242 Maple Leaf – 4 Necklaces
#242 – Maple Leaf Necklace
Clay Casting Project
A stunning addition to any jewely box!

 Projects designed and created by Maggie Montgomery, Photograph by David Montgomery.

Materials Needed:

1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #242 – Maple Leaf
Clay - we recommend Creative Paperclay® which is non-toxic and air dries to a paintable pure white 
1 clay casting* using design #242 – Maple Leaf
 (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions)
sharp knife
Sandpaper or emery board
Acrylic primer
Acrylic paints: beige, rust, peach, gold and brown
Spray or brush-on varnish (optional)
1 finding to attach to the back or top of the disc to hold the chain or
 1 straw to poke a hole for the chain
1 chain
Hot glue

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from paper instead of clay (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.

1.  While clay is still wet, use a knife or a cookie cutter to cut out the design. If you prefer to put a hole in the disc to hold the chain, then use a straw or poke a hole at the top while the clay is still wet.
2.  If you prefer the bent look as in this photo, 
bend the clay gently while it is still wet. Let dry.

This pendant was finished off with a high-gloss coat of varnish.

3.  Add any embellishments to the top of the leaf (as shown below) using whatever found materials you have on hand.

At left is the pendant ready for a chain, at right is a painted paper casting.
Notice that several shades of rust, orange and red were used to paint the leaf and coils.
2.  Sand rough or uneven areas smooth.
3.  Apply a coat of primer to both sides of casting and let dry.
4.  Apply the color of paint(s) you prefer (see photos for ideas). 
Let dry between coats.

Notice how the clay casting above was cut square, leaving a flap at the top
to fold over backwards, which will hold the chain or leather thong. Maggie
used several colors of paint to get the stippled effect, and also used a
tool of some sort to roughen up the background.

5.  Optional:  Use varnish to give a protective coat -- high-gloss if you want it shiny. Let dry.
6.  Use hot glue to affix the finding to the back of the casting near the top, or glue it to the top of the casting. Hold in position until glue dries.
7.  Put chain thru finding or through hole at top of casting.

Bake up a batch of Shortbread Cookies to match!

Cookies decorated by and photograph courtesy of Goose Hill Farms.

#044 – Turkey,   #014 – Apple,   #008 – Pear,    #063 – Sheaf of Wheat,
#015 – Grapes,   #311–Oak Leaf  or  #312 – Oak Leaf,   #242 – Maple Leaf

Cookies above were made by GooseHill Farms with cornstarch and confectioner's sugar in their recipe. 

The "paint" is FDA-approved Baker's Colors, Luster Dust® in gold and ruby, and powdered egg whites.

Cookies above were decorated with luster dust by Peggy Aiken.

#311–Oak Leaf  or  #312 – Oak Leaf,   #242 – Maple Leaf

Try Mrs Rycraft's Almond Butter Cookie Recipe –
our customers' favorite recipe!

L to R:   #266 – Sunface,    #063 – Sheaf of Wheat,    
#242 – Maple Leaf,    #296 – Fishing Fly

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