Greeting Cards by Alex Haug


Alex Art Cards 
Handmade Cards
Southpaw Studios

We feature 42 distinctive handmade cards which are the creation of Minnesota artist Alex Haug. These cards are original works of art, and have been individually handcasted, handpainted, and signed by the artist. These cards also make beautiful framed artwork, to give or to keep and enjoy.
We will feature each of Alex's cards as a craft project throughout coming months so you can get our instructions to duplicate these beautiful cards.
If you'd like to see which of Alex's cards are being featured this month, go to the menu at the very top of this page and click on SITE MAP, then click on the + next to Craft Projects, then click on the + next to Haug Greeting Card Projects and you'll see them listed as links. Just click on any link and you can visit that page – ENJOY!

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