220 Rocking Horse Box Project
#220 - Rocking Horse Box
Paper Casting Project

A unique and charming gift to celebrate baby!

Materials Needed:
1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp:    #220 - Rocking Horse and #211 - Quilted Hearts
100% Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter)
6 paper castings* - #220 - Rocking Horse and 3 paper castings* - #211 - Quilted Hearts (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
Clear acrylic varnish
1 oval craft box 5" x 4" (from craft stores)
Spray paint : cream or beige (to paint box)
Acrylic paints: blue, green, light brown 
1 piece white satin ribbon 1/4" W x 16" L

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.      
1.  Cut out the rocking horse design from each casting #220.
2.  Cut out 9 hearts from the #211 castings.
3.  Apply a coat of varnish to all sides and edges of the cut-outs and let dry.

4.  Spray paint the box and let dry.
5.  Paint the cut-outs with blue, green and light brown paint as pictured or choose your own colors and be creative.
6.  Varnish the cut-outs again and let dry.
7.  Glue the cut-outs to the box as pictured (1 horse, 4 hearts on lid; 5 horses, 5 hearts on sides of box), making sure the spacing is even around the sides of the box.
8.  Paint small embellishments around, above and below the hearts as pictured. Note:  You can use cut-outs from other Rycraft stamp paper castings instead of hand painting these designs.

Project designed and created by Sue Moore. 

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