $6 to $8

Give me a call if you want to talk about your idea.


Robin Rycraft


11/1/11 Email


I was on your website and am interested in a 2011 stamp you made:  S-11-011 (9052)DIANE'S DELIGHTS (2.5 in.). It says original price = $9.95? Is this the purchase price? Was this a special order or is this stamp available for purchase? Also, how much would it cost to make a stamp similar to Diane's Delights....?

Thank you,

Marilyn L

10/20/11 Email reply

"Hi Carol (good name),

You can use a cookie cutter (round, square or any shape) or a knife to get a smooth edge AFTER you have stamped the dough. You may want to smooth out the edge of the 2" round imprint in the dough (from the edge of the 2" stamp) if your cookie cutter is larger than 2".

Yes, you can stamp on a cookie that has been rolled and cut out. You clan use a cookie cutter or knife either before or after you stamp. Experiment to find out what works best for the results you want. You can also place the dough in a "jelly roll pan" or on a cookie sheet, roll it out flat, then imprint with stamp(s), then use a knife to cut squares out and bake, or use cookie cutters to cut out shapes and bake.

Please refer to our recipes and tips here:  /recipes

This is our most popular recipe, used by some of our customers for decades:  /*almond_butter_cookies

Call us at 1-800-479-2723 M-F 8am - 4:30pm if you need more help. We hope your cookies come out great!

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


10/20/11 Email

"Is there a way to get a smooth edge around a cookie that has been stamped, rather than the uneven, cracked look? Can you stamp on a cookie that has been rolled and cut out (such as sugar cookie with fluted edge?)

Your help is greatly appreciated, as this is concerning a tea party cookie order that's coming up, and I need to know the answers before I start.

Thank you for your help."

Carol S
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

10/13/11 Letter 

"....My idea for a cookie stamp design is a hollyhock flower. I love hollyhocks and they are hard to find as decoration. 

I am a Christian, too! Have collected and used your stamps since we got married in 1975. Most of them came from shops in Leavenworth, WA. They are a family tradition. Now I am making them for my youngest daughter's wedding reception. Loved the photos in Martha Stewart's wedding magazine – the cookies look so elegant! Your on-line testimony was wonderful!

Bless you!"

Loretta B
Pasco, WA

10/7/11 Email 

“Dear Carol (good name!) 

It’s so exciting to receive your e-mail! I love your web site and it was a pleasure to speak with Robin the other day – and to think that he is making stamps just for me is a real thrill for sure. You two are very talented. 

Your web site is a marvel; you are to be congratulated for your design and the hundreds of links! 

It’s good to know that everything is okay as it’s sometimes unsettling to order over the Internet. But virtually all of what I’ve used have been “big” companies, so it’s interesting to get involved with a “mom and pop” business. 

Again, thank you for responding to my mail and order, and thank you for the recipe. My friend takes a "fingers full" of pulp and slightly squeezes it, puts it on a kitchen towel (no texture), then presses the stamp in it. this will be trial and error for me, but I have a granddaughter who is 2 1/2, so if push comes to shove, she can stamp cookies when she's here. The horse was ordered for her since she loves horses - all my others were Christmasy. 

Carol CJ 


10/7/11 Email 

Forgot to answer your question. Just use the instructions for paper casting on our website, or in the recipe booklet that comes with each stamp. 

Put torn up TP (or paper of any kind) into a blender with some water and blend until the paper becomes pulp... thick and mushy. Put on cookie stamp with a fork, blot dry, then dry casting in low oven for 30 min or so or dry in the sun or air dry. 

Easy. Have fun. 

Carol Rycraft 


October 7, 2011 

Dear Carol, 

Thank you for your email. I am sorry we don't work quite as fast as Amazon. It's just the two of us. :) 

Robin is making some of the stamps for your order. They will come out of the glaze kiln on Monday, and he will ship on Monday 10/10 by Priority Mail. You should receive your order by Thursday October 13, or Friday at the latest. 

We hope your projects turn out great and you enjoy your stamps! 

Best regards, 

Carol Rycraft 


October 3, 2011 


I just placed an order for cookie stamps - when may I expect to receive it? Generally I do Amazon, and it always comes very quickly. 

My project is making toilet paper tree ornaments - do you have a recipe for that?

The is much more than I wanted to spend, BUT no one in my area has any idea of what a cookie stamp is, and I need the stamps soon to begin my project - a tree that will be entered in a contest at the Red Mill Museum in Clinton, NJ. 

Your reply is eagerly awaited. 

Carol CJ
Clinton, New Jersey 

10/3/11 Email Reply

“Dear Marianne, 

Thank you so much! Robin and I really appreciate the feedback and correction. I’ll double check and see if I can get the changes made. 

Best regards, 

Carol Rycraft


10/2/11 Email 

Hi. My name is Marianne, and I just found your website, and I found a little mistake on it. I’m Norwegian, and the cookie stamps you have for “I love you” in Norwegian and Swedish are wrong. The Norwegian one says that it’s Swedish and the other way around. :)


Marianne H

9/26/11 Email 


Hope you are enjoying these crisp fall mornings! We sure are. Our 1st grader is playing soccer this fall, so the cookies will be fun to bring to the last game. We also got our first puppy a few weeks ago. So, the paw print is very fitting. Have a great day."

Angie H
Moorhead, Minnesota 

9/25/11 Email 

“Can’t wait to try out your stamps!” 

Abigail F
Scituate, Massachusetts  

9/12/11 Email reply

"Dear Lucy,

These look like something my folks did when they were just starting out. The designs were pressed in with a wooden stick that was carved by my dad. We have pictures of these in our collectors book. Not sure about value. I have no idea how your grandmother came into possession of them. I can't remember my mom selling them. We had a man from Germany get hold of us who bought some on the internet very similar to yours. They also were made by my folks. Hope this helps.


Robin Rycraft


9/11/11 Email

"Dear Rycraft,

My grandmother passed away a few years back and I found these clay pieces among her things. I wasn't sure what they were until tonight when I began searching the internet and found your website.. I'm attaching two pictures I took of them, one from the front and one from the back, sorry for the poor picture quality, my digital camera's flash is a bit off. 


There is a picture of some similar primitive looking cookie stamps on your website which made me think that maybe they were made by your company back in the 1960s? I am not sure what to do with the, but wondered if they hold some monetary value because then I would like to see them go to someone who would lovingly use them or proudly display them. Thank you for any advice you can share with me.


Lucy W
Tempe, Arizona

9/8/11 Email Form: Comment on a Recipe – Shaker Spice Cookies 

“Too much ginger – is the 2 tablespoons listed a misprint/typing error? 

Lynda S
Crystal Beach, Ontario

9/8/11 Email 

“Great website. Love the products you offer. I’ve been looking for this type of product for my use in my clay classes. I’m sure I’ll be ordering more from you in the future!! 

Thanks again. 

Louise C
Sun City, Arizona 

8/23/11 Email 

“I got your website from a friend who has some of your cookie cutters. I am so glad to have found you. Wonderful! 

Janet T
Sausalito, California 

6/18/11 Email 

Hello again 

My stamp arrived this morning and it is beautiful, thank you so much. 

Kind regards,



June 10, 2011 email reply

Dear Victoria, 

Just order on our website and I will be looking out for it. If you went to the Grand Canyon, we are just 125 miles south . The high desert of Arizona is beautiful. The desert flowers have just begun to bloom. What a sight. Must get to work. Thanks for your order. 




June 9, 2011 

Hello Robin 

Thank you for your reply, and for the information. 

I had not heard of Cookware Essentials but I have found their website their products look lovely. Masterton is quite a way from us but is the sort of destination we may sometime visit for a holiday. I will definitely look out for the shop if I have such an opportunity. 

I am happy to order from you direct if that suits. I am also happy with the special order for the square stamp ($9.95), and your estimate for shipping. What is the best way to proceed from here? Should I place an order through your website? 

I must agree that New Zealand is a beautiful country, as is your country also. I have been fortunate enough to visit the US - the closest I’ve been to your area are the tourist favourites of Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Monument Valley. It really was a trip to remember! 

Thank you again for the information. 

Kind regards 

Victoria P 


June 9, 2011 email reply 

Dear Victoria 

Shipping will probably be around $10 US, give or take a dollar or two. Delivery is about 2 weeks. 

We are in the process of sending Cookie Stamps to Masterson, NZ. Name of the shop is Cookware Essentials. Don't have their phone # as yet but Pam and Brian are the owners. Don't know if they will order the Scottish Thistle (CS009) but give them a call if they are close and maybe that will work out for you. 

Also, square stamps are a special order, $9.95 instead of $8.95. Let them know if you prefer to order from them. 

Although we have never been to New Zealand, it looks to be a beautiful country. My best to you. 


Robin Rycraft 


June 8, 2011 


I am from New Zealand and would love to order one of your cookie stamps. Unfortunately when I put my estimates of the package dimensions (4 inches square, half a pound in weight) in to the UPS calculator the cost returned was around $160!

I then noticed on your Retailers page that 1 st class international mail may be an option. When I put the dimensions into the USPS calculator the rate returned was $4.15 – I would be happy with anything up to $10, would this be possible, and/or realistic. 

I am sorry to be a bother for such a small order! Thank you very much in advance 

PS> I have been unable to locate any retailers of your beautiful products in New Zealand, but if you do have any please let me know. 

Victoria P
New Zealand 

5/22/11 Email

“I’m so glad I found your website. I searched you after purchasing a stamp of yours from an online shop. Now I get to choose hundreds of designs!! I loved reading about your family’s history and so glad you have continued the business. Blessings to you! 

Lura W
Georgetown, Indiana 

5/2/11 Email 

“My order has arrived save and well. Thank you so much for the magnet, thistles are very Scottish and blue is a Scottish colour too! Best of all the ribbon stamp has arrived in loads of time for me to make my sister some cookies to give her some energy when she does the Moonwalk in Edinburgh in June. It is a night time walk of about 26 miles to raise money for cancer research. She is doing it with her matron of honor who is a recent breast cancer survivor. I thought your cookie stamp might help keep the motivation levels up! 

Many Thanks again, 

Eileen M
Dundee, Angus

4/28/11 Email 

“Well, it’s finally spring here in Maine and your name reminded me of how much I missed my summer birds now that they are slowly finding their way back here. Moving right along, you asked me to drop you a line a few weeks ago to check in with you regarding a lobster cookie press. Hope things have calmed down now that Easter is behind us and that you’ll have time to carve one up. I have a feeling the addition of a lobster cookie mold will be a big hit, at least in New England! ☺ 


Carol E
Sidney, Maine 

4/20/11 Email 

“Thank you! I DO enjoy your products!! I used to make my shortbread in pie tins, but now I prefer to make individual cookies with the cookie stamps. Much more decorative and great for gift-giving! 

I gave away my non-Christmas stamps, or I’d make a batch of cookies with my recipe and cash in on one of your generous coupons. Maybe for my next order. 

I see you moved to Arizona. Didn’t you all start in Oregon? My local chef store used to carry your stamps – that’s where I bought my first ones many moons ago – but now they are not carrying them any more. 

I look forward to the new stamps! 

All the best,” 

Lisa W
Santa Cruz, CA 

3/31/11 Email Form: Comment on a Recipe -- Almond Butter Cookies  

“I’ve been using this recipe for over 20 years, and the cookies still get rave reviews wherever I take them. They’re a simple and delicious cookie.

Kelly M
Des Moines, IA 

3/31/11 Email 

“Hi Robin, 

I wanted to send a short message to let you know, I rec’d package yesterday! You were correct….it was sitting inside post office!!:)I’m happy, love love love ALL stamps and I need another dragonfly stamp with recipe book, for a gift! I can call you with that order, or you can go ahead and charge my visa and ship. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you,” 

Magalia, CA 

2/15/11 Email Reply

"Dear Rochel,

Here is a website that sells the only one I've seen -- a 3" stamp for $16.95.

There are probably other vendors -- don't know. I found this link by searching Google with the phrase: cookie stamp "Home Made."

We will be adding a Home Made stamp to our Heirloom Collection in the next month or two. It will be a 2" stamp and retail for $8.95. Robin is just beginning to carve new designs for 2011. So keep checking our website for "NEW Designs" -- click on the link on the Page List on the left side.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


2/22/11 Email

"We've been searching for a cookie stamp that has Home Made written, with some stars framing the words. Other artistic frames would also look nice, or maybe some homemade symbol (like a house)? We saw one in rubber, but can't locate the company that sells them. I think it'd be a popular stamp that others might want to purchase as well. We were most interested to make them and send to our kids away at school or camp.

How much would these be? Perhaps we'd order several, if the price is not too dear. Your work is beautiful.


Rochel S

2/15/11 Email


Thank you so much!! that is so helpful.




2/15/11 Third Reply

"Hi Erin,

Just want to let you know I added a link to a set of cookie cutters that are both round and scalloped. Go to this page: /links_and_resources and scroll down to the photo of the shamrock cookies for the link to the cutter that was used in that recipe. You can get a set of cutters in various sizes.

Hope this helps.


Carol Rycraft


2/14/11 Second Reply

"Hi again Erin,

I was just updating the Home Page for St Pat's Day and reviewed this page that shows the scallop cookie cutter and how to imprint the dough. Go here: /060_painted_cookies.

This page has lots of photos and a good shortbread recipe and painting instructions.



2/14/11 Email Reply

"Dear Erin,

Thank you for your email and your kind words. The scollop edge was achieved using a scallop cookie cutter. The photos of the springerle cookies show the difference between an ordinary cookie cutter (2" diameter with a straight edge) and a scallop cookie cutter (also approx 2" dia) -- go to /springerle_joy_cookies to see the photos.

The cutters can be any size you like. The stamp leaves a circular impression on the dough (from the edge of the stamp), so I like to use a cutter that's close to the same size (2" diameter). If you use a larger cutter, you may want to smooth out the dough so the circular imprint from the stamp disappears. Clear as mud?   :)

Some people pat the dough into a jelly roll pan (or small cookie sheet) and press the design into the dough with a square cookie stamp, then bake them, then cut them into squares with a knife. Or you can roll out the dough and press with a square stamp and cut with a square cookie cutter (with a straight or scallop edge). There is such a variety of cookie cutters out there.

Hope this helps. Happy cookie baking!

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft


2/13/11 Email


I was perusing your website and I saw some of your cookies have beautiful edges, such as scalloped. How do you do this? Do you sell a product that does this? I looked through your products and prices and didn't see something although I wasn't sure what to look for.

Thanks and esp thanks for your statement of faith. I enjoyed reading your declaration of belief. I, too, am a believer."

Erin P

2/7/11 Email

"I really love collecting your cookie stamps. I have some cookie stamps that I think are Rycraft but I need [the Collector's Book] to make sure."

Linda M
Evans, Colorado

2/2/11 Email

“Dear Robin,

It is a snowy, blustery day here in Libertyville, IL. (A good day for baking). Thank you for the speedy reply to my question about the cookie mix. Once I opened the bag and took a smell, I decided against using it. As you said it just smelled "stale." It was my own fault for not using it promptly. 

Our family loves to use our Rycraft stamps. The grandchildren have their favorites and we always put baking on the agenda when we are together. Thank you."

Sue G
Libertyvill, Illinois


2/2/11 Reply

"Dear Sue,

It is safe to use, but it is 2 years old. The mix is flour and sugar so stale flour is the only thing that I would consider. We don't sell mix anymore because we had to buy so much of it. If you use it, let me know how it turns out. I'll replace it with a cookie stamp of your choosing if it is a bust (no good).


Robin Rycraft


2/2/11 Email

"Is there an expiration date for the Rycraft Shortbread cookie mix? I bought some after Christmas in 2009 and didn't rediscover it until now. Is it safe to use or should I throw it away? Thank you."

Sue G
Libertyville, Illinois

2/2/11 Email reply

Hi Judith,

Thank you for your message. I'm glad you're having fun with your stamps.

I agree with you re: the old nursery rhymes. I'll talk to Robin about your idea. The timing is great because he's just getting ready to carve new designs for this year.

If you have any images you think are good nursery rhyme images to fit on a cookie stamp, please do send either a .jpg by email or mail a picture or drawing to us at the address below. Thanks again!

Kind regards,"

Carol Rycraft

2/1/11 Email

"Keep up the good work. I received my first now a believer! I will keep your catalog and make plans through the year! Am about to be a GREAT grandmother, so would like more baby things... like old nursery rhymes?"

Judith S
Bakersfield, California

2/2/11 Email reply

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your email. I love the idea. Robin is just beginning to carve new designs for 2011 so your timing is great! Do you have a picture of any hats you think would make good cookie stamps? If so, can you scan them and send .jpg images? Or drop them in an envelope and mail to us at Rycraft, Inc, 9234 E Valley Rd, Ste D, Prescott Valley, AZ. We'd appreciate any ideas you want to send. Thanks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,"

Carol Rycraft

2/1/11 Email

"Having a Royal Party for my Red Hat Ladies to celebrate our 7 years together. What would you suggest? It's for April 1st, and also you may want to know that it is the Red Hat Society's 13th birthday this April and they all celebrate all over the world. Check out their website. It certainly would be good business for you. And all chapters have their own parties. I will have two parties for April.

How about Hats for Cookies? So that we can paint them Red Or Purple which are the colors. But ladies love big hats and they would look great on cookies for our teas. Thanks,"

Mary H

1/28/11 Email reply

"Dear Vanessa,

We have one online customer in Australia:
Cakes Around Town, 1/100 Westlake Dr, Westlake, Queensland 4074  phone 31222300 website:

I hope they have what you're looking for. If not, we ship to Australia and the postage is really quite reasonable (not much more than our shipping chart rates). You can just go ahead and place your order online, then when we ship we charge the difference in postage to your same credit card and email you to let you know the amount. We can give you an estimate ahead of time if you know how many stamps you want.

Kind regards,"

Carol Rycraft


1/28/11 Email

"Hi I just found your site & am wondering if anybody sells these online here in Australia, would love to start a collection  :) Thank you for your time. Kind regards,"

Vanessa H
Yarragon, Victoria,

1/27/11 Email

"Beautiful stamps !"

Sue A
Staten Island, New York

1/23/11 Email

“I ordered two Christmas stamps and I was very happy with them. Thank you,"

Hollye B
South Ogden, Utah

1/21/11 Note

“Thank you for the catalog.... I'm going through the catalog very carefully. I LOVE using cookie stamps. Probably will have to do several orders to purchase all I want. Thanks."

Ginny C
Bowling Green, Ohio

1/21/11 Email

“Dear Jessica,

The shipping cost will be somewhere between $14 to $18 US. Hope this works out for you.


Robin Rycraft


1/20/11 Email


I live in Sweden and I love your cookie stamps! I would love to try them out and would like to order 9 different stamps. The total is $74.55. Do you know what the shipping cost would be for 9 stamps? I wanted to ask before I placed my order, so I won't get a huge shipping cost charged to my VISA, as a surprise.

Hoping for a reply.
Thanks so much!

Best regards,"


1/19/11 Email

"Hello again Harue,

Okay I will wait for the mail. I will look forward to receiving it.

Also, would you be willing to please tell me what problems you had using the stamps? Did you have trouble with th dough sticking to the stamp? Did you use oil on the stamps or flour or sugar to help the dough release from the stamp? Or did the designs melt away in the oven? They LOOK good. Did they taste good?

Well this is fun! Your English is just fine.
Hope you have a great day!"



1/19/11 Email

“Dear Carol,

Hello. Thank you for your reply and coupon! I made Japanese sweets "Momoyama" seeing the cookbook. Actually it was difficult for me to making it. So I send you a copy of the book with photo (and with English). Please wait for my mail. Thank you for reading my poor English!"



1/18/11 Email

“Hello again,

I am so sorry I didn't notice the photo! It's fabulous! They look absolutely delicious.

Please DO send me the recipe so I can try it -- so I can post it on the website and send you a coupon!  :)


1/18/11 Email

“Dear Harue,

I am so glad to hear from you all the way from Japan. How wonderful that you had fun using our stamps! I would love to see your cookies (are they cookies?). I have never heard of "momoyama." I hope you will send me the recipe so I can share it with everybody on the website! And if you will include a photo along with the recipe (you clan just email me a .jpg), I will mail you a COUPON you can use online, WORTH $15.00 off your next order of cookie stamps!

Warmest regards,"

Carol Rycraft


1/18/11 Email

I made Japanese sweets "momoyama" with Rycraft cookie stamps. Your stamp is very lovely. Thank you!"

Harue I

1/17/11 Email

“We received our cookie stamp on Saturday morning, and are excited to use it! I hope you had a lovely vacation. Thank you so much for checking up on us!


1/17/11 Email

“Dear Carol,

I smiled at the timing of your e-mail, as I received my order on the 15th! Thank you for the notification, but there was no inconvenience at all, and I am very pleased with the cookie stamps. Now I am looking forward to an opportunity to try out some old family-favorite recipes, and maybe some of the new ones you included.

I am quite delighted – my mother was the only person I ever knew who had cookie stamps (hers, I think, were stoneware) and I was so happy to come across your website. It brings a little of my childhood back to me, and hopefully will let me share some of these same kinds of memories with my own daughters. Thank you so much!


Rebecca B
Alpharetta, Georgia


1/17/11 Email

“No apologies necessary. Your cookie presses are wonderful and very much worth waiting for! Glad you have your computer back... we've all been there, but it must be especially vexing when you run a business. Hope all goes well with the rest of your year!

Cathryne G
Houston, Texas


1/17/11 email

“First let me apologize for an unannounced  delay in shipping your order, which was placed on 12/24/10. We flew to Florida on 12/28 for 10 days with our kids/grandkids and intended to ship all orders received over the holidays when we returned to the office on Monday 1/10. However, our computer crashed our first day back and wasn't returned to us until Wed 1/12... so I wasn't able to enter any orders until then.

We shipped your order via priority mail on Thursday, January 13. You should receive it today or tomorrow at the latest. Again I apologize for any inconvenience our delay may have caused you.

We hope you enjoy using our stamps!
Best regards,

Carol Rycraft"

1/15/11 Email – Comment on a Recipe

"I am concerned about trying this recipe. I don't know if I should put in 2 1/2 sticks of butter, or 1/4 cup....  (click here to read more)."

Charlaine M
Neosho, Missouri

1/15/11 Email – Recipe Photo Submission

"I inherited this recipe from my mother....  (click here to read more)."

Sarah D
Prescott Valley, Arizona

1/13/11 Email

“Great site, very informative!”

Lucretia K
Monaca, Pennsylvania

1/12/11 Email

“Just: Thanks. My Mum will be rapt.”

Steve B
Wellington, New Zealand

1/11/11 Email

“Your website is so pleasant to shop on. Beautiful products.”

Evelyn C
Bradenton, Florida

1/8/11 handwritten note

"Thank you so much for the cookie stamps. The students really appreciated them and the recipe booklets. Being as our budgets are quite tight your kind gesture of "freebies" were appreciated even more. Thanks for being so giving.


Nancy N
FACS Teacher
Garber, Oklahoma

1/3/11 Email

“I have placed one other order; so, likely am on your email mailing list. I have enjoyed using the stamps I previously purchased. Thank you.”

Karen B
Cottonwood, California

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