276 & 268 Family Crest Framed Project
#276 – Fleur de Lis and #268 – Rampant Lion
Family Crest Wall Hanging

Clay Casting Project

A delightful momento to celebrate your family heritage!


Materials Needed:
1 clay casting*  #276 – Fleur de Lis (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions)
2 clay castings* #268 – Rampant Lion  
1  2" round cookie cutter
1 wood plaque (as pictured) 8" x 10" (or any size you wish)
Sandpaper or emery board (fine grit)
Glue of your choice or hot glue and glue gun
Acrylic spray varnish
Optional:  Acrylic primer
Acrylic paints: black, maroon red, metallic gold, gold, white (or whatever colors you prefer).
Black lettering for name or phrase of your choice (or use felt pen or paint)

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from paper instead of clay (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions). The choice is yours. 

1.  While the clay castings are still wet, use a sharp knife to cut out the fleur de lis design. Leave the lion castings round (cut with the cookie cutter). Let dry.
2.  When the castings are dry, smooth the edges with a very light sandpaper if needed.
3.  Optional: Use primer to seal the plaque before painting. 
4.  Paint plaque as shown: white for background and on sides, gold on border, and maroon in shape of shield, black for stripe, and metallic gold on top and around edge of shield. Apply each color separately and let dry between colors so colors don't run together. Let dry thoroughly. Optional:  Apply a coat of acrylic spray varnish to the plaque and let dry.
5.  Using the metallic gold paint, apply a coat to the fleur de lis casting. Let dry. 
6.  Apply maroon paint to the background on the 2 lion castings. Let dry. Then apply metallic gold paint to the lion's body on each casting and let dry.
7.  Optional:  Apply a coat of acrylic spray varnish to the painted castings for more permanence and let dry.
8.  Apply black lettering or use a fine-tipped brush or felt pen to apply black lettering.
9.  Glue finished castings to plaque as shown.

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