Your Cards & Letters 2009-2010

12/31/10 Email – Comments on a Recipe

I've been making the almond butter cookies for years now for friends, family and co-workers..... (click here to read more)

Austin, Texas

12/29/10 Email

“Love your cookie stamps. I am working with my granddaughter, who just married. She wants to learn how to make really SPECIAL cookies and I am going to start with the stamps I am getting for her. It would be nice to see some initial stamps in a scroll type script.”

Judith S
Bakersfield, California

12/29/10 Email

“I can’t wait for them (cookie stamps) to come. My ex has mine and won’t give them to me for the nasty person he is. Thanks I am so excited.”

Linda K
Lutherville, Maryland

12/29/10 Email

“I am interesting in tweaking a family tradition to include stamped cookies, shortbread etc. Looks like you have the nicest selection.”

Judie S
Bakersfield, California

12/19/10 Email

“I have quite a few of these cookie stamps. Interested in adding more to my collection.”

Elicabeth A
Hermon, Maine

12/18/10 Christmas card

“Dear Robin,

“…. The stamps are great! I have mailed them off and even gave away ones I planned to keep for myself! I think I may have started a tradition of Rycraft in our family and with friends.

Thank you so much for letting us visit and giving us a tour. I feel so blessed. It was so good to meet you. I love what you do.

 I’m sure you’re still working overtime until the holidays are over. Thank you. I hope to order a few more stamps. I’ll wait till after the holidays.


Lauren T.
Scottsdale, Arizona

12/16/10 Email

“Can you tell me when I should expect these? I’d like to give them as Christmas gifts, time permitting! I have a couple of old Rycraft cookie stamps of my grandma’s. I am going to give these to my cousins. I can’t wait to see their faces! Thank you.”

Katherine P
Florence, Montana


12/16/10 Email

“Love your products.”

Jeff G
West Jordan, Utah

12/15/10 Email

“Thank you for such a quick response. I am impressed! Yes, you are correct; PA is quite a distance. Medina is in the western area of Ohio. Do you have a catalog? It would be great to have and share with others here in Valley City (Medina County) OH.

Your website is very nice; will probably place an order after the first of the year. I will share your website with other cookie bakers in my area.

Keep warm and safe, and may you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Susan P
Medina, Ohio

12/7/10 Email

“Thanks so much! These will start my son and daughter-in-law’s collection!”

Catherine J
Arlington, Virginia

12/6/10 Email

“I bought several of these precious stamps almost 30 years ago. Unfortunately, in a move, they got lost. I’m so glad to find you on the internet. Thank you!”

Jonnie C
High Point, North Carolina

11/30/10 Email

“So you are in Prescott! Very excited to receive these wonderful molds. Am originally from MN; 3/4 Norwegian, 1/8 Swedish, 1/8 Danish and plan to use these traditionally and fondant atop brownies and cupcakes – lots of ambitious ideas and tea parties. Thank you for working hard at your company.”

Sandy A
Phoenix, Arizona

11/30/10 Email

“I purchase Cookie Stamp for the first time. When I saw your Cookie Stamp, I think I want to use them. I can hardly wait arrival. I am sorry, I am not good at speaking English.”

Noriko F
Kobe, Japan

11/26/10 Email –  from customer #00004 in the Rycraft customer database!

“This will make two daughters happy – one has gotten a dated stamp since 1980, the other since 1990 – and we use them every year!”

Kevin L
Williamsville, New York

11/24/10 Email

“I was thrilled to come across your website. Your products look beautiful and I can’t wait to start using my stamps. Kind regards.”

Natalie D
Willetton, Perth
Western Australia

11/19/10 Email

“I am ordering the shells [#1076 and #447] to make cookies for my niece’s wedding on Dec 4th…. Thanks so much!”

Julie M
Tinton Falls, New Jersey

11/18/10 Email shared with us by Maggie Montgomery (sent to her at Distlefunk).

"Hi Maggie!

What a small world that I would be talking to Robin Rycraft's daughter-in-law! :) I don't know him personally, but I recognized the stamps in your shop as Rycraft's before I saw the  name. I've been on the Rycraft website many times, admiring the cookie stamps. I'm an avid baker, and remember the Rycraft stamps my mom used when we were growing up, and have been wanting to get some of my own. My husband is an active duty Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, deployed to Djibouti, Africa but currently on a mission in the Congo, and I thought it would be neat to send him cookies with the EOD crab (logo) on them. Thanks so much for your reponse and for the contact number!"

Melanie L

11/18/10 Email

“I really enjoyed your website and look forward to my first cookie stamps! Thank you so much!”

Julia S
Sheet Harbour
Nova Scotia, Canada

11/16/10 Email

"[Looking for] stores that carry the stamps in our area – I would like to introduce the stamps to my granddaughter. The first stamp I purchased was in 1975 and I always have success with stamp and almond butter cookie recipe.”

Mary W
Lakewood, New Jersey

11/9/10 Email

“Fell in love with your items several years ago – never knew you had a website or that I could order them!”

Sue F
Queensbury, New York

11/5/10 Email

“Thank you so much. You have brought us so much joy through these beautiful cookie presses. My dad recently passed away. When I saw this website, it reminded me of his favorite Springerle cookies. Every Christmas, he and I would spend hours decorating cookies together. I am really looking forward to making these cookies even though the holidays won’t be the same with him gone..”

Haley B
Roswell, Georgia

11/3/10 Email

“….I have just recently been introduced to your cookie stamps and am so excited to order some. You have beautiful products! Kind regards,”

Jill P
Seattle, Washington

10/23/10 Email

“I’ve been having a lot of fun with your cookie stamps…thank you!.”

Lisa T
N Smithfield, Rhode Island

10/19/10 Email

“Thank you for wonderful product selection.”

B Walsh
Yorba Linda, California

10/1/10 Email

“Thank You for your wonderful designs! Mom and I volunteer for the... Presbyterian Church Seniors Group making take-home goodies and decorations, as our gift to them, for the monthly luncheons. Our program themes in the next few months are: Scotland and our Church's Origin, Theatre, Veteran's Day, making and decorating Christmas cookies for the Children we tutor, and next year we are going to have a Passover Seder with some of our Jewish Friends. We found your cookie stamps in a Kitchen Krafts catalog, ordered 7 of them and found your web address on the back of the recipe book. As you can see your stamps will be used with great joy to make cookies for the Seniors and Children as well!  Thank You so much!

Holly V

P.S. Your #333 Polar Bear Cookie Stamp should be listed on the Patriotic Page too. The men who served in WWI on the front lines in ArchAngel Russia were "The Polar Bear Division".”

Orchard Lake, Michigan

9/21/10 Email

"Just made a large batch of cookies to serve at a retirement party. They were a big hit. So much fun.

Will be doing the apples for the teachers at our children's school.

Fun, fun, fun.”

Angela H
Moorehead, Minnesota

8/3/10 Email

In response to trying one of our recipes for Almond Shortbread:

“I have been making these cookies for 25 years! It has become a family favorite around the holidays. I am making these for an American Girl Tea Party for 24 girls at our Library. The cookies will be highlighted as cookies that Kirsten would have made. Thanks for helping my family and friends make memories enjoying these great cookies..”

Jana H
Strasburg, Virginia

7/10 Email

“Thanks!!! Love your stamps!!! Ever thought of a tennis stamp?

Heather B

Albany, Oregon

7/28/10 Email

“Hi Robin,

I have been meaning to write to you for over a month now because I wanted to share with you the attached image!


As you can see, the stamp you created worked perfectly and our monogrammed cookie favors were a huge hit at our wedding. I just wanted to thank you again for your time and patience in creating this mold for us and share with you the result… I greatly appreciate all that you did. Many, many thanks again!  J

Kind regards,"

Melissa W

7/27/10 Email

“Dear Janette,

Thanks for your letter. You are right that the baby stamps are carved deeper. We are attempting to go back and recarve some of the older stamps so that they will work better and be more distinct but it is a big job. People have asked for another teddy bear so it’s on my list. There are just two of us now and keeping up has been a problem. We are not sure how to solve this problem as skilled, caring crafts people are hard to find. We do appreciate your comments.

Robin Rycraft”

7/24/10 Email

“I recently ordered five more of your cookie stamps: baby rattle, footprint, baby bottle, baby buggy and teddy bear. I baked several batches using three of your recipes from the little recipe book that came with them Four of them were soooo cute, adorable and delicious. The one I had trouble with was the teddy bear. After looking at the stamp closely, I think that it’s not carved deep enough. Those cookies just didn’t come out with enough detail. The others were so cute that most people, at the shower, didn’t notice the teddy bear. I just wanted to let you know so that maybe you could redesign the teddy bear.”

Janette L
Ventura, California

7/24/10 Email

“I enjoyed chatting with you today when I called in my order and your story of the “jRain Dance” that the “White Indians” did years ago. It made the phone call a very personal experience in this day and age of computers and not being able to talk with a real person. And I loved reading about your family history. Great website!!! Thank you and God bless!”

Sandy P
Greene, New York

7/11/10 Email

“Been experimenting with your stamp on a bread recipe for about a year now. It’s a nice touch.”

Ken D
Youngstown, Ohio

7/8/10 Email

“The monogram stamp you made for my son’s wedding L-M-E was a BIG hit! Thank you!

A question… and a cute comment. 
1) Brought a plate of shortbread to some friends who’d invited us to dinner. “Mmm,” their preschooler cooed. “Cookies taste gooder with pictures on them!” 
2) Have an order in with you – sixteen square Christmas stamps… a monogram stamp and some round stamps for a wedding. Could you add one more, please? There is no deadline for it; God knows when it should arrive. A local youth, an Air Force parachute man, gave his life last month when his helicopter was shot down during a rescue mission… and I read in his obituary that he was engaged. I’d like his fiancé to have a B-heart-A stamp as a comfort and as a memento of their love….”

Mary M
Erwin, Tennessee

6/24/10 Email

“I have collected a number of Rycraft cookie stamps over the years. I’ve been looking at all the cookie stamps you have online. I want to order a number of them. You will probably be hearing from me soon.”

Francia P
Ottumwa, Iowa

6/1/10 Email

“Very excited about finding this website! I fell in love with the cookies that Martyha Stewart did and was disappointed when I couldn’t find the stamps [until now]. Also, spoke with someone on the phone -– so friendly and helpful. Really appreciate your customer service. Can’t wait to get my stamp!”

Kimberly W
Germantown, Maryland

5/26/10 Email

“This is so exciting to find this website. Can hardly wait to make the first batch of cookies.”

Angie H
Moorhead, Minnesota

4/24/10 Email

“Hi Carol, 

I checked with my neighbor and dear friend Rita Lisson about sharing her Swedish Sugar Cookie recipe with you and she said that was okay. So here it is (click on the link below):

Sonja's Swedish Sugar Cookies

This recipe was given to Rita Lisson (from Naperville, IL) over 40 years ago by her Swedish friend, Sonja. Thanks for asking about the recipe, Carol. I’m’ sure your customers will enjoy it!”

Marilyn K
Naperville, Illinois


4/19/10 Email

Dear  Marilyn,

Thank you for your email. I apologize for my delayed response – Robin and I were on a 2-week vacation and returned 4/11. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am wondering if you would be willing to send me the recipe you mentioned for Swedish Sugar Cookies. I’d love to share it with our customers. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Carol Rycraft


4/2/10 Email

“My dear 87-year-old neighbor has given me a recipe for Swedish sugar cookies that she received from a dear friend over 40 years ago. It’s a wonderful recipe and I just love to use the few cookie stamps I have when I bake these cookies. I only have a few stamps and none related to holidays, so when I asked my neighbor if I could borrow a few of her cookie stamps, I noticed your label on one with a duck with a bow around his neck. So I immediately went to my computer and entered what I hoped would be your website address. I am so happy it was correct. Now, on to ordering!!!!!!!"

Marilyn K
Naperville, Illinois

3/20/10 Email

“Dear Peter,
I looked at the stamps you purchased and was quite taken aback. I had
forgotten these early beginnings. They were made by my folks probably in the
mid 1960's. The seed cleaning plant that dad owned had just burned down and
finally dad didn't have to go to work at a job he disliked greatly.
Mom had a stroke in 1963 or 1964 and couldn't throw on the wheel anymore so
these stamps were an easy way for her to decorate clay pieces, now mostly
hand built. This was the beginning of our business.
The insurance money gave my folks a bit of time to think about the future.
Helping mom with her new handicap, he carved tools out of broomstick wood
and stamped the clay stamps you have to make  designs. I still have all the
wood tools that dad made. They were made to use in combination with other
tools and they were all made with his pocket knife.
Mom and dad would be amazed to know some of their stamps turned up in
I am continually reminded of the blessing given to me and my family by my
parents for a business that has supported us and many others over the last
40 some years.
Great to hear from you and hope all is going well.
My best to you,”


3/20/10 Email

“Dear Robin,

Nice greetings again from Germany. . . . Some weeks ago I bought on ebay usa some old Rycraft cookie stamps (I found them in your collectors book). With them I got some "handmade stamps."  When I looked at the first stamps your mother made in the 60's, that are published in the collectors book, I thought they could be originals [of] your mothers. Could it be? 

Thanks for looking and best wishes."

Peter M

Meerbusch, Germany

3/1/10 Email

“….I didn’t know there was such a smiling face behind the webmaster title.  :)    We LOVE your products, and will continue to frequent your website to purchase more items. The cookie stamps are my favorite gifts to give to friends and family.  :)”

Linda M
San Diego, California

2/26/10 Email

“Great website.”

Noah W
Madison, Maine

2/18/10 Email

“Thank you for sending [the cookie stamps]. I want to enjoy a Japanese graduation ceremony season in March.”

Yuka S.
Nara, Japan

2/9/10 Email

“Thanks! I love your stamps. :)”

Emily H.
Tyler, Texas

2/8/10 Email

“Love your stamps! I have begun to make cookies as gifts for friends and family. This is so much easier than cookie cutting.”

Leslie E
New Orleans, Louisiana

2/8/10 Email

“I'm so happy to discover your site. Have used your stamps since the 70's, but never realized I could order online. Was checking out the cross stamps in the Monastery Greetings catalog and had time to find you. Thank you so much. Looking forward to ordering some items.”

Ann B
West Point, Nebraska

2/4/10 Email

“. . . . Thank you so much. I love your product and am glad that I can share your cookie stamps with an old friend :)”

Sharon W
Fayetteville, North Carolina

2/1/10 Letter

“. . . . I had a cookie stamp many years ago; when we moved the stamp was lost. I would like very much to be on your mailing list, as I have hopes of collecting the many beautiful stamps, and making the wonderful cookies to share with family and friends. . . . Thank you for continuing this wonderful tradition and wonderful accomplishment (gift) from your parents.”

Charlene B
Lilitz, Pennsylvania


“Thank you for this wonderful page.”

Ani S
Barranquilla, Atlantico

1/17/10 Email

“Have many of your stamps and am now ordering for a Secret Pal. Your designs make crisp clean prints and good cookies. Met you in Oregon. Continued good wishes to you for 2010. . . .”

Linda S (member of CCCC – Cookie Cutter Collectors Club)
Bennington, New Hampshire

1/15/10 Email

“The . . . cookie presses arrived yesterday. I am very pleased with them. Thank you very much for getting them out to us after what must have been a busy holiday season for you.”

Pat G
Randolph, Vermont

1/15/10 Email

“. . . .Let me give you a big compliment for the new website: it’s really perfect – and the German translation….great!. . . .”

Peter M
Meerbusch, Germany

1/6/10 Email

“Our family has special fondness for these cookie stamps as my Mom. . . knew of your family from Corvallis, OR years.”

Martha K
Yakima, Washington

1/5/10 email

“Love your new website!”

Terri C.
Tucson, Arizona

12/31/09 email

“Happy Holidays! I so enjoy working with your stamps.”

Lori L.
Marshall, Virginia

12/28/09 email

“Your stamps are beautiful! I cannot wait to try them!”

Satsuki M.
Coralville, Iowa

12/24/09 email

“. . . . My previous order arrived so promptly, thank you for being a very easy and professional company to work with.”

Susan B
Castro Valley, California

12/20/09 email

“. . . . I like your cookie stamps. I bought them at a store in Winona Lake, Indiana. Have a Merry Christmas.”
Karisse M
Harker Heights, Texas

12/19/09 email

I was so pleased to find the recipes on line, and will be making my family's favorite, Melting Moments tomorrow. I have given thousands away over the years, all with rave results! You should be proud of doing such a great job!

12/18/09 email

“. . . . I just had to write as I have had a little book of recipes that came with the stamp. I think I purchased it in a kitchen shop, but it is so long ago! that I don't remember. I have been making the cookies, all the recipes, since for Christmas. I misplaced the recipe book, it was in tatters from all the years of use and when I looked this year for the recipes, I only had the cover! BUT that had your address on the back and I have found you and my favorite recipes again!!!

"My family and I have loved the recipes, and I would have hated to lose them. It's exciting to see all the other stamps that you have.

"Thought you would like to know, and thanks."

Judy Richardson
Easton, Connecticut

Click here to read the rest of Judy's comments regarding Mrs. Rycraft's Melting Moments recipe.

12/17/09 email

“I am so happy to have found your site!  The designs are wonderful."

Pat Craig

12/17/09 email

“Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order for two stamps, and for replacing mine that had the broken handles.

“I appreciated it very much and have already used my new ones and given the others as gifts. The recipient was delighted.”

Eleanor H.
Stephenson,  Michigan

12/14/09 Thank-you card

“Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day perfect! The cookies we made using the ["WYMM"] stamp you created for us were very well received. Thanks again.”

Mr. & Mrs. S. Jacobs
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

12/14/09 email

“I Love Your cookie stamps! I started collecting them when I lived in Seattle, WA about 30 years ago. I’m so glad I found your web site. Thank You. Merry Christmas.”

Terry P.
Windsor, Colorado

12/13/09 email

“. . . . By the way – love your site – nicely done.”

Larry van Schagen

12/12/09 email

“I would love to be on your mailing list. I have about 80 of your stamps at the present time and love them.”

Connie from Florida

12/11/09 email

“Thanks so much, Carol & Robin! I love your cookie stamps! I'm excited to give them as Christmas gifts this year.  A fresh batch of cookies (made with my own stamp), or fresh batch of cookie dough, will accompany the stamps I give as gifts.  My first cookie stamp was given to me by a friend, and I was "hooked". Merry Christmas to you and yours!”

Darlene D.
Buchanan, North Dakota

12/10/09 handwritten card

“Thank you for donating the cookie stamps for our Tex-La Cookie Cutter Collectors Club. . . . I received one as a door prize. Thanks to people like you, our meeting was wonderful! God Bless! Thank you,”

Mellisa S.
Lafayette, Louisiana

12/9/09 email

“Lovely designs! So glad I found your website! Thank you!”

Paula R.
E Kingston, New Hampshire

12/1/09 email

“I am so glad that you are still in business. The last time that I ordered was 1982. I grew up in Corvallis.”

Patty M.
Salem, Oregon 

12/1/09 email

“Thank you for sending the stamps early. They arrived Monday, Nov. 30, in great shape! It’s been a pleasure.”

Mary Beth B.
Memphis, Tennessee

11/30/09 email

“Thank you for your clear Christian testimony on your website. That’s the reason I decided to order! May the Lord bless you richly as you honor Him in your business.”

Wendy T.
Mesilla Park, New Mexico

11/29/09 email

“Most of my Rycraft stamps were purchased in Corvallis in the 1980’s. I am looking forward to receiving these new designs. After reconnecting with family in Germany, I have been baking Speculatius and Springerle each Christmas. Your designs will be a nice addition to my cookies.”

Cheryl F.
Albany, Oregon

11/29/09 2nd email

“Wow! What great customer service. Thanks so much! My daughter is an exchange student in Denmark this year. She won’t be home for Christmas, but I’ll really enjoy having my new Scandinavian ornament and cookie stamps to use.”

11/26/09 1st email

“Hello! I appreciate the quick response. Earlier this fall I came across your cookie stamps in a shop in Fredericksburg, Texas. I bought two for myself and one to give away. I’m looking forward to using them (and, hopefully the new ones) in the next month."

11/23/09 email

“Thank you for the cutters won at the Tex-LA 4-C’s [Cookie Cutter Collector’s Club] cookie cutter meeting.”

Elizabeth K.

11/22/09 email

“Thanks – have added you to my favorites.  Looks good, can't wait to see your Christmas design for 2010.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.”
Judy S.
Claremont, North Carolina

11/22/09 email

“Great New Web Site  :)”

Beverly H.
Beaverton, Oregon

11/22/09 email

“Your new site is great! So happy to see the improvements.”

Lorraine S.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

11/22/09 email

“Thank you! I’m anxious to try to perfect the art of decorating these beautifully stamped cookies. I purchased two last Christmas and am going to try my hand at this year for the feast of St. Lucy!”

Sara B.
Cumming, Georgia

4/1/09 Handwritten note

I would like to thank you for replacing two of my cookie stamps free of charge and no shipping charge. What a great company to deal with. You are truly good Christian people. May your business grow by leaps and bounds. I hope your husband is now well and has made a complete recovery. 

God Bless you folks and thanks again,

Joyce W.
Waldorf, Maryland
P.S. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.

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