125 Rose Heart Candy Box Project
#125 – Rose Fabric Heart Candy Box
Clay Casting Project

This project can take on any color scheme,
so use your imagination and have fun!

#125 – Rose      and      #223 – Basket Heart

Materials Needed:
1 Rycraft cookie stamp or craft stamp each:  #125 – Rose
Clay - we recommend Creative Paperclay® which is non-toxic and air dries to a paintable pure white 
1 casting*:  #125 – Rose  (see Basic Clay Casting Instructions)
1  2"-diameter crimper cookie cutter (or you can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to match shape of the heart box)
Sandpaper or emery board (fine grit)
Acrylic paints: cranberry wine, boysenberry pink, island coral, mistletoe green

Rub ‘n Buff® or gold acrylic paint, foam brush or Spouncer™ by PLAID®, soft cloth
Papier mâché box (heart shape, from craft store)
Decorative fabric (or paper)
Pencil, ruler, scissors
Decoupage finish (from craft store)
Stiff brush or foam brush
Hot glue

*Note:  Alternately, the casting for this project may be made from paper instead of clay (see Basic Paper Casting Instructions). The choice is yours.
Instructions for Rose Casting:

1.  While clay is still wet, use crimper cookie cutter to cut out the rose casting.  Let casting dry. Then sand any rough edges smooth.
2.  Prime the casting on both sides with the dark background color (cranberry wine). This may take 2 or 3 coats to achieve the desired effect.
3.  Dab a tiny bit of boysenberry pink paint onto the rose petals. While the pink is still wet, dab your foam brush into a tiny bit of island coral paint and apply it as a highlight to the raised portions of the petals.
Note:  To achieve the color highlights, use a foam brush and the dry brush method (see Techniques for Special Effects). 
4.  Make the light green by mixing a small amount of mistletoe green with the island coral. Brush this light green onto the stems and leaves. Optional: apply island coral to center of leaves (as shown)
5.  Apply gold paint or Rub ‘n Buff® (see see Techniques for Special Effects) onto the crimped edges of the casting. Let dry.
Instructions For Box:

1. For top of box lid:  Place lid on wrong side of fabric and lightly trace the heart shape with a pencil. Measure depth of lip on lid, and add twice the depth to the outside of the traced heart by drawing a 2nd line (this portion of fabric will wrap around the lip to the inside of the lid). Cut out fabric (#1) along 2nd line.
2. For inside of box lid:  Place lid on wrong side of fabric and trace the heart shape with a pencil. Cut out fabric (#2).
3. For box sides:  Measure the box’s height as well as the distance around the outside of the box. Cut a piece of fabric (#3) of which the height equals two times the box height plus 1/4”, and the length equals the distance around the box. This piece will cover both the inner and outer sides of the box.
4. For bottoms of box, inside and outside:  Make 2 tracings of the bottom of the box on the wrong side of the fabric, and cut out both pieces (#4 and #5).
5. To cover top of lid:  Use a brush to spread a liberal amount of decupage on the back side of fabric coutout #1. Position fabric on top of the lid so an even amount of extra material is on all sides. Press out any air bubbles from under fabric. Pull excess fabric down over lip of box, gathering or folding where there is too much material so that it lies flat against the lip. Turn the remaining fabric to the inside of the remaining fabric to the inside of the lid, and again fold where material overlaps. If there is too uch fabric bunching up, trim excess away. Apply extra decoupage finish where needed to hold the fabric in place.
6. To cover inside of lid:  Apply decoupage finish to the back side of fabric piece #2, and position it in the center of the inside of the lid to cover any areas not covered by piece #1.
7. To cover sides of box:  Apply decoupage finish to the back side of fabric piece #3. Wrap the lower portion of fabric around the outside of the box, folding 1/8” of material onto the outside bottom of the box. Then fold the upper portion onto the inside of the box, folding 1/8” of material onto the inside bottom of the box.
8. To cover the inside bottom of box:  Apply decoupage finish to the back side of fabric piece #4. Position it on the bottom inside of box, covering the edges left from side piece #3.
9. To cover the outside bottom of box:  Repeat Step #8 with fabric piece #5 on the outside of the box.
10. Coat the entire box with decoupage finish twice, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second (about 10-20 minutes).
11.  Apply hot glue to the back side of the painted casting, and apply it to the lid.
Project designed and created by Sue Moore.
Photography by Paperworks, Corvallis, OR

Bake up a batch of matching Shortbread Cookies!

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