191 Teddy Bear Chalkboard Project
#191 – Teddy Bear Chalkboard
Paper Casting Project

A back-to-school project for the kids 
and an apple for the teacher!


Materials Needed:
1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp #191 – Teddy Bear  and  #211 – Quillted Hearts
100% Cotton linter - (see Rycraft Cotton Linter)
1 paper casting* each:  #191 – Teddy Bear  and  #211 – Quillted Hearts (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions)
**Cinnamon and/or pumpkin-pie spice (optional)
1 framed chalkboard 8 1/2” x 6 1/2”
Fine sandpaper (optional)
Optional:  Wood stain and polyurethane coating. We used Polyshades® by Minwax - a combination stain and polyurethane product.
Clear acrylic varnish
Acrylic paints: red, white, black, medium brown, (light brown if no cinnamon used in the pulp)
3 - 1 1/2” wide navy satin bows with pearl 

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from clay instead of paper (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.
**Optional Spiced Castings: To achieve a rich, warm brown color, add a small amount of cinnamon or pumpkin-pie spice to your pulp in the blender. Be careful not to add too much, or the color will become too dark. If you varnish the casting, the color will turn slightly darker. Also, too much spice can cause the pulp to stick to your cookie stamp. It will help if hou use cooking oil to pretreat the stamp, then clean it well.

1.  Cut out 3 of the hearts and the bear from the castings, then varnish all sides and let dry.
2.  If the chalkboard frame is unfinished wood, lightly sand it; then stain and varnish it. If you prefer, you can paint it the color of your choice. Note: Be sure to mask off the slate to protect it before painting.
3.  Paint the hearts; paint the teddy bear brown (if you did not add spice to the pulp) and let dry; then paint the teddy bear’s ears, paws, eyes, nose, mouth and bow tie s shown. Let dry.
4.  Varnish the cut-outs one last time and let dry.

5.  Glue the bows to 3 corners of the chalkboard frame. Then glue the heart cut-outs onto the 3 bows as pictured.
6.  Glue the bear to the 4th corner as shown.
Project designed and created by Sue Moore. Photographs  by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR.

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